American Idol Comeback: Louis Knight Shines with ‘Maybe That’ (Video)

AMERICAN IDOL – "415 (The Comeback)" – A special episode of "American Idol" featuring "comeback contestants" airs MONDAY, APRIL 19 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) LOUIS KNIGHT
(ABC/Eric McCandless) LOUIS KNIGHT

American Idol Comeback Louis Knight: The Singer-Songwriter shines with Maybe That

Last season the contestants were limited to covers due to the fact that American Idol was fully virtual for the live shows due to the COVID pandemic. This hurt singers like Louis Knight and fellow Top 7 finisher Julia Gargano who would’ve most likely progressed to the top 5 had they had the opportunity to show off their impressive songwriting skills.

Therefore, Louis, along with 9 fellow season 18 singers, participated in a special “Comeback” competition Monday night (April 19), allowing them to have the big moment on the stage that they missed last year. (Check out the recap HERE.)

Louis, the 20 year-old British singer from Pennsylvania shined during his “comeback” performance of a song titled “Maybe That” which he wrote in his hotel room when he was auditioning last season in DC. It sounded very current and cleaner vocally than any performance he did last season. It was really spot-on. He was singing right in the pocket and emoting. The crew set up the stage beautifully for this performance.

The song is out a studio recording. Listen to it on You Tube. “Maybe That” is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and more. 

Lionel calls Louis a great songwriter

Judge Katy Perry said he’s always been “authentic” and that he “bared his soul” with this song. Luke Bryan felt Louis’ “tremendous growth” and that he was like a “legitimate artist” up on the stage. Lionel Richie was happy that Louis has “turned into a great songwriter” and noted how great it must feel to have a band behind him.

Overall, tonight was fairly lackluster for me with the exception of a few and Louis was one of the singers that stood out.

I found myself liking Louis and Makayla Phillips the most. Makayla delivered an emotional “Anyone” by Demi Lovato that was gorgeous and beautifully paced. I also thought Olivia Ximines brought a sparkle that I missed seeing from her last time. Aliana Jester and Dewayne Crocker improved a lot from last season as well, both delivering better vocals and more artistry than I remember when I saw them sing at home last season.

The three probably vying for the spot are last years runner-up Arthur Gunn, Top 7 Louis Knight, and Top 11 Makayla Phillips.

My hope is it is Makayla or Louis but that’s just my opinion. Voting is open for a full week, and we won’t know the winner until May 2nd or until it gets leaked by a spoiler. I’m not the biggest fan of this twist, but it is what it is and at least a few of the singers showed true growth tonight.

American Idol 2021 Comeback – Louis Knight Performs his Original “Maybe That”

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