American Idol Top 9 – Predictions, Poll Results, iTunes Rankings

AMERICAN IDOL XIII: C.J. Harris performs on AMERICAN IDOL XIII airing Wednesday, March 26 (8:00-10:00 PM ET / PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright 2014 / FOX Broadcasting.

iTunes rankings! Not even worth posting. None of last night’s studio performances ranked in the Top 200.  That is depressing. Only Sam Woolf managed to crack the Top 3oo, which is weird, because he didn’t have the best performance of the night. So lets move on…

Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene are clearly your favorite performances from last night. Not surprising, considering they were the two contestants who understood the band concept, taking full advantage of having Rickey and his band on stage with them.  Caleb has been VERY consistent in this competition. I expect him to make the Top 3 at least.  Alex Preston ranked #4, which is pretty good considering he completely re-worked a much beloved song. He’s this season’s “true artist” and as such, is expected to take some risks.

Malaya Watson is smack dab in the middle. But as Idol’s “most improved” contestant, she’s right where she should be. If she keeps it up, I expect her to rise steadily in the polls.  Majesty Rose is doing a little better this week at #6, but I think she’s still in trouble. Oh, look at Sam Woolf there at #7. He hasn’t found a way to connect to the audience yet. Sometimes a pretty face isn’t enough.  And there’s CJ Harris and Dexter Roberts rounding out the bottom.  I expect them both to hit the B3 this week

Favorite Top 9 Performance

  1. Caleb Johnson – Dazed and Confused 29.12%
  2. Jena Irene – Bring Me to Life 27.89%
  3. Jessica Meuse – Rhiannon 10.19%
  4. Alex Preston – Don’t Speak 9.97%
  5. Malaya Watson – Long and Winding Road 8.89%
  6. Majesty Rose – Shake it Out 5.56%
  7. Sam Woolf – Hey There Delilah 4.62%
  8. CJ Harris – If It Hadn’t Been For Love 2.38%
  9. Dexter Roberts – Boondocks 1.37%

Who SHOULD Go Home

CJ Harris, Dexter Roberts aren’t a surprise. But Majesty Rose? I know her star has fallen, but I think she’s engaging the audience more than Sam Woolf. Well, there’s not much distance between the two in the poll.  I would be inclined to give Majesty another chance. She’s trying and her performance last night, while not perfect, was a step in the right direction. Sam, on the other hand, is as boring as ever. He’s got issues that won’t be resolved in the next couple of weeks.

  1. CJ Harris 36.59%
  2. Dexter Roberts 32.29%
  3. Majesty Rose 11.65%
  4. Sam Woolf 9.38%
  5. Malaya Watson 3.99%
  6. Jessica Meuse 1.8%
  7. Jena Irene 1.64%
  8. Alex Preston 1.33%
  9. Caleb Johnson 1.33%

Who WILL Go Home

So, ya all think Majesty Rose will be in the bottom 3 this week. I totally miscalculated Dexter Roberts popularity last time. I was so sure he had a fan base that would keep him out of the  B3, but I was wrong! Majesty may have too many trips to the B3 to save her from it at this point. And Sam Woolf sang a popular song and looked cute in the process, so he might be safe. CJ Harris’ time has come.

  1. CJ Harris 40.58%
  2. Majesty Rose 26.01%
  3. Dexter Roberts 23.05%
  4. Sam Woolf 4.03%
  5. Malaya Watson 2.3%
  6. Alex Preston 1.23%
  7. Jessica Meuse 1.07%
  8. Caleb Johnson 1.07%
  9. Jena Irene 0.66%

I’m going to play it safe this week and side with conventional wisdom.

My Prediction:  Bottom 3: CJ Harris, Majesty Rose, Dexter Roberts.  Lowest Vote Getter:  CJ Harris. Will He Be Saved? No. Too many pitch problems.

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