American Idol 2023 Top 8 Poll Results, Power Ranking, Predictions


American Idol 2023 Top 8 POLL Results, Power Rankings and a PREDICTION.

American Idol season 21 goes to Sunday night only for the rest of the season (other than a clip show on May 15. See the Schedule)

The show is down to the Top 8 now. Sunday’s (May 7) episode features guest judges Ed Sheeran and Alanis Morissette, who will take the place of Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, while the two judges perform at King Charles’ coronation concert at Windsor castle on the same day. Alanis will mentor the remaining contestants as they perform songs from her catalog. The singers will also be paired up for duets. That’s a total of twelve performances. The show will eliminate THREE contestants at the end of the Coast-to-Coast live broadcast.

Ed Sheeran promotes new music, docu-series on Disney+ amid lawsuit drama

Ed Sheeran will only sit on the judges panel and perform. But it’s incredible he can fit it into his schedule. He just released a new album, -(Subtract) and a new single “Eyes Closed.” And here’s the Disney angle: His new four part docu-series, The Sum of it All is airing on Disney+. He’s also currently on tour. And blessed be, he SHOULD be in a good mood on Sunday after winning a lawsuit this week. Plaintiffs sued Sheeran for copyright infringement, alleging that his song “Thinking Out Loud” copied Marvin Gaye’s song “Let’s Get it On.”

In the meantime, Katy and Lionel won’t be in their usual spots on the judges table, but they plan to check in live from Windsor castle.

American Idol airs live coast to coast on ABC Sunday May 7 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT.

American Idol 2023

American Idol Top 8 Power Rankings

Here’s how I rank the contestants ahead of Sunday’s episode.

8. Oliver Steele – Katy saved Oliver last week from elimination after winning the Judges Song Contest. But a case could be made for Marybeth Byrd or Tyson Venegas deserving the Save instead. I said it before, when Oliver said his Dad would attend this week’s show if he made it through, the judges made their decision. Oliver’s dad, who suffered a debilitating stroke last year is a big part of Oliver’s emotional backstory.

Now, Oliver is pleading with fans to get him through to next week’s Top 5, featuring a Disney theme, because HE LOVES LOVES LOVES Disney and wants to go to Disneyland to trade pins, because he’s a “Disney Nerd”..or something. In an Instagram video, Oliver literally says, “I don’t need to get to the final” before backtracking to say that he’d be honored to compete in the finale with Iam Tongi. Anyways. Good luck with that. He’s likely going home Sunday night. With his dad sitting in the studio, it will be a beautiful and emotional sendoff.

6. Zachariah Smith – Zachariah has gone so much farther than I expected, and hasn’t annoyed me as much as I predicted. He’s never been a strong vocalist, but he is entertaining as heck and has a knack for picking the right songs. But with the competition stiffening, he’s probably come to the end of the line this time.

7. Haven Madison – If Haven had waited a couple of years, she would have been a force to reckon with. While the teen has shown savvy and strong songwriting chops, her vocals are still immature. Her competitors will outsing her this week and will probably head home.

5. Warren Peay – Warren is a strong and popular contender, but those ranking ahead of him delivered show stopping and/or out of the box performances. He could still make the finale, though!

4. Colin Stough – After a wobbly few weeks during Hollywood and The Top 24/20, Colin has been coming on strong with risky performances. He’s still not entirely comfortable on a big stage, but he’s improving. And American Idol fans love an underdog.

3. Wé Ani – Wé is simply a marvel. No matter what she sings, whether she chooses it herself or has a song assigned to her, she nails it with confidence, incredible unique vocals and showmanship. She deserves to compete in the finale. a Top 3 made up of Iam, Megan and Wé would be reasonable. But I suspect one of the country boys will sneak in there instead. I HOPE I AM WRONG.

2. Megan Danielle – She entered the competition sharing that she lacked confidence. But she takes the stage like a champ, singing her heart out. If she’s afraid, her Christian faith maybe gets her through, as she’s strongest on Gospel numbers. Her raspy soulful vocals are authentic to their core. I will be surprised if viewers don’t vote her into the finale.

1. Iam Tongi – Let’s just give Iam the crown now. He’s been marching to the win steadily, leading the pack ever since he wowed the judges with his rendition of “Monster” in his audition. The stats are impressive. He’s led social media numbers week in and week out. When he wins, and releases a winners single, he’ll probably break a few more records.

Speaking of winners singles. It’s right about now when the remaining singers reveal their recorded winners single, usually the week before the Top 5. So watch out for that?

Top 5 Prediction

I’m going to be bold and say Oliver Steele, Zachariah Smith and Haven Madison will leave the competition on Sunday. However, a game changing performance could upend the results. But at this point in the competition? Fans already have chosen their favorites.

American Idol Top 8 POLL Results

Here are the RESULTS of the polls posted after Monday’s (May 1) show

Favorite Top 8 contestant

You all consistently love Wé and Ian and their performances. Last week, Megan ranked in double digits as well.

  1. Wé Ani – 36.71%
  2. Iam Tongi – 23.11%
  3. Megan Danielle – 17.67%
  4. Colin Stough – 8.76%
  5. Zachariah Smith – 4.83%
  6. Haven Madison – 4.23%
  7. Oliver Steele – 2.57%
  8. Warren Peay – 2.11%

Favorite Top 10 Performance

  1. Wé Ani – I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston – 31.51%
  2. Megan Danielle – Go Rest High On that Mountain by Vince Gill – 23.88%
  3. Iam Tongi – What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong – 18.42%
  4. Colin Stough – It’s Been Awhile by Staind – 7.91%
  5. Tyson Venegas – Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi – 5.32%
  6. Zachariah Smith – Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi – 3.31%
  7. Oliver Steele – High and Dry by Radiohead – 3.31%
  8. Haven Madison – The Only Exception by Paramore – 2.88%
  9. Marybeth Byrd – Wasted on You by Morgan Wallen – 2.59%
  10. Warren Peay – Colder Weather by Zac Brown – 0.86%

Top 8 Reveal: Who Would YOU Have Saved?

The vote here is pretty evenly divided between the three eliminated singers, although Tyson had the edge.

  1. Tyson Venegas -37.20%
  2. Oliver Steele – 33.15%
  3. Marybeth Byrd – 29.65%

Top 8 Reveal: Who Was Robbed?

Yet, “Nobody was robbed” wins the poll!

  1. Nobody was Robbed – 48.70%
  2. Tyson Venegas – 31.37%
  3. Marybeth Byrd – 19.93%

Here are the RESULTS of the polls posted after Sunday’s (April 30) show

Top 12 HOF Night: Vote for Favorite Performance

Wé, Megan and Iam in the Top 3 by double digits. However Wé captured over 30 percent of the vote.

  1. Wé Ani – Something’s Got a Hold on Me by Etta James – 34.91%
  2. Megan Danielle – Angel by Montgomery by Bonnie Raitt – 18.77%
  3. Iam Tongi – Bring it On Home to Me by Sam Cooke – 17.12%
  4. Zachariah Smith – Don’t Bring Me Down by ELO – 8.01%
  5. Tyson Venegas – For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder – 6.59%
  6. Colin Stough – Midnight Rider by Allman Brothers – 5.82%
  7. Haven Madison – Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi – 2.85%
  8. Warren Peay – House of the Rising Sun by the Animals – 1.76%
  9. Oliver Steele – Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles – 1.65%
  10. Nutsa – The Show Must Go On by Queen – 1.32%
  11. Marybeth Byrd – Dancing Queen by ABBA – 0.77%
  12. Lucy Love – All Night Long by Lionel Richie – 0.44%

Top 12/Top 10 Reveal HOF Night: Who was Robbed?

  1. Nobody was Robbed – 77.91%
  2. Nutsa – 13.57%
  3. Lucy Love – 8.53%

Top 12 HOF Night: Mentor Adam Lambert YAY or NAY

Ya’ll overwhelmingly approved of mentor Adam Lambert. And how could you not, right?

  1. YAY! – 93.44%
  2. Nay – 6.56%
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