American Idol Audition: Alyssa Wray Sparkles with ‘I Am Changing’

AMERICAN IDOL 404 (Auditions) American Idol auditions continue in Los Angeles, California; San Diego, California; and Ojai, California, as the all-star judging panel searches for the next superstar on a brand-new episode airing SUNDAY, MARCH 7 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard) ALYSSA WRAY
(ABC/Christopher Willard) ALYSSA WRAY

American Idol Audition: Alyssa Wray Sparkles with “I Am Changing”

Does covering Jennifer Hudson on American Idol make your audition a moment? Two for two so far this season on that claim.

The pink-haired, ultra-likable 6’2 singer from a town of 750 people (Perryville, Kentucky) stood out the moment we saw her and she delivered the goods. Her name, Alyssa Wray, just sounds like a star. And I bet she is not only the tallest girl in Perryville, but probably one of the most talented. if not the most talented, as well. The hopeful is one of the more gifted singers this season. And she brought vocals that remind me of the old days of Idol.

ABC gave the fourth audition (March 7) episode the proper send-off, with what may have been the most impressive vocal all season. But like I wrote in my season preview, will Alyssa be too much for viewers? Her online material is similar to what we heard tonight. I do admire her talent, and as I said, she is gifted, but she also is quite theatrical, and at times she did too many runs and belts. But Alyssa still hit the notes, even with all her bells and whistles. I think when Alyssa finds her sweet spot, she could be one to fear in the live shows. Vocals translate to live shows as they do on the big stage. Hiding is harder to do. I’m getting to the point that I’m scared of the live shows, because this season’s females live up to the hype.

Alyssa’s rendition of “I Am Changing” prompted the judges to give her a standing ovation. The performance moved Lionel Richie to tears of joy. Luke Bryan and Katy Perry were awed by the singer’s “presence,”  her “sparkle,” Additionally, Lionel describes her star presence as “once in a generation.” The judges believe that Alyssa Wray is simply out of this world. They describe a big future ahead, before giving the singer 3 yeses.

Alyssa is a freshman at Northern Kentucky University where she studies musical theater. So, it’s no wonder that she puts so much emotion and theatricality into her delivery. She has been in a number of stage productions and performed a decent amount. Here’s a cover showing Alyssa’s restraint on a tune that represents more modern R & B. It’s a cover of “I Want You Around” by Snoh Aalegra HERE. Here’s Alyssa delivering a huge vocal of “Satisfied” from Hamilton on Tik Tok. Check out her Instagram.

I’m excited to see just what direction Alyssa goes on American Idol.

American Idol Audition: Alyssa Wray sings Jennifer Hudson’s “I Am Changing.”


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