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UPDATE: Next week the theme is “50 Years of Motown.” Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson will mentor.   The kids are in Detroit today filming a segment at the Motown historical museum.   Next week’s results show features Smokey Robinson plus Ruben Studdard singing his new single, “Together”

Alexis Grace is Eliminated. The Judges Choose not to Save her.

Bah. That really sucked. Watching Alexis despartely singing for her life was neither fun nor funny.   I don’t think they would have spared Alexis even if she had pulled out an incredible performance.   This “Judges Save” is all about adding more contrived drama to the elimination show.

How is a contestant supposed to save themselves singing the same crappy song that got them booted in the first place? What a crock.

I’m disappointed.   I thought Alexis had it going on.   Tuesday night’s performance was her first major stumble, and poof–she’s gone.   She’s a better, more consistent singer than Megan. And better than several of the boys. Anoop, Michael, Kris and Scott have all been inconsistent, yet there they were sitting on the couches of safety. Too bad–the Motown theme next week would have given Alexis the opportunity to shine.

Next Tuesday’s Idol will be pre-empted for President Obama’s prime-time press conference.   Idol will move to Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Video and Live Recap after the JUMP…

  • Group Number: “Trouble” – VIDEO
  • Ford Video: “Here it Goes Again” – VIDEO
  • Idol “goodbye” dinner, Michael Sarver says hi to his daughters – VIDEO
  • Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver are in the B3 – VIDEO
  • Brad Paisley performs “Then” – VIDEO
  • Alexis Grace is in the Bottom 3, Allison Iraheta is sent back to the couches. – VIDEO
  • Carrie Underwood – Video tribute – VIDEO
  • Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis perform “I Told You So” – VIDEO
  • Michael Sarver is safe, Alexis Grace is eliminated, the judges don’t save her – VIDEO

Ryan Seascrest says, “In my hands I hold the results that may SHOCK you!” Over 31 million votes came in last night.

Tonight, Brad Paisley performs his single, “Then.” Plus, Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood duet on Carrie’s single, Travis’s “I Told You So.”   The judges could save a contestant from elimination tonight via the new “Judges Save” rule, says Ryan. And he promises a “surprise or two” in the results.

After the performance show recap, the kids perform “Trouble.” Scott MacIntyre sits at the piano while the rest of the Idols perform jazz hands around him. The kids need to work on their lip syncing skills.

After the break,   it’s this week’s Ford video, featuring fun with water balloons set to “Here it Goes Again”

Next is a behind the scenes video featuring the Idols reacting to last week’s eliminations.   Everybody is “sad”. *small tear*.   For the first time ever, the cameras follow the kids to the post elimination dinner, a post-show tradition. Eh, I think the kids should have some moments to themselves.

Next Ryan asks the contestants questions guaranteed to make them cry.   Michael Sarver is choked up talking about his kids. His daughter asks him, “Why don’t you want to be with me anymore?”   Meep.   Megan is feeling much better, but the Michael story is choking her up.l   Now, there’s a video of rehearsal with Megan wrapped in a head scarf–Scott and Micheal are wearing masks. Germs!

Time for results. After reminding everyone there’s only room for 10 on the summer tour. Ryan asks Danny Gokey to stand up…of course he’s SAFE.   Lil Rounds is next…she’s SAFE–she’s so excited she screams. She thought she was in danger, silly girl. Anoop Desai is next and…for once TPTB don’t screw with him. He’s SAFE.   Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver are asked to stand up….Ryan rattles off the deets, then asks Paula who she thinks is in the bottom 3.   She dithers, with Simon in the background saying “answer the question.” Finally, Paula says she thinks it’s Allison. And it is.   But guess what? Michael Saver thinks he’s safe and sits down…but Ryan’s all not so fast…he is also in the B3.

After the break, Brad Paisley takes the stage to perform his new single “Then”.   Since country music pretty much goes over my head, I don’t have an opinion on this.

More results.   Scott MacIntyre stands up…he is SAFE (damn!).   Megan Joy is next…she is also SAFE.   Matt Giraud is next, and he is SAFE. Kris Allen stands up next…he is SAFE.   Alexis Grace and Adam Lambert are the last to stand up. Poor Alexis must have a sinking feeling right about now.   Ryan calls out their deets. Simon says he watched back Adam’s performance on TV later, and it was even worse. Hated it! Randy tells Adam that he loved his “Jeff Buckley take” on “Ring of Fire” and adds that most folks don’t know it’s Buckley’s version (damned if I can find it anywhere). No doubt, Randy is attempting to head off the “Eleanor Rigby”/”Walk the Line” type controversy at the pass. He adds that it’s probably Alexis heading to the B3. What a bulletin. And, of course, Adam is safe, and Alexis is in the Bottom 3

Alexis, Michael and Allison take center stage, and Ryan says, “let’s make this easier” and immediately sends Allison Iraheta back to the couches of safety. That leaves Alexis Grace and Michael Sarver as the Bottom 2.

After the break, Carrie Underwood is featured in a video clip, chronicling her career so far. After, Carrie   and Randy Travis, in a bit that was pre-taped last night, chat with Ryan. Carrie is flattered the contestants sang her songs. Travis admits he has no technical training, but enjoyed “advising” the kids. Afterward they perform “I Told You So” Not likin’ Carrie’s short bob, her red party dress, or that fugly black prom corsage in her hair.   She looks like a suburban soccer mom.   She sings real purdy, but she and Randy don’t sound good together. Carrie does most of the heavy lifting.

Right before the break, Ryan asks the judges panel if they’d consider saving either Alexis or Michael and Simon says they would consider saving one of them.

After the break and after the nationwide vote of over 31 million…Michael Sarver IS SAFE! “Oh my God, I’m going to cry like a friggin’ baby, ” says Michael. Simon says to Alexis that she was the one they were thinking of saving. But, it will all come down to her performance.

Alexis sings for her life, literally.   And the pressure gets to her.   Desperate and nervous, Alexis tries way too hard, her pitch is off and her voice cracks.   This performance is a trainwreck.   I love the shots of the judges “pretending” to deliberate. There’s no way the judges can save Alexis after this.   And they don’t.   After she’s finished, Simon says, “We’re kind of unanimous on this. It was good, but it wasn’t good enough. Sorry. It’s the end of the line, I’m afraid.”

She keeps a brave face as Carrie’s “Home Sweet Home” kicks in over her goodbye video.   And we’re out.

SAFE (and going on tour)

Danny Gokey
Lil Rounds
Anoop Desai
Scott MacIntyre
Megan Joy Corkrey

Matt Giraud
Kris Allen
Adam Lambert
Allison Iraheta
Michael Sarver

Bottom 3:

Alexis Grace
Michael Sarver
Allison Iraheta   (sent back to the couches)

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