American Idol 13 Top 3 – Predictions, Poll Results, iTunes Rankings

American Idol Predictions Top 3

American Idol Predictions Top 3

Check out this week’s polls HERE. And Last week’s predictions HERE.

iTunes Rankings

Without any new iTunes recordings this week, there is not much to report, except that Jena Irene’s studio recording of “Creep” is currently at #62 on the iTunes overall chart.

Favorite Performance

Jena Irene’s “Creep” captured over 40% of the vote! No surprise, considering it was pretty popular the first time around, too. Alex Preston’s “Stay” is second with a healthy 33% of the vote. A huge gap follows to Caleb Johnson’s “Dazed and Confused” at 14%.  The res are too statistically significant to even mention.  The results illustrate what a weak night of performance we had last night.

  • Jena Irene – “Creep” 40.04%
  • Alex Preston – “Stay” 33.75%
  • Caleb Johnson – “Dazed and Confused” 14.05%
  • Alex Preston – “Pompeii” 3.33%
  • Alex Preston – “Story of My Life” 2.4%
  • Jena Irene – “Heart Attack” 2.03%
  • Jena Irene – “Titanium” 1.85%
  • Caleb Johnson – “Never Tear Us Apart” 1.29%
  • Caleb Johnson – “Demons” 1.25%

Favorite Contestant

Ya’ll love Jena Irene!  Alex follows fairly close behind her. Caleb trails behind them both at 18%. I don’t believe our tastes are comparable to the real world

  • Jena Irene 45.52%
  • Alex Preston 36.92%
  • Caleb Johnson 18%

Who SHOULD Go Home?

Nearly 60% of you feel Caleb is the Top 3 contestant who deserves to go home. If I were judging based on last night’s performances, I would agree. Actually, overall too  Although, other than last night, Caleb’s performances have been very consistent, he’s isn’t nearly as interesting as the other two singers.

  • Caleb Johnson 59.86%
  • Alex Preston 24.89%
  • Jena Irene 15.25%

Who WILL Go Home?

Fewer of you–but you also believe Caleb is going home tonight. Hm. I have to disagree.

  • Caleb Johnson 48.47%
  • Alex Preston 40.21%
  • Jena Irene 11.32%

At this point in the competition, there is a certain amount of digging in by fans.  In other words, a fan will vote for a favorite regardless of how they perform. I think there’s LESS fan investment driving the voting in this season of Idol, but at this point there is some. Caleb was arguably the worst performer of the night–out of some problematic performances for all. But I think the constant reminders of his illness, fan and regional (HE’S FROM THE SOUTH Y’ALL) loyalties, will keep him safe.

Alex Preston was sick too:


His illness is not as serious in the short OR long run as Caleb’s hemorrhaged vocal chord, but bronchitis certainly has the potential to affect vocals, not to mention energy levels. Yet, Alex didn’t get the Doctor trotted out on his behalf to explain. Nor did the judges bring it up. It didn’t affect his performance to the degree Caleb’s illness harmed his, but still.

Prediction: Alex Preston will be eliminated from American Idol

Alex is the underdog at this  point. He’s not going to be able to overcome

 American Idol 13 Top 3 – The Top 3 Performances were…

More of you liked last night’s show than I was expecting. I was totally underwhelmed.

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