American Idol Top 11 Results – Recap Roundup

‘American Idol’ on the scene for Top 11 results night: What a show, what a show!

There’s certainly a lot of time to fill in any American Idol results show, but wow oh wow was last night’s virtually stuffed with every trick in the book: Sugarland! Jennifer Hudson! Marc Anthony! Stevie Wonder! Hulk Hogan! Oh, and of course, there was the little matter of dealing with the whole elimination thing that’s the entire point of the show. And as you might guess — after what was one of the best performance episodes of American Idol in quite a long time — that area fired on all cylinders, too.


Behind the Scenes at American Idol: Is Naima Friends or Frenemies With Her Female Competitors?

Last time we checked, American Idol finalist Naima didn’t appear to be BFFs with any of the female contestants. At Thursday’s elimination show, it looked like things haven’t changed. Maybe it’s her crazy style, her daring risks on stage or the fact that she seems to be more of a guy’s girl that has kept her from becoming supertight with the girls she’s up against, but whatever the reason, we weren’t seeing much love thrown her way from Pia Toscano, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina or Thia Megia.

Of course everyone is going to be nervous, wondering if their time in the Idol spotlight is done, but the self-proclaimed BFFs seem to have become selective with who gets that extra reassuring hug, smile or huddled whispers when the camera isn’t on them.

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‘American Idol’ Elimination Night: 12 Things You Didn’t See on Thursday’s Show

It was an exciting and incredibly nerve-wracking Thursday night in the Idol-dome, the first hint of which came at the beginning of the show when Ryan Seacrest said the magic words: “surprising results.”
And this time, he wasn’t just exaggerating: the beloved Casey Abrams got voted off and in looking around at a room of aghast faces, people were clearly surprised. Actually, shocked is a more apt description.


American Idol Recap: Better Saved Than Sorry

If Haley Reinhart had an ounce of anxiety going into Thursday night’s American Idol results-show telecast, it must have dissipated as quickly and completely as constructive advice from Steven Tyler’s tongue by the time the first commercial break arrived. Indeed, right at the outset of the episode, stark messages blared across the screen (“No one is safe!” “Expect the unexpected!”) that all but guaranteed Haley — who’d been a bottom-three dweller for the first two weeks of the season 10 finals — wouldn’t be spending another night in the fantasy suite with her old suitor, the Silver Stool of Doom.

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‘American Idol’ recap: Shock and Awwww

Big surprise on last night’s American Idol: ALL of the Top 11 will go on the summer tour, and two singers will be eliminated next week. The judges used their only save of the season on Casey Abrams, who sang “I Don’t Need No Doctor” FOR HIS LIFE for just a few seconds until Randy stopped him mid-tune with a breezy wave. “Stop the music!” he cried, for Casey’s destiny had been predetermined. “This is crazy wrong, ” said Steven Tyler. “We’ve made the decision here to keep you on.”


‘American Idol’ Recap: Hulk Hogan, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and a Dramatic Ending to Elimination Show

Not to toot horns of any kind, but I’ve been saying for a while that Casey Abrams’ shtick, if you will, would get old eventually. But I wasn’t expecting his shelf life to be quite this short. Maybe it’s just a testament to the influence of the performance order or maybe, as J.Lo and Randy said as Casey continued to reel from disbelief, it’s time to stop the “antics” and “growling” and really shine.

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‘American Idol’ Judges ‘Save’ Contestant From Elimination

While fans expected one contestant to be sent packing on Thursday night’s American Idol elimination, the episode’s outcome was more about coming than going. All 11 contestants will be joining the Idol tour this summer — including unlikely sex symbol Casey Abrams, who was saved by the judges after receiving the fewest fan votes.

This week’s bottom three included Thia Megia, Stefano Langone and Casey Abrams. After Thia was revealed to be safe, the Idol elimination came down to two male contestants for the first time this season.?


‘American Idol’ Results Show: Abrams Avoids A Casey-tastrophe

Does TV get any more dramatic than Thursday night’s “American Idol” elimination show? Does it get any more manipulative? Does it get any more fun? The answer to all three questions is a resounding no; and like the tens of millions of “Idol” viewers across the country who’ve just finished watching this completely absurd circus from the twisted but brilliant mind of executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, I am amped up, exhausted, minus several fingernails, and thoroughly amazed at what happened tonight – not to mention that this show, now in its 10th season, and down Simon whatshisname and Paula whatshername, had me in the palm of its hand, like I was taking my first whiffs of reality TV.


‘Idol’ Shockers: Casey Abrams vs. Stefano Langone, Hulk Hogan — and a Judges’ Save

Like a pinata, Thursday night’s results show was packed with surprises, not the least of which were the results themselves. With over 30 million votes cast, Ryan teased that the “outcome of those votes may shock you.”

Before that, though, we were treated to a diverse array of wonderments. Like the Souplantation buffet, this show had something for everyone, including those of us who have always fantasized about punching Ryan Seacrest right in the kisser.

The Wrap

‘Idol’ delivers dramatic finish in epic episode

In what was the best results show in recent memory, “American Idol” had a little bit of everything Thursday night. It went from a Motown legend to a country-music duet to a wrestling icon to a surprising and dramatic finish.

There were also plenty of winners and losers along the way. Here’s a brief scorecard that tells the tale:


‘American Idol’ 2011 results night: Shocker

Show host Ryan Seacrest promises a night of surprises on “American Idol’s” Motown Week Results Night.

First surprise: judge Randy Jackson has come dressed as a French sailor in a striped shirt.

Judge Jennifer Lopez in an apparent tribute to Liz Taylor has come in a Cleopatra-esque dress with a bronze breastplate. Judge Steven Tyler is ready to ride again, in his duster coat, Spring Collection, with the sleeves removed.

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Top 11 ‘Idol’ Results: Most. Dramatic. Elimination. Episode. Ever.

You know how writers like me tend to lapse into hyperbole, and use that hackneyed old phrase “Best ______ Ever”? Well, believe it this time. This ain’t hyperbole here. Thursday’s “American Idol” top 11 results show was in fact The. Most. Dramatic. Ever.

Reality Rocks

American Idol Loses Its Mind

Good lord, can every American Idol elimination episode be this nutballs? Let’s count down the five bits that made me go “whaaa, ” in order of their “whoa”-inducing powers.

5. Steven Tyler was sorta-reimagined as a psych-era icon? OK, so it was just a Peter Max painting commissioned in honor of his birthday, and given the flowy clothes he’s been sporting lately one could think that he’s a relic from the hippie epoch. But hello? Aerosmith came out in 1973? And did we really need to celebrate his birthday? On the bright side, it did fill up time with a rousing Stevie Wonder-led singalong of “Happy Birthday, ” but for real, at least give him his early-sludge-era due with a more approppriate portrait.


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