American Idol XIII Top 8 Redux Results – Live Blog and Videos (UPDATED POLLS)


Malaya Watson has been eliminated from American Idol

The overriding consensus on my twitter feed and in comments is that Sam Woolf was in the bottom 3, and would have made the judges look stupid if he had made an appearance. Hence, a bottom 2. That sounds reasonable to me! I did a quick check through my archives. Last season, the bottom 2 began at Top 7.

Malaya had a terrible performance last night that was out of her range vocally and full of pitch problems. She had been improving week to week prior to last night. For that reason, I would have liked to see her stick around a little longer.

Also, it’s dismaying that we’re at the Top 7 and ONLY one boy has been eliminated so far. It’s another reason why the save should have not been used on Sam Woolf last week. Yes, he can sing in tune. But big whoop. He had a slight improvement this week. Overall, however, Malaya had been making much bigger strides as far as internalizing the feedback she was getting.  Unfortunately, this is the new reality of Idol.  Generally, these kids don’t have people to back them up if they have a bad performance.  Except for the southern kids, maybe—geographic allegiance may be the explanation for how the Alabamians–CJ Harris, Jessica Meuse and Dexter Roberts–stay in the game even when their performances are off.  For CJ, that’s been nearly every week.

Granted, CJ did perform better than Malaya this week. Well, BARELY better in that trainwreck duet they performed. Who knows–maybe Malaya could have pulled out another good performance if she has stayed another week. CJ’s pitch problems will not be solved during the course of this competition.  He does bring emotion and conviction to his performances, which does forgive the pitchy stuff to a degree.

If Sam was in the bottom 3, the producers should have revealed that. The save is more about good TV than giving a worthy contestant a second chance anyway.  If the judges make a mistake, it should be transparent! Now, fans are left to gather on the grassy knoll (RIP TWOP) and speculate WHY the producers dropped to a bottom two a week or two before they usually do.


It’s time for American Idol Results! And this week? There’s no more save, after Sam Woolf was rescued from elimination by the judges last week.  Who will go home tonight? Follow our live blog and find out!

Photos of the judges from back in the 80s flash up on the screen. They were all younguns in those days.  The crowd is chanting”Jlo Jlo Jlo.” Not sure why.

Time for the post-show video package!   “Who thought Keith’s mullet was real?” asks Jessica.  Caleb compliments Dexter on his performance. The contestants comment on Harry’s apparent adderal overdose last night. Alex was upset by Jlo’s negative critiques. Nevertheless, he’s going to keep on taking risks! Then, Caleb and Alex jump into the pool.

In the next time-wasting video, the contestants play “Would You Rather” while they drive a spiffy new Ford car!

We’re looking for the BOTTOM 2 this week. Hm. It’s a little early to only have a bottom 2, isn’t it?

Ryan calls contestants to the stage. Oh. Randy’s comments are back. YAY. Not. Called to the stage: Dexter Roberts, CJ Harris, “I’m so happy he took the song to the high octave at the end.” Jessica Meuse – “She had all of the vocals, but she didn’t have the attitude. I think Jessica did enough last night.”  Caleb Johnson – “Caleb showed a completely different side of himself tonight.”  Caleb, Jessica and Dexter are declared safe in that order. CJ Harris is sent to the bottom 2.

Next to the stage: Sam Woolf – “I think he proved that he deserved to be in this competition. 50 50 chance.” Malaya Watson – “This is a big song. Some of those notes she hit. Some of them not as well. I think Malaya could find her in trouble with the votes.”  Alex Preston – “I feel this one [arrangement] could have gone a little too far.” Jena Irene – “It was definitely good enough to keep her out of the bottom.”  Jena and Sam are declared safe. Malaya heads to the bottom.


The person who has to leave our stage tonight is Malaya Watson.  Aw. At least we get her “Breakaway” video package.



She sings out with “I Am Changing” and she’s so choked up, she can barely sing.  It’s heartbreaking to watch the young ones cry. Poor thing.

Final Results & Elimination (Top 8) – American… by IdolxMuzic


  • Caleb Johnson
  • Jessica Meuse
  • Dexter Roberts
  • Alex Preston
  • Jena Irene
  • Sam Woolf
  • CJ Harris

Bottom 2

  • CJ Harris
  • Malaya Watson – Eliminated

Do You Agree with Tonight’s Result?

Why Was There No Bottom 3

The bottom 2 doesn’t begin until Top 7 or even later. Why was there a bottom 2 this week?

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