American Idol Top 24: Emyrson Flora Possible Dark Horse


American Idol Top 24 Emyrson Flora Possible Dark Horse Takes on Miley Cyrus’ “Angels Like You”

The American Idol Season 20 voting rounds kicked off on Sunday (April 10) with the first half of the Top 24 performing at Disney Aulani resort in Hawaii in a pre-taped round. Former Idol contestant and country rising star Jimmie Allen mentored the contestants. (Read our Recap)One of those contestants who stood out was Emyrson Flora, a high schooler from Cleveland, Ohio who, at 16, is the youngest singer left in the competition. Her performances have all been super artistic but at the same time, a bit raw vocally. Hawaii served as a launching pad for the young singer. Jimmie helped her rise to the occasion by building her confidence and getting her to truly let loose.

At the Aulani resort, Emyrson took on former The Voice coach and Disney star Miley Cyrus’s “Angels Like You.” The young singer started the performance in her sweet spot, connecting to the lyrics with her cool quivery vibrato and beautiful tone.

When Emyrson got to the chorus, the timing was slightly sloppy and she had some minor pitch issues, but her tone cut through the music. The singer delivered a true star moment, sounding radio-ready! She dug in and hit some glory notes, using cool rock star raspy moments that we haven’t heard from her before. She also seemed very comfortable on stage.

“You have a future in this business”

The judges–Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan–gave Emyrson a standing ovation. The crowd applauded while Emyrson exclaimed “This is crazy” as her performance wrapped up. Luke called it one of his favorites and noted the maturity for a 16-year-old. “Your voice is so great that it pulls everybody in,” he said. Lionel noted her stage presence, calling her a star, telling her, “You have a future in this business.” Katy was the most wowed out of the panel and noted how her voice makes everyone stop what they are doing. She declared that Emyrson has “such a great chance to be the next American Idol.” Emyrson’s mom in the crowd let out a little scream, and Ryan had her do it again. Her mom’s pride made for a cool moment.

Emyrson is one of a few contestants that oozes artistry. Check out one of her originals on Instagram. I hope to see her sing some original material on the show.

Jacob Moran and Nicolina Bozzo delivered the best vocal performances of the night, but Emyrson was right there with them when it came to her overall performance. She offered the most star power and artistry out of the group. She’s got a very recordable voice and would fit right into the pop landscape. She may just be this season’s dark horse. I think she’s got a shot at the top 10. Katy calling her top 5 might be a stretch, but on the Aulani stage, she impressed.

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