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American Idol 2022 Finale Noah Thompson and HunterGirl

American Idol winner Noah Thompson ignores internet chatter. But finally, he is speaking out on the rumors that he broke up with his girlfriend Angel, the mother of his son because he started a relationship with runner-up HunterGirl.

In an interview with Taste of Country, Noah sets the record straight.

“The only thing that bothers me is people talking about Hunter,” Thompson told Taste of Country Nights’ Evan Paul. “Me and Hunter…we became a lot closer than the other contestants towards the end,” Noah said. “Just because we had our trailers side-by-side. That’s not something we picked.” he explained. “We became close, man. We talked about how one person was feeling this way …or I was feeling this way. She was just kind of there for me and I was there for her. We became best friends.”

“We are not together, by no means”

“I love Hunter to death. But we are not together, by no means,” he said.

And while competing on American Idol, Noah needed a friend, Hunter was there for him. The two became friendly around the Top 24. “I was so nervous. I felt out of place. I didn’t feel like I belonged there. I didn’t really care about competition.”

He even feels a little guilty that he won. “I haven’t been out in Nashville playing shows…but definitely with Hunter and Leah [Marlene], once we got to the Top 3, they’ve been playing  shows their whole life and doing the things, and I haven’t,” Noah confessed.

HunterGirl and Angel are good friends says Noah

As far as Hunter and Angel are considered. “They’re good friends,” he says of the two. “Angel, once Angel flew down here, Hunter and Angel talked. They’re good friends. People just need to quit. Nobody has done a single thing.”

Indeed, some fans have become downright nasty about what they perceive as Hunter taking advantage of the Idol winner, as if he had no agency. When the duo did a live interview from the Whiskey Jam in Nashville late last month during a 19 Recordings showcase that featured a group of alums, “fans” became downright nasty in comments.

Some fans are nasty

“American Idol so sad!” one comment read. “Noah doesn’t need Hunter- she’s a snake in the grass and riding his coat tails. When on AI Hunter whined that she’s worked so hard to be the next AI. America thought contrary. Noah can do just fine without her following him.”

And another comment read “Hunter Girl just seems “not genuine” – more about herself and NOAH needs to shed her from HIS light.”

“I agree and so glad other people see this too,” the conversation continued.

“I hope you haven’t traded in Angel for Hunter.”

American Idol is marketing the two together

American Idol is marketing Noah and HunterGirl together somewhat. Although both are out playing solo gigs, they do perform concerts together. The country singers stuck together during their CMA Festival debut in June. Later, came the Whisky Jam showcase. However, Hunter had her own concert and couldn’t play the second date.

They also appeared together over the weekend at a concert in Michigan. “MICHIGAN YOU WERE INCREDIBLE!! ?? I had so much fun hanging with y’all,” HunterGirl wrote on Instagram alongside photos of herself and Noah. “Thank you to everyone who came out to see us last night at our first ever SOLD OUT show! Always love getting to play with this band and it was a blast doing a show with one of my best friends. Can’t wait to come back and see you guys soon.”


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Noah would like y’all to knock it off now

Read between the lines of Noah’s comments, and he seems to be grateful to have made a friend like HunterGirl who has been in the business longer than he has. Here is a bulletin for delusional fans: Both singers will be fine on their own, but it’s more likely that Hunter will help newbie Noah rather than the other way around.

And as far as Noah’s girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, whatever the case may be? Angel has stayed out of the limelight more or less. They rarely post or comment on each other. So maybe fans should respect their privacy, and mind their own business.

The other thing: American Idol loves to harmlessly “ship” contestants together. Mostly, it’s not romantic! Unless it is, as when Season 16 winner Maddie Poppe and runner-up Caleb Lee Hutchinson began dating and made it work. In the same season, third runner-up Gabby Barrett and 4th place finisher Cade Foehner eventually married and started a family together.

But mostly, American Idol friendships have been fan-favorite fodder since the beginning. Season 2’s Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken; Season 7’s winner and runner-up David Cook and David Archuleta; Season 10 singers Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart are a few examples. Usually, fans just eat that stuff up, which is why the show is more than happy to highlight relationships.

I mean. C’mon people. Noah couldn’t be clearer. He’s annoyed. So knock it off.

Let Noah and Hunter be friends

Also, it would be too bad if a few over-invested fans keep Noah and HunterGirl from posting fun little clips like this:

@noahthompsonmusic I really don’t know what’s wrong with us.. @HunterGirl #cmafest #countrymusic #noahthompson #huntergirl #besties ? Country A$$ Shit – Morgan Wallen

Or this!


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