American Idol 9 Top 8 Guys – Recap

For the first time, the boys were better than the girls. They weren’t spectacular, but there were fewer WTF moments, and a genuine moment, from Michael Lynche.  Generally, the guys did a better job of choosing songs than the girls did.

Tonight’s show was a real game changer for the guys. Who would have imagined Tim Urban, Alex Lambert and Todrick Hall as Top 12 contenders, with former front runner, Andrew Garcia in danger of elimination?  At the onset of the semi-final competition, that would have been unimaginable…

Live blog and vids after the JUMP…

Ryan Seacrest walks the line of guys. Is he trying to psych the out? Anything to make sure they suck worse than the girls tonight. Heh.

Ryan to Simon: “I think Kara is your binky” Ooookay.

Lee Dewyze – “Fireflies” by Owl City – Lee’s got his guitar back this week. He’s still got some pitch problems, but I’ll admit right here and now, I like his vocals. He’s got a nice gruff quality to his timbre. Not crazy about his song choices, thought. Randy thought it was a strange song choice, but, “You made it work, man.” Ellen liked that he made it rock, “I think a lot of people like you…you’re adorable.” Kara says, “You look confident tonight, there’s a star bubbling…you made the song better.” Oh, Simon is teasing Kara. He thinks she’s Paula. Simon says, “There’s nothing to rave about…but I’ve seen the progress over three weeks…I think you are better than that version of the song.” Simon thinks Lee has a good chance of making the 12. – 1-866-436-5701VIDEO

Alex Lambert – “Trouble” by Ray Lamontagne – Alex has his guitar again. This version is a bit sound a like, but I’ll tell ya, this kid has a really good voice. A really cool rasp, and a nice tone. Seriously recordable. He’s going to sound fantastic on the mp3s. Last week was not a fluke. He’s got a good shot at the 12. Randy says, “Good song choice for you…I wasn’t jumping up and down…could have done more with it.” Ellen says, “You are becoming a mushy banana! You are consistently getting better and better and better. I love your innocense…you need more confidence, but don’t get cocky.” The only thing standing in the way of winning is you….you are still stiff you are not in it…we need vulnerability, let go.” Simon says, “You are so still concentrating on trying to deliver the performance…you have to imagine Randy in a’ve got to stop staring down that lens…you’ve got a really distinct voice.” I agree with the judges, he still needs to loosen up. – 1-866-436-5702VIDEO

Tim Urban – “Hallelujah” by Tim Buckley – Erm. His phrasing sucks. Zzzzzz. But at least he’s staying mostly in key. That’s a victory. There are so many good versions of this song. And of course, he does not even begin to stack up. Randy says, “We’ve had some good times on this show with that song…you did pretty good.” Ellen runs up on stage to hug him, “That was fantastic!” Kara thought Tim was going home, “And now, I think you’re kind of in it. That was an honest interpretation, you showed it, ” she says. Simon says, “I kins of feel responsible for you doing well tonight. Very very smart with that song…not the best version I’ve ever heard, but the strongest performance I’ve ever heard from you.” Ellen says she feels bad that she’s been so hard on him. It was the best he’s ever sounded, but I didn’t really dig that very much. I mean, why are we grading him on a curve? – 1-866-436-5703VIDEO

So far, the boys are better than the girls.

Andrew Garcia – “Genie In A Bottle” by Christina Aguilera – He tells Ryan that he just learned this song. I dunno, this is a little boring. Andrew gives the song a nice, touch, but ultimately he doesn’t do much with the song. He does have an interesting voice, but he’s under-utilizing it. ugh. Randy says, “Very interesting song choice, it didn’t quite work for me…a little pitchy all over the place, it had no range to it.” Randy likes his sweater. Ellen says, “I thought it was a great song choice, it was what you needed to do…it was at the end when I was ‘Oh that was great'” Kara says, “You peaked so early, and you’ve been chasing that ever since, you were fighting with the rhythm of the song.” Simon says, “For me, it really came over…it was a little bit desperate, you over thought it…you’re kind of still going backwards at the moment.” Andrew is never going to live down that freaking “Straight Up” thing he did in Hollywood. Seriously, it wasn’t THAT great – 1-866-436-5704VIDEO

Casey James – “You’ll Think of Me” by Keith Urban – Casey is sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar. Gee, the guys are all folky tonight! Casey’s not having a water cooler moment, but he’s showcasing his voice nicely. He can sing. Randy says it was a safe choice. He thinks he should do something like Stevie Ray Vaughn. Ellen notes that he’s more comfortable sitting. She really liked it. Kara says, “I’m kinda back on the Casey was honest, doing what you do best…I’m missing that spark, but a move in the right direction.” Simon says, “I would say it was your second best, it made you sincere, but we won’t be raving about it in 24 hours, but you sounded great.” – 1-866-436-5705 – VIDEO

Aaron Kelly – “I’m Already There” by Lonestar – Eep. This is NOT good. Shakey vocals, really pitchy. He’s a little better on the chorus, but he’s really just a mediocre singer. Blech. Randy says, “You got the makings of a great singer…you should work on the lower notes…a job well done, more work to do.” Ellen says, “I think you’ve sounded better, it was a little too much song for you.” Kara says, “That song…it’s in the 3rd person…it’s not relevant to your life.” Simon thinks Kara is full of crap. “It’s a beautiful song…it’s not a great vocal, it had emotion, ” Simon cautions on confusing the contestants. Argh. I’m with Ellen and Kara on this one. I didn’t feel a connection to the song, and his vocal was weak. Another kid trying to play grownup – 1-866-436-5706 – VIDEO

Todrick Hall – “Somebody to Love” by Queen – Oh that transition from falsetto to chest voice? Really rough. Hm. This is a little weird for me. A hard song to sing. Good in spots, but I think Todrick took on more than he can handle. Randy says, “Todrick is back..dude you proved that you can really sing…one of the best vocals I’ve heard by a man.” Erm, no? Ellen says, “You are a brave young man…you made it like a gospel song, you did a good job.” Kara says, “It was really good singing, I didn’t know whether to love it or laugh at it….but the singing was good.” Simon said, “It was good in parts…but you are a Broadway singer…I see you more than that than a recording star.” Simon gives him points for moving around and not boring people. And, Simon says, he may have just saved himself. Oh noes. I hate this guy. – 1-866-436-5707VIDEO

Mike Lynche – “Women’s Work” – by Maxwelll (Kate Bush) – Oh, this is definitely THE performance of the night. Awesome vocal, and Mike is singing with such conviction and passion, and he’s just brimming with confidence. Very, very nice. Hello Top 12! Randy says, “I got to give it to you…this is crazy…it was dope….the last note…that was hot.” Ellen says, “OMG, that was so beautiful. You are the one to beat now.” Kara is crying. Holy f*ck, she really is turning into Paula! Simon says, “This was so needed tonight, it was all a bit boring, a bit worthy…it’s the best performance we’ve had of all these live shows.” – 1-866-436-5708VIDEO

The guys pwned the girls this week!

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