American Idol Audition: Ash Ruder Original Pays Tribute to Sober Dad

(ABC/Christopher Willard) ASH RUDER

American Idol Audition: Country beauty Shines through Ash Ruder’s emotional original about relationship with sober dad.

In her American Idol audition from Sunday night’s (March 7) episode, twenty-two year old Ash Ruder shares a story about being angry at her Dad growing up. But music is something they always shared, and that when he did show up, she felt inspired. Her dad has been sober for 2 years now, and they are closer than ever. Little does he know; Ash plans to audition with a song, on his birthday no less, that she wrote about him titled “Bryan’s Song.”

Her song is kind of folky, as it is conversational and a beautifully penned song. Her tone has a slight twang to it that screams country to me. I could hear a voice like hers on the radio. Her vibrato is unique and stands out. Ash possesses a very fresh indie country sound. I think it is just nerves and emotions, but she does breathe a lot in between notes. One really emotional line: “We’re just kids wondering why dad has done what he has done in his life” and in the song, she ends with how proud she is of him. She paints a picture of what her relationship has been like with her dad over the years. Ash is a very talented writer.

After the performance, judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan give Ash, a standing ovation. Father and daughter hug. And in the tearful moment, Bryan says that he “couldn’t have asked for a better birthday than that.”  The judges look forward to hearing more from her, and Lionel believes that Ash has found the “only style that does not go out of style. Love.” Katy describes it as witnessing a “healing” going on. They send Ash straight through to Hollywood.

I’m excited to hear more as Ash does not have a big voice, so she will need to continue to wow with her tasteful and artistic vocals. Listen to another original from Ash, “Mine” HERE. I love this cover she did a few years ago of Lauv’s “I Like Me Better” (Watch it HERE) She transformed to be more emotional and brought more power to the lyrics.  Check out her Instagram

Also Ash shares her thoughts on her emotional audition with the Modesto Bee. Contestants could only bring one person to their audition. And Ash chose her father instead of her mom or her husband. (Yes, she is married!)

Watch Ash Ruder’s emotional American Idol audition below.


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