American Idol 9 – Top 20 Results – VIDEO

The right people went home tonight, except for John Parks, whose sing-out was way looser and more emotional than Tuesday night. A week or two more, and he might have come into his own. He’s a better vocalist than  than Tim Urban, who hasn’t had a decent performance yet.

Michelle Delamore is a talented singer, but she picked a really weird song. Creed? Really? She needed to nail it, and she didn’t. Total, LOL to Simon and Kara backtracking on their praise for Michelle after the fact.

Thank jeebus America had the good sense not to vote Haeley Vaughn through to another week. She’s a spirited girl, but c’mon. She’s also tone deaf. It would have been cruel to prolong her run.

And finally Jermaine Sellers. Bye dude! Looks like GOD had other plans for you! Now take your onsies and your  annoying, over-singing self somewhere else.

Looking at the list of remaining girls, it’s remarkable how similar they are.  It’s a quirk-fest people!  There’s going to be a lot of cannibalistic vote splitting next week. I’m done picking Paige Miles in the pool for now. Say hello to your Season 9 Top 12 R&B diva peeps!

Lacey Brown and Didi Benami both need to step it up next week, or they’ll be walking off the Idol set together next week. Actually, I think it’s inevitable for Lacey.  I’d love for one of them to spoil the little pageant bot, Katie Stevens, chance at the Top 12. An Idol blogger can dream… Siobhan Magnus might be smart to stick to big songs for now while the singer/songwriter types duke it out for a spot.

On the guys side, Andrew Garcia and Casey James are shoe-ins for the Top 12.  If  Alex Lambert does next week what he did this week, he’ll earn a spot too.  If all were right with the world, Tim Urban will be saying bye-bye next week. But I don’t kn0w–he seems to have some weird momentum at the moment.  Todrick Hall will be headed back to munchkin land if he doesn’t make drastic changes to his strategy.  If  Lee Dewyze doesn’t ditch the nerves, and the the judges stop pimping him, he could be in danger. Are people voting for Aaron Kelly? It’s hard to tell. He might be splitting votes from younger viewers with Tim and Alex.  If Tim and Alex are safe next week, we might be saying goodby to Aaron.  Big Mike Lynche needs another good performance next week to secure a spot in the Top 12.

Eliminated tonight: John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Delamore, Haeley Vaughn

  • Danny Gokey – “My Best Days (Are Ahead of Me) – VIDEO
  • Group Number – “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas – VIDEO

Live blogging the American Idol Results tonight. Tonight, Danny Gokey performs his single, “My Best Days (Are Ahead of Me)

Live blog after the JUMP…

27 million votes came in this week.

Simon reveals that he gave compliments to a contestant who sounded terrible when he watched it back on television. (eta: Simon was covering his butt re: Michelle)

Tonight’s cheesy lip-synced pointy pose: “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. Tonight’s choreography = awesome chaos!

Elimination time. Starting with the guys:

Tim stands up…Tim is SAFE. Todrick is next…Ryan asks him to stay standing. Michael stands up…he is safe. Casey is next…he is safe…John is next…he stands with Todrick. Randy says that both of them “lost the plot.” John Park is eliminated. Toddrick Hall is safe.

John sings “Gravity.” Singout is better than last night’s performance… – VIDEO

Lee stands up…Lee is safe. Aaron is next…he is safe. Alex is next… Andrew and Jermaine are left. Are they kidding? Of course Andrew is safe. Or he better be. Ellen is sad. She says every Thursday gets harder and harder. OMG I’m raking in the points! 2 for 2.

Oh Jermaine STFU you are sooo annoying. He sings out for the last time. Hooray. – VIDEO

Danny Gokey takes the stage to sing “My Best Days (Are Ahead of Me). Danny is doing a great job. Danny met Ellen for the first time tonight, since he didn’t get to do her show. Third place finishers really get screwed on their post-idol tour. Danny explains how he ended up becoming a country artist. Danny can’t stop talking. Ryan can’t can’t get a word in edgewise. His tour opening for Sugarland begins soon.

Back to the eliminations. Girls’ turn. Paige is next…she is safe. Katie is next…she is safe. Dide and Michelle are left. Kara says Michelle’s performance was pitchy, and thinks she’s going home. Didi is safe. Michelle Delamore goes home. Michelle says she may tried to do out. She sings out with “Arms Wide Open” (that song choice was part of the problem). Ooh Michelle, super pitchy tonight! – VIDEO

Katelyn stands up…she is safe. Crystal is next…she is safe. Siobhan is next…she is safe. Haeley and Lacey are left… Simon thinks one of them deserves another chance. Simon says it’s obvious who is going home. Haeley is eliminated. Totally got the girls wrong! But Haeley had to go. Oh dear god, they are going to make her sing again.

Katie is crying. She and Haeley must be friends. Oh God. Haeley is singing out. Please. Make. It. Stop. Yes it’s possible–her singout is worse than last night. – VIDEO


Tim Urban
Michael Lynche
Casey James
Todrick Hall
Lee Dewyze
Aaron Kelly
Alex Lambert
Andrew Garcia
Lilly Scott
Paige Miles
Katie Stevens
Didi Benami
Katelyn Epperly
Crystal Bowersox
Siobhan Magnus
Lacey Brown


John Park
Jermaine Sellers
Michelle Delamore
Haeley Vaughn

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