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Tonight, the American Idol Top 3 enter the competition, but only the Final 2 will perform. Who will be eliminated? Which two singers will face off against each other for the crown? Two singers will perform 3 songs – Their coronation single, a song chosen by Idol creator, Simon Fuller and a reprise song. Click for American Idol 14 Top 3 Song Spoilers.

Whoa. Not wasting time. Results at the TOP OF THE SHOW. The vote came down to less than .4% between two of the singers! The person who has to leave the competition tonight is Jax.

Download Jax “Force Field” from iTunes

Jax is eliminated. BOOING FROM THE CROWD. Aw. Poor thing. She was so emotional as she watched her goodbye video. That felt cruel. And awkward. I have no doubt she’s crying her eyes out somewhere. I really hate these combined performance results shows. What a terrible blow to rehearse songs all week, and not have the opportunity to perform them for viewers. The 3rd place finisher gets cheated out of promo appearances too. For example. There is NO post-boot interview scheduled for third place. One the winner and runner up. So, I’ll never get to speak to the lovely Jax.

A scrim rises–the elimination was done backstage–and the crowd greets Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham YOUR TOP 2.

After that bit of unpleasantness, Ryan asks the crowd to cheer for either Team Nick or Team Clark. AWKWARD. I think everyone is still in shock from that horrible elimination. The judges enter. Harry reminds folks that next year will be a PARTY as we say goodbye. Better audition this summer, ya’ll. It will be your last chance.

Reprise is first. Simon Fuller pick is next. Coronation song is last. So who decided on this performance order? Hm. No coin toss this year.

Clark Beckham – Georgia On My Mind – He’s at the piano again. This was one of his best performances of the season. A good choice to reprise. And once again, it’s beautiful. Amazing phrasing, intonation, dynamics. A good way to kick off the show. Keith says it was “like a whole mess of flapjacks drenched in syrup.” Jlo says he’s reminding us why he’s here. She thinks he sang it better this time. Harry admires his undercurrent of drive. “Nice Job,” says Harry.

Nick Fradiani – Bright Lights by Matchbox 20 – In the packages, both contestants talk about their journey, hopes and dreams. This is one of Nick’s covers that seem really karaoke to me. He doesn’t switch it up much, and he sounds SO much like Rob Thomas here. It’s really unexciting. But as always, competent vocal. And a swagger that he did not have at the beginning of the competition. Jlo GUSHES. He’s what Simon Cowell envisioned years ago as a REAL AMERICAN IDOL. Could she lay it on any thicker? Harry calls the competition tough VOTE he says. Keith loves Nick because he can relate to him.

Jennifer wants to call a TIE for Round 1. Harry yells CHOOSE CHOOSE CHOOSE. And she still refuses. Clark clearly won that round.

Simon Fuller is in the audience. Is that small child his? YOUNG WIFE.

Clark Beckham – Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers – He plays acoustic guitar. No band. Hm. This is really good. I hope the band doesn’t come in. The first verse is subtle. Beautiful job pulling that back, Clark. The big notes finally come on a super ad libed second chorus. The quiet parts were my favorite. He could have dialed that back a little. But that was a very good vocal. He’s focused, after weeks of seeming a little lost. Harry said it took a lot of guts to follow a slow song with a slow song. He notes the inward soulful performance, and how Nick is the opposite. He directs his performance energy outward. Keith tells a really corny joke about ducks and Bill Withers. Hm. Jlo wants to know who he’s singing to. He blushes a little. Smart to sing that without the band. Way to change up a familiar song. I was not expecting that.

Nick Fradiani – I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz – Nick sits at an upright piano. It’s the first time he’s played in competition on Idol. That would have also been karaoke, if he hadn’t brought so much feeling and emotion in his delivery. It wasn’t perfect, but an appealing sincerity shined through. “Your heart is so good,” says Keith. “I loved the way you sound on that,” says Jennifer. Harry thinks his strongest thing is how he lays it all out on an emotional level. Actually, that has NOT been his strength for most of the season. But he’s on stage tonight singing it like he really means it. That’s how you make a song your own.

Harry is also calling the round a tie! And that’s after he chastised Jlo. Oh. He says Clark won the first round, Nick won the second. I would call the second round even. Clark brought the chops. Nick brought the feeling.

Jennifer announces her residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Well good for her.

Clark Beckham – Champion – We see him working with Scott on his coronation song. YAY no fighting. He loves the lyrics. This song isn’t in his style. It doesn’t suit his vocal abilities at all. Melodically, it goes nowhere. It keeps him in an uncomfortable range, where he’s having some issues with intonation. This is pretty boring. Nick will probably win this round handily. Jennifer thinks he sounded great. “Gonna be a tough night.” Harry thought it was obvious it was a new song–that he was just getting comfortable with it. Keith thinks kids at home will so inspired, they’ll want to audition! Yeah, right. – Download from iTunes

Nick Fradiani –  Beautiful Life – Scott tells him that the song could be a big hit. It’s for sure more radio ready than Clark’s song. It’s got a better melody and it suits Nick perfectly. This is the performance that may win Nick the crown. Maybe! He punches the air, like a man who has entered the ring and is READY TO WIN. He’s breathless as he sings, but it’s pure emotion. Nick is absolutely bringing his personal best right now. THE GUY WANTS TO WIN REAL BAD. Harry really enjoyed it, He notes that the song was tailored for him. Jlo says it felt amazing. “It was you in the moment.” Yes. Nick is PRESENT tonight. “That’s what people go out and buy,” says Keith. – Download from iTunes

Clark comes out on stage. His favorite round was “Georgia.” Nick’s was his coronation. Keith calls it for Nick. By a narrow margin.

I’ve dogged Nick all season. But I’m voting for him. My favorites have left the competition, now it’s time to get behind the singer with the best chance of success. Not that it matters much for Idol now. But it would be nice to have the go out next year on at least one high note.

I actually thought Clark and Nick were pretty evenly matched until the coronation song. Clark was saddled with an awful song that didn’t fit his style or vocal range. Nick was handed a current sounding song that was perfect for him. I think that was by design. And yes, my tinfoil hat is firmly in place. In any case, I’m giving in to Scott. I’ll try to help give Mr. Mentor what he so obviously wants. Nick it is.

Phone Numbers – VOTE

Clark Beckham – 1-866-436-5709 – Text 9 to 21523
Nick Fradiani – 1-866-436-5706 – Text 6 to 21523

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