American Idol 9 Top 11 Results – Recap

PAIGE MILES IS ELIMINATED – Judges refuse to save her, before she has a chance to sing.  She gets a proper singout after her video rolls. She sings “Alright Now”

Well, that happened pretty much exactly as it should have. Except that I cannot believe Andrew once again avoided the bottom 3!  He’s got more people than I thought.  I wonder how much longer he can dodge the bullet?

  • Group song – “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham! – VIDEO
  • Ford Commercial – VIDEO
  • Paige Miles and Tim Urban are Bottom 3 – VIDEO
  • Miley Cyrus sings “When I Look at You ” – VIDEO
  • Katie Stevens is sent to the B3, right back to the couches – VIDEO
  • Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato song “Make a Wave” – VIDEO
  • Paige Miles is Eliminated, is not saved – VIDEO

Tonight, Miley Cyrus returns to perform her hit song, “When I Look At You, ” plus, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato will sing their duet, “Make A Wave.”

And tonight? It’s the return of the Pointy Pose! Yay! And of course, one contestant will be eliminated (no tour for you!)

Tonight is the prize! The Top 10 make the tour! Payday people!

Will the judges use the save tonight? Oh HELL no.

Group song: “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!!!!!” by Wham! The ULTIMATE pointy pose song Extra Super Cheese to make up for last week’s lack of pointy pose! I AM SO HAPPY! I wish this was live.

Ford Video shoot: Andrew is left behind at the end of the video. Maybe a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

The eliminations begin. Ryan asks Casey James about forgetting his words during rehearsal. He felt much better after he sang the song correctly during the show. Siobhan Magnus’s boss is in the audience, and he won’t shave until she leaves the show. Katie Steven’s dad left and is across the street, because he’s too nervous to be in the audience. Shots of Mike Lynche wearing his baby in a carrier.

The results:  Siobhan Magnus stands up…she says she knew Simon would call her on the scream. She felt the screech was necessary to make the Top 10. Hm. Siobhan…you are going to have to pack your bags…because you are going out on tour this summer! Lee Dwyze and Casey James both stand up….Tim Urban and Paige Miles stand up. Tim says he had so much fun last night, he wouldn’t change last night’s performance. Paige says she lost herself in the song, but she didn’t stop competing. Randy thinks they both sucked, but he thinks Paige is in the bottom 3.  It turns out Tim and Paige are BOTH in the bottom 3

Uh Ryan, there was no playlist at iTunes this week. Why was that?  The top row is safe.  Thanks for waiting until AFTER the break to tell us Casey and Lee are safe…

Miley Cyrus – “When I Look at You” – She’s sitting at the piano. She’s not as pitchy as the last time she appeared on Idol, but she’s really pushing herself on the high notes.  She’s an unremarkable talent.  Her popularity amazes me.  NASALLY IS A FORM OF SINGING. Miley loved Tim’s knew slide. But, Miley is all for the tough love.

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More eliminations: Aaron Kelly stands up.  He’s declared safe right away.  Didi Benami stands up.  She’s confused she doesn’t know what the judges want.  She wants to do more than just sit and play the guitar.  Ellen stresses that she’s all for Didi stretching herself, but she thought the song was wrong. Simon says he thinks she over-thinks things.  He says pick a song and sing it full stop….Didi is safe.  Michael Lynche is next…America voted…he’s safe.  Crystal Bowersox is next. Will Crystal listen to Simon or Kara if she makes it through. “Me” Crystal says.

Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia stand up.  Katie says she’s going to sing what feels good to her…Pop and R&B. Sorry Simon! She says she’ll try country, but she did not sound convincing.  Andrew says he was bothered by Simon’s comment, about sucking the soul out of his song.  He insists that he knows himself as an artist. OMG Katie is in the B3 and Andrew is safe. Andrew has got PEOPLE.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato take the stage to sing “Make A Wave”  Wow this is really bad. Ergh. Terrible.  PITCHY. Even worse than Miley, who was somewhat in tune.

GOING HOME TONIGHT: Paige Miles. Wow Simon tells her straight out, before she sings, that they aren’t going to save her!  Paige says, “It was a roller coaster of a lifetime. I had a lot of health issues going on out here, laryngitis and bad song choices, but I still had a blast, and it was a great learning experience.”

Her video package rolls first, before she sings out on “Alright Now”. Honestly, it’s less cruel than stringing her along. No way were they going to save Paige tonight.

Safe (and going on tour)

  • Siobhan Magnus
  • Lee Dewyze
  • Casey James
  • Aaron Kelly
  • Didi Benami
  • Michael Lynche
  • Crystal Bowersox
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Katie Stevens (Sent back to the couches after spending a minute in the B3)

Bottom 3

  • Tim Urban– (in the Bottom 2 with Paige)
  • Paige Miles – Eliminated
  • Katie Stevens

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