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AMERICAN IDOL XIII: L-R: Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene and Alex Preston on AMERICAN IDOL XIII airing Wednesday, May 14 (8:00-10:00 PM ET / PT) on FOX.  CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright 2014 / FOX Broadcasting.

The American Idol 13 Top 3 will perform THREE rounds of songs tonight: “Judges’ Choice,” “Randy’s Choice” and “Hometown’s Choice.” Highlights from each of the finalists’  hometown visits! We’ll be live blogging a big night of performances right here. Stick around! Plus, The Chainsmokers are on hand to perform “Selfie.” That should be pretty annoying.

Welp. Tonight’s show was super underwhelming. Granted, at this point of the competition, the kids are pretty exhausted. Even in the past, by the home stretch, the best performances were already in the past for many of the singers. But it was more than exhaustion. It’s Top 3 and the performances still feel like they do earlier in the season, when the contestants are still finding their bearings on the Idol stage. There have been incremental improvements for some of the singers. But I don’t feel like I’ve been taken on a ride with these kids.

Ending the show with reprises seemed really dumb. Yes, Jena’s “Creep” was even better than the first time. But the moment is gone. And so is the element of surprise.

The best new performance came from Alex Preston. His reworking of Rihanna’s “Stay” was tender and highlighted everything that’s wonderful about his voice. Production tried way too hard for a moment with “Pompeii.”  All that activity on stage served only to distract Alex. Jumping around from instrument to instrument is not his thing. He’s a jam guy, not a showy performer. Also, was it really necessary to put Jena Irene on top of a descending platform for her “Titanium” performance? Again, her best was just sitting at the piano and singing “Creep.”

The theatrical performer of the three, Caleb Johnson, had vocal issues. WHICH RYAN WOULDN’T SHUT UP ABOUT.  Yes, we get it. A hemorrhaged vocal chord is a serious issue. But did we really need to get an explanation from the doctor?  It’s obvious the producers want him in the final. If he sang badly, there are at least, pity votes. Caleb’s first song, “Never Tear Us Apart” went OK. But “Demons” was kind of a disaster. Finally, Harry was all ‘shut up and sing. That’s showbiz.’  Bless him.

The selfie nonsense is getting on my last nerve. American Idol jumped on the social network train late, and probably aren’t going to catch up, by the look of things—particularly if they think taking selfies every week is an expression of social networking savvy.

Loved the clips from former Idol winners congratulating the show on 500 episodes. Every one of them still has a career in the music business, doing what they love. All thanks to Idol. It’s a very good thing.

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Check outCaleb Johnson Asheville Hometown VisitJena Irene Farmington Hills Hometown VisitAlex Preston Mont Vernon Hometown Visit.

It’s the 500th American Idol episode y’all! Aw. We’ve got an awesome montage of great Idol moments to celebrate. I LOVE THIS SHOW! THIS is American Idol! The BEST SHOW EVER.

Caleb, Jena and Alex take the stage!  Caleb lost his voice today. They HAUL OUT THE DOCTOR to talk about Caleb’s issues. Dr.  Nasseri explains that Caleb has a small vocal chord hemorrhage, but he will be able to sing.  You know. In case Caleb sucks tonight, we’ll all know why.

Before we get started, we get a little taste of the contestant’s hometown visits. We’ll see MORE tomorrow.

Next, it’s the Chainsmokers, with that “Selfie” song. And the crap that’s going down on the stage is really really stupid. I dunno Idol. If the non-stop selfie shit is an attempt at being hip and social media savvy, you’re at least a year too late on that.

Aw.  American Idol WINNERS congratulate the show on their 500th episode! Only Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard and Kelly Clarkson are NOT represented.

First up, is Carrie Underwood! She acknowledges that she owes her career to American Idol.

Randy’s Picks

Randy introduces the songs and explains why he chose them.

Caleb Johnson – “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS – Randy thought about Black Crows or AWOL nation, but picked INXS because it could show where Caleb could go in the future (This song is over 20 years old?)  picked it because it gives him a chance to be bluesy and sing melody. He just learned the song! He didn’t know it before! More reasons to give Caleb a pass if he isn’t good. His voice sounds a little scratchy, but not too bad. He’s probably shot up with steroids. He’s hitting some nice falsettos, though. Another competent, but karaoke performance from Caleb.  Waiting to be wowed here! He began the performance sitting on a throne. What was up with that? Keith couldn’t be more impressed. “Great job!”  The song was a great call, Keith says. He loves the fusion of Soul/Rock/Gospel in his voice. Impressed that Caleb worked through his vocal issues like a pro. Jlo says Caleb on his worst night is better than people on his best. Still stellar. Harry compliments Randy. He thought it was a challenging song pick. He warns Caleb not to hurt his voice. Caleb and Ryan hug it out rather than talk. Caleb you pulled it out! Says Randy. WE GET IT. CALEB SANG WITH A VOCAL HEMORRHAGE. He didn’t sound different than he usually does. Quit begging for pity votes.  Call 1 855 4 IDOL 13(1 855 443 6513) or Text 13 to 83676

Caleb Johnson – Never Tear Us Apart – American… by IdolxMuzic

Happy 500th episode Idol, from Phillip Phillips!

Alex Preston – “Pompeii” by Bastille – Randy thought about Jeff Buckley, then he thought of Bastille. He likes that it’s modern and upbeat. A good band song. Alex is stoked! The drummers are behind him! This song has a GREAT melody. Hm. The song is missing urgency. He’s singing it like an acoustic performance, but with a band behind him. There’s a disconnect here.  He turns around to play a drum set beside him, and it seems to throw him off. You can literally see his mind working to keep it all together. He misses the mic once or twice. He grabs the mic to work the stage. There is TOO much going on. Alex would have been better off without the band. There are some nice vocal moments here, but the arrangement as a whole is messy. Jennifer loved the way he worked the stage and picked up the drums. Great performance, she says. Harry thinks it gave him everything he needed at this point. Harry didn’t LIKE to see the wheels turning. It needed more joy. (I agree) Keith thought there were a few shaky bits. Maybe too much going on? He loved when he went to the drum. He lost himself in that moment (I thought it was awkward). The drum idea was Alex’s, says Randy. How about that. Alex explains that he’s sick too.  Where’s the doctor for Alex? –  Call 1 855 4 IDOL 09(1 855 443 6509) or Text 9 to 83676

Alex Preston – Pompeii – American Idol 13 (Top 3) by IdolxMuzic

AW. Kris Allen MADE A CUPCAKE to wish American Idol a happy 5ooth episode!

Jena Irene – “Titanium” by David Guetta feat Sia – Randy considered some OneRepublic for her, but then chose a song that a little bit EDM and a little rock. Jena isn’t great in her lower register. A very shaky beginning. Having said that WHAT THE HECK IS SHE WEARING? She stands high on a lift, decorated with a dramatic black train. It drops her down to a pedestal.  Once she hits the chorus and the big notes, the song takes off.  Let’s face it. We ARE waiting for those high notes, right? She has come a long way as a stage performer since those first weeks. Harry says the high notes are important to the success of the song. She pulled it off. He notes her comfort on stage. Keith loves the balance between stage craft and fun. The look on Jlo’s face makes Jena go “uh oh”. Jlo isn’t impressed. She thought the beginning was shaky. For her, it wasn’t her best. Randy agrees with Jlo, but thinks the end was amazing. He admires her growth.  Call 1 855 4 IDOL 08 (1 855 443 6508) or Text 08 to 83676

Jena Irene – Titanium – American Idol 13 (Top 3) by IdolxMuzic

David Cook wishes American Idol a happy 500th. He owes them everything. The check is in the mail!

Judges’s Picks

Caleb Johnson – “Demons” by Imagine Dragons – Did you know that Caleb was under the weather? Ryan reminds us again. Oh geez. Caleb is answering fan questions via signs. The contestants meet with the judges to discuss their song picks. Caleb announced it at one of his hometown stops. This performance lacks energy. In this second performance, he IS having trouble hitting those big notes that come easy to him. He’s skipping some of them altogether. Ouch. He biffed a couple of those notes. You know what that means. His vocal chord problems will have to be mentioned several dozen more times. Keith says you wouldn’t know it. Well YOU WOULD. Keith understands how vocal problems can affect confidence. “You killed that song,” he says. That’s one way of putting it.  Jlo said all he has to do is sing with emotion. Don’t worry about the notes. Sing from your soul, she says. Harry asks him what kind of record he would make. “A really powerful, soulful record, influenced by the classics.” What ever that is. Harry asks the question that was on the tip of all of our tongues.

After the critiques, Harry puts the kabosh on more discussion of Caleb’s vocal issues. “I think it’s important for me not to tell the audience you’re sick, because everybody becomes concerned…Go on with the show. Thank Jeebus. A voice of reason.

Candice Glover wishes Idol a happy 500th episode and MANY MORE!

Alex Preston – “Stay” by Rihanna feat Mikky Ekko – Alex announces his song pick in front of his family. The fam is pretty excited, and so is Alex!  Alex. His guitar. Some strings behind him. This is more like it.  A beautiful vocal. Stripped down, the gorgeous melody is a perfect vehicle for Alex’s quirky phrasing.  Oh man. He does this cool little vocal trill in the last line of the chorus. I got a few chills right there! “I knew you would sing the heck out of that song, says Jlo. It was all yours, she says. Harry thought it was really strong. Harry wonders what it would be like if he did a concert. Welp HARRY I’ve got some videos for you to watch. Keith loved the tiny moments in the song that moved the audience. He loved it.

Lee DeWyze is proud to be an American Idol! Happy 5ooth episode!

“I was  thinking this might be my last time on the show. I just wanted to bring as much as I could to the table ,” says Alex. WHOA. It’s like he knows.

We catch a few glimpses of Jessica Meuse’s hometown parade. She got one. She’s all teary eyed riding on top of her car! The Top 13 are in the audience. Hi guys. The do the HUNGER GAMES SALUTE. Awesome. CHEEKY. Malaya has her braces off! Finale pairings are announced! CJ Harris and Dexter Roberts will perform with Darius Rucker. Jessica Meuse will perform with Jennifer Nettles. Malaya will join forces with John Legend! Sam Woolf will be singing with Phillip Phillips. More announcements to come!

Jena Irene – “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato – Jena announces her pick in her family living room. She’s kind of excited.  This is not a great competition song. It’s boring. It’s got no melody. It’s hard to sing. Having said that, it’s not the trainwreck it could be. Jena sounds a little gulpy, and strangled on the high notes, but considering the song? She made the most of it. Harry admires that she always finds a way to be original. Harry wonders what she wants to be on stage? Jena would have lots of room for instrumental breaks so she could “rage” with the audience. Keith loves her pitch, phrasing and range.  Jennifer felt it was loose. A great performance.

Fantasia congratulates American Idol on their 500th. Idol allows an artist to be heard!

Keith is sad. His wife is at Cannes and he’s stuck at Idol.

Hometown Picks

Hometowns voted on favorite performances.

Caleb Johnson – “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zepplin – We see the clip of the Asheville mayor announcing the town’s song pick.  This is tough, because we’ve heard Caleb sing this before. With his vocal issues, there’s no way he’ll be able to match his original version, which was pretty amazing at the time. I hate reprises, generally. The crowd is chanting “CALEB CALEB CALEB”.  Keith calls it a complete moment of miraculous healing. Not really. Caleb laid on the stage antics, hoping no one noticed the vocal issues. Jlo calls it a “true idol moment.”  Harry loves the way he takes advantage of opportunities. That whole deal, from the judges going crazy, to the audience calling for Caleb felt VERY manufactured.

Scotty McCreery congratulates Idol on 500 episodes. He hopes they have 500 more!

Alex Preston– “Story of My Life” by One Direction – THE GOVERNOR of New Hampshire announces the song Mont Vernon picked for him! Behind Alex, a video of an endless subway station track runs. A camera frames it tight, like a green screen. It’s a little distracting. Look. Alex performed this song well the first time. Did I need to hear it again? Not really. But he performs it well again. There’s that. I wish I could be more excited. Jennifer thinks America has their work cut out for them. Harry says the song strikes a chord with people. Another classic Alex performance. Keith felt his version of “Stay” was better. But he still nailed it.

Jordin Sparks congratulates Idol on their 500th episode! It’s just like home!

Jena Irene – “Creep” by Radiohead – Jena’s high school picked her song!  Jena sang this very well the first time and she’s singing it even better the second. She’s hitting the notes she missed on the first pass.  She really nails it this time and manages to pour even more emotion into the performance.  Great job. Having said that. Boo to reprises.  Keith and Jlo stand for her. Harry thinks something special happens when she sits behind the piano. It’s even better this time, he says. Keith agrees. She SO BELONGS HERE, he says. He loved watching her blossom into the artist she is today. Jlo calls it brilliant.

Randy and Ryan have been on the show 500 episodes! The crew wheels out a huge cake.

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