American Idol 9 Top 8 Guys – Recap Roundup

‘American Idol’s’ Kevin Covais picks his Top 12

Well here we are folks. Just one results show away from revealing the Top 12 finalists for Season 9 of “American Idol.” It doesn’t get much more exciting than this. Right? Or maybe it does?

Look, by no means do I want to be a buzz kill. I know the pressure of being on that stage and not always making the right choices. I feel like this season does have quite a few really talented and unique contestants, but at the same time I feel as though we have yet to see a lot of them reach their true potential.

‘American Idol’: Kara keeps crying, and Ellen keeps to herself on the scene at Top 8 boys night

The rest of the show unfolded with minimal fuss or fanfare through Toderick Hall’s Gleeky ”Somebody To Love.” The judges more-or-less remained in their seats for the rest of the show, in fact, until Big Mike took to the stage. He was barely past the falsetto opening of “This Woman’s Work” when Kara started her increasingly full-bodied reaction to the song. First, she started whispering to Simon. Then, she leaned in and pointed directly at Mike. And finally, she stood up with such force that I half expected her to exclaim, “Can I get an A-MEN?!” By the time Mike was over, the entire studio was following suit.

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‘American Idol’ recap: Dudes, Where’s My Star?

Imagine a greasy slice of olive-loaf, a package of half-defrosted frozen green beans, and a bowl of two-day-old refrigerated oatmeal. Now imagine going to your favorite restaurant and having the aforementioned foodstuffs placed in front of you. You try to explain this isn’t what you ordered, try to send these unappealing items back to the kitchen, but everyone — the waiter, the manager, the busboy, and the chef — insists you’re turning your nose up at a delicious meal of filet mignon, haricots verts, and creamy polenta. You think to yourself: ”Am I going crazy? Am I losing touch with my senses? And why in holy hell is Kara DioGuardi crying?”

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‘Idol’ boys start swinging, but familiarity still rules

This much is, ahem, Crystal clear: The judges made a mistake by choosing too many girls with similar voices and styles. Sure, Lilly’s hair is silver and Didi’s is red, Lacey’s is short and Katelyn’s is curly, but Tuesday night’s snoozy and subdued episode proved there wasn’t nearly enough variety on one side of the gender divide.

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Blake Lewis: ‘Floored’ by Michael Lynche’s ‘This Woman’s Work’

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the opening of Wednesday’s American Idol. Ryan Seacrest went down the row of guys, calling out their names, trying to make it über-dramatic, just to reach the end of the line and say “This Is American Idol!” It was so cheesy I giggled.

Do you think Ryan likes saying that line still?

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Eight guys sing to survive on ‘American Idol’

The eight Guy Idolettes begin their night inside a deep freeze. They have all turned a pretty shade of blue; host Ryan Seacrest checks them, one by one, for freezer burn. Next, Seabiscuit moves over to the children’s play area to break up a fight between judges Simon Cowell and Kara DioGuardi in re which of them is leaning into the other’s space. Once their tantrum is over, the Idolettes can begin to sing:

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‘American Idol’: The Top 8 Men

The short version: Casey James > Lee Dewyze > Michael Lynche > Todrick Hall > Andew Garcia > Tim Urban > Alex Lambert > Aaron Kelly.

That was important to get out of the way because Wednesday night’s show, the final one before this season’s top 12 is determined, was among the oddest in “Idol” history, a deeply unsettling and chaotic microcosm of all of this cursed season’s idiosyncrasies. So rather than revisit the performances – the best of which still didn’t touch Crystal Bowersox or Siobhan Magnus – it’s more important to map out the show’s greatest concerns.

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‘American Idol’ Recap: ‘Love’ Is The Answer For Todrick Hall

I have to say, the song spoilers that leaked this afternoon made me super excited for tonight’s show – and not in a nice way. I actually cackled. Simon Cowell winked in the intro. He knows what’s up.

Guys’ night on ‘Idol’ feels like ‘Twilight Zone’

Wednesday night’s “American Idol” semifinal round was seriously one of the weirdest nights I can ever remember in the show’s nine years. It was like all the guys picked their numbers using the Random Song Generator, and all the judges got their reactions from a similar machine.


Michael Lynche Makes ‘American Idol’ His Own

Tonight’s episode of ‘American Idol‘ showcased the eight men remaining in the competition, and it was perhaps most notable for the musicians who were honored by the hopefuls who turned in the best performances. The bewitching Kate Bush, the soulful Maxwell, the sardonic Leonard Cohen, the quietly tortured Jeff Buckley, the flamboyant Freddie Mercury — all of them had their moments on American TV tonight, and let’s be honest, none of them would have even made it near the ‘Idol’ auditions in years prior to this one. Not because they’re not good — all are amazing, and deserve their places in the pop firmament — but because that wasn’t what the ‘Idol’ producers and viewers at home sought out.


Michael Lynche’s ‘This Woman’s Work’ Brings Kara To Tears On ‘American Idol’

Praise from the “American Idol” judges is one thing, but tears? That’s when you know you’ve really nailed it.

And Michael Lynche definitely brought down the house Wednesday night (March 10) when he closed the top eight men’s live performances with a seductive, between-the-sheets cover of one of British singer Kate Bush’s most iconic tunes, “This Woman’s Work, ” that made judge Kara DioGuardi openly weep.


‘American Idol’ Gets A Boost From Tim Urban, Michael Lynche

The top eight men took the stage on “American Idol” on Wednesday (March 10), a night when the front-runners staked a claim for their spots in the top 12, and the weaker members of the herd punched their tickets home. When the dust settled, Michael Lynche emerged emerged as the new one to beat with a performance so strong, it brought judge Kara DioGuardi to tears, and seeming also-ran Tim Urban possibly saved himself with his strongest performance to date.


American Idol top 8 recap, rankings, poll

The men have improved week in and week out, especially as we’ve weeded out the weaker ones. This was a decent night overall and a bit less sleepy compared to last night.

And Michael Lynche earned the pimp spot tonight, truly commanding the stage. Was it worhty of a cry? Maybe for Kara, not for me. But he made quite a statement and is pushing himself past Casey James and Andrew Garcia into top dog among the guys. .

Full Metal Idol: AI9 Top 16 (Guys)

Tonight’s American Idol shit show begins with Ryan Seacrest approaching each contestant, bathed in dramatic spotlights of blue, as if he is Gunnary Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey) addressing the privates in Full Metal Jacket. Um, kind of, I guess. But you know, he’s shorter and not a Marine.

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Top 16 Guys Recap – Can I Remember the Performances Without Looking at My Notes?

Well tonight officially cements American Idol as a waste of time. It always was, mind you. But tonight, the show basically said, “We don’t care to bring you good performances. We don’t care to bring you funny performances. We care to bring you tepid monotony. An hour of tepid monotony.” I’m not even remotely entertained. There was nothing to talk about. I feel that if I wasn’t taking notes, I wouldn’t have even remembered half of the performances. So I stepped away for half an hour and tried to remember the performances each person did. Let’s see how it went.

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Final 16 Boys Sing: “I don’t know whether to Laugh or to Love it.” No wait, I DO Know.

The judges’ tone-deaf inconsistencies and banalities continue and it’s frustrating because their comments seem to come completely out of the blue. It’s as if the producers haven’t decided how to confound the VFTW juggernaut, so they’re just throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks. Come on, boys. We need to know which Idols you want the lemmings to mindlessly vote for so we can do the opposite.

Man, they were really rushing through tonight’s show as if the Guys don’t matter at all. Oh, right…

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American Idol Recap: Meh Enough to Make a Grown Woman Cry

Last night’s American Idol found eight guys vying to make next week’s finals, and although this season’s men may not match the women in terms of talent, they certainly have provided the more interesting narrative arcs. Early front-runners now look like they might not even make the top twelve, and contestants who once seemed wildly unequipped to wow a crowd have become reliable and rewarding performers.

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