American Idol Season 10 – Hollywood Spoilers Part 2!

Check out another edition of American Idol 10 Hollywood spoilers from our very own Gangreen!  Can’t wait for the new season to begin.


Feeling anxious about the format and time slot changes on Idol? I’ve got the perfect cure for you. Spoilers!

Thanks again Joes Place for all the awesome spoilers.  If you want to learn more about these contestants, or any of the other names spoiled so far, check out

Videos after the JUMP…

Jackie Wilson–  Interesting brassy voice. Not sure she has much power to support the jazzy vocals though.  I like her original material, I don’t know how well her voice would translate to the wider range of music that Idol demands.

Don’t make me wait- Original song

After Text – Original song


Chelsea Sorrell– Strong country vocals. Her Heart cover demonstrates that she has a lot of power, and can still maintain a country sound. She reminds me of Carrie Underwood in that aspect. Could be a strong contender. I think her negatives might be a slightly generic voice, and her bottom register seems a bit weak.

White Liar by Miranda Lambert

Dead End Road- original song

What about Love by Heart


Ashton Jones–  Great R&B voice, the type that has been missing from idol for years.  Can sing with power or with nuance.  Seems to have decent stage presence, but a bit over the top.  If the judges peg her as old school, she could be in trouble with the producers and viewers.

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  1. I really like Chelsea, I think she could potentially be a frontrunner/favorite.

  2. Thanks for the update MJ and Gangreen.
    Of these three, I like Ashton Jones the best.

  3. Like Chelsea alot, and Ashton has a lot of potential. Might be a good season.

  4. Ashton’s are the only videos i could listen to the whole way through.

  5. Hey, Shelby Dressel is back (according to Joe’s Place)! Hopefully she makes it farther than she did last season.

  6. Hmm, I kinda like Chelsea, but her enunciation was driving me nuts. Maybe it’s just the videos. I couldn’t decide how I felt about Jackie Wilson, though her voice was kinda cool. There was something that annoyed me about her – nothing like irrational annoyance, right?

    Ashton Jones interests me. I see lots of potential there, and she looks like a star. Hmm. Not jumping on anyone’s train yet but we could totally use a R&B voice.

  7. And did I mention that I love spoiler-time? Thanks, gangreen & MJ :)

  8. Time slot changes? Oh nos!!! I’m behind on Idol news. Too many changes though — I don’t like too many changes. Better go catch up…

  9. MJ, THANK YOU!! <3 I am getting lots of traffic at JoesPlace today, thanks to beautiful you!!

  10. I’m glad some people are liking Ashton. She is one of my favorites that I’ve seen so far. I think she is the type of singer and performer that Idol has been lacking lately.

  11. Jackie Wilson kind of reminds me of Taylor Dayne. I think of the three, Chelsea is the strongest voice.

  12. I think out of the three, Chelsea is the most “Commercial,” followed by Ashton. And the more I watch Ashton, the more I love her. I hope she is in the top 12.

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