American Idol Season 8 – Top 5 – Performance – VIDEO

Jamie Foxx did a great job mentoring–he had some good advice for the kids. Overall, tonight’s performances were good. Matt Giraud had the weakest vocal. Simon should re-watch his performance on TV–he might take back that effusive praise.

I wasn’t crazy about Adam’s performance this week. I didn’t love the arrangement or the unnecessary showboating. I still think the long note was showboating and a bit much. But his vocal control as he held that note was amazing. After re-watching this morning, I’m not hating on the arrangement. Adam put on a typically masterful performance this week. The only question is how he can top himself at this point…

I loved Kris and Allison–both have wonderful phrasing and know how to connect to a song. Danny was solid–he’s learning restraint.

I would say only Danny and Adam are safe. Kris, Allison and Matt are all candidates for elimination. It should be Matt. He’s way, way beyond his expiration date right about now.

Whoo! Rickey Minor is conducting a swing band.

Here come the Top 5, looking pretty sharp.

The Idols were introduced to the “Mystery Mentor”.   Kris Allen notes that this week’s theme is “Rat Pack” and all those people are…”dead.” Lolz. Jamie Foxx appears to school the kids in “Rat Pack” history.

So much time to kill.   Ryan chats with Kris before we cut to break. Only 5 songs, and 1 hour to fill? It’s going to be a looooong night, peeps.

Videos after the JUMP…

Kris Allen – “The Way You Look Tonight” – Jamie says he’s not doing the “throat olympics” and would do a record with him.   “My number 1” he called him. It’s a very traditional arrangement, with the band.   Very pretty.   Kris doesn’t have the best vocal, or a crazy range, but he knows how to interpret a song with wonderful phrasing. That is his strength. Lovely.   The song kicks up in the middle.   It shows his vocal limitations a bit, but it’s still pretty awesome. Randy says, “I’m looking to see who is in it to win it….dude I think this is your best performance to date…you told a story…mad nice vocals.” Kara says, “You have set the technical standard incredibly high for this season…phrasing, diction, rhythm timing…you are truly a dark horse.” Paula, “Sophisticated gentleman…quiet confidence…performance near impeccable.” Simon is not as enthusiastic as the others and says, “I thought it was a little bit wet (WTF???). Like taking a very well trained spaniel for a walk…I didn’t get the feeling from you tonight that you can win this competition.”   Why is Simon de-pimping Kris? Wow. Like a man on a mission, Simon was. 1-866-436-5701 1-866-436-5706

Allison Iraheta – …Someone to Watch Over Me – Chat with Ryan…Happy Birthday yesterday. Allison turned 17.   The Idol peeps made sure she had a cake.   Jamie says her song is “absolutely innocent.” Jamie suggest that Allison think of her family when she sings it. Holy crap, this girl can sing.   Love her husky tone, her phrasing–she’s doing a beautiful job.   She hits some nice glory notes in the middle.   Tender, sweet and sensational…   Incredible. Randy says, “You sing like pink but with 9 thousand more octaves…that was the bomb..I loved it.” Kara says, “Girl…but I ain’t nervous for you anymore…you converted some new fans tonight…you converted some fans tonight…If that doesn’t land you in the finals, I don’t know what will.”   Paula says, “What you delivered tonight…was alluring and tender.” Simon says, “Do you think you can win this competition at this stage?” Allison says yes.   Simon says, “I don’t see that belief in you stilll…I have a horrible feeling you could be in trouble tonight.” WTF?   Simon, you are disappointing me tonight.   He adds that it feels mechanical.   Kara says, “I love you, but you are CRAZY.”   Allison needs your votes, y’all! 1-866-436-5702 1-866-436-5707

Matt Giraud – …My Funny Valentine – Matt loves Jazz, he studied it in college. Jamie tells him to change the key of the song and sing it in “full voice.”   Right off the bat, he’s off pitch.   He’s doing some weird things with the phrasing too. More off-key riffing. Once he gets going, he improves.   He gets a couple of decent big notes there.   I wasn’t crazy about the vocal arrangement.   Randy says, “It was a little bit pitchy…it didn’t quite all come together for me.” Kara says, “I didn’t feel you were emotionally connected to it.” Paula says, “I like that you lowered the key…pure simple, emotionally expressive.”   Simon says he disagrees with Randy.   “It was the only believable, authentic song I heard tonight…I heard some Nat King Cole kind of phrasing there.”   Simon is definitely snacking on Paula’s stash tonight. I can’t remember the last time I’ve disagreed with him more. Matt’s performance was flawed, and the vocal arrangement sucked. 1-866-436-5703 1-866-436-5708

Danny Gokey – …Come Rain Come Shine – Danny says he’s not going to change it up, just make it bluesier. Jamie got right up in Danny’s “grille.”   So far this is a very restrained vocal.   Ok, until the last verse.   I have to say, he went a little OTT at the end, but this is definitely one of Danny’s best vocals.   Randy says, “You are the only one I heard so far that could actually have an amble of songs like that and win…forget the connection stuff…this is a singing competition and you can sing.” Kara says, “What I have been missing has been that rat pack swagger…the end was the most creative you’ve been with the melody.”   Paula says, “Steller, steller performance…you can see the finish line in front of you.”   Simon says, “You had a swagger and a confidence…I felt tonight you come out to prove a point (unlike the first two people)…that was outstanding.” 1-866-436-5704 1-866-436-5709

Adam Lambert – …Feeling Good – This is the muse version…it wasn’t mentioned. Hope that doesn’t cause Adam problems… If I’m being perfectly honest, I am not loving this.   The arrangement doesn’t feel right, and he holds on to the glory note a tad too long. Showboating, it was, and Adam is a good singer. He doesn’t need to go there. There’s no doubt Adam can sing his ass off, but I think he’s had better performances.   Randy says, “It was a little theatrical and drama filled…but you are in the zone..another great performance.” Kara says, “You are shocking and OTT in a good way…craziness!”   “You make me feel better than good…watching you is like watching the Olympics and you are Michael Phelps.”   Simon says, “Winning is important, I feel that you want to win…best entrance of the night.”   Simon says that only 3 contestants tonight really want to win. 1-866-436-5705 1-866-436-5710

Simon is purposely de-pimping Kris and Allison. It could not be more obvious. I think they may both be in trouble this week.

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