American Idol 2022: Top 7 Contestant Rankings, Poll Results

American Idol Season 20 Top 7

For the first time this season, the contestants will perform two songs each. The American Idol season 20 Top 7 episode will feature TWO themes. One, it’s the yearly Mother’s Day theme, in which the singers dedicate songs to their mother or mother figure. The video packages and performances can be quite emotional. In the second, the contestants will perform viral hits made popular on TikTok.

Plus, producer, songwriter and Black Eyed Pea member returns to American Idol (he mentored the season 11 Top 12 back in 2012) to mentor the Top 7. He’s wacky and sometimes annoying, but he’s also a genius producer and will likely be an excellent mentor. 

ABC will broadcast American Idol coast to coast on Sunday at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Voting will take place throughout the show and end after the last commercial break. Ryan Seacrest will announce the TOP 5 at the end of the episode.

Here are my rankings for this week. Contestants are ordered based off of their performances last week. 

American Idol Top 7 Ranked

Last week, the poll predicted the bottom three. All I had to do was lop everything off after No. 7.  However, the remaining order will NOT remain the same. After Nicolina Bozzo’s buzzy performance of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” she will rise in the ranks. 

Now that the field is down to seven singers, a SHOCK boot could be coming up. Who leaves the competition on Sunday will depend on song choice! And to a lesser degree, performance order and what judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan have to say after the performances. HunterGirl and Jay Copeland are the remaining “Platinum Ticket” holders, whom they tend to protect. But HunterGirl could be in danger this week.

7. Christian Guardino  – Christian had a very showy performance of the Disney song  “Circle of Life: last time. He’s an old fashioned vocalist who oversings at times. He could make it through to the Top 5. But looking at his competition, it’s going to be tough.

6. HunterGirl – Hunter peaked early with her original song st the Top 20. Since then, she has turned in solid, but not spectacular performances. The other country singer, Noah Thompson is more relatable. It may not be fair, but Hunter appears to be “planty.” In other words, a singer who has been around, and probably doesn’t need the show’s help anyway. 

5. Jay Copeland  – The judges are going to do everything they can to keep Jay in the game. They love the guy. His last couple of performances have been well received. But if he pulls out another ballad, will viewers be bored? If he performs a dancey number again will it fall flat? Jay is talented, but he’s not as versatile or authentic-seemsing as others left in the lineup.

4. Noah Thompson   – Speaking of authenticity. Noah is the small town guy with the baby son who wants a better life for his family. Beyond that, he’s a versatile singer who can flip a song from any genre and make it seem like a natural fit. He always sings from his heart. And unlike the other country singer Hunter, he really appears to be the American Idol dream. 

3. Nicolina Bozzo  – Nicolina’s dramatic performance of the Disney Villain song, “Pour Unfortunate Souls” last time propels her to third place. Fans couldn’t stop talking about her risky performance that balanced Broadway and pop. Can she keep up the momentum?

2. Leah Marlene – Leah and Fritz are No 2 and No. 1 and will probably be the Season 20 Top 2. Leah pulled out YET ANOTHER vocal masterclass last time singing the Disney classic “When She Loved Me.” Leah is not only a terrific vocalist, but a talented musician as well. YES I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A BROKEN RECORD. She’s great, ya’ll.

1. Fritz Hager – Like his hero, season 11’s Phillip Phillips, Fritz is going to win the whole dang thing. Last week he closed the show with a heartfelt, guitar driven version of “Go the Distance.” Similar to Noah, Fritz is a talented song flipper. But he’s also a great musician and songwriter.  If the Top 7 recorded original songs for next week, hopefully he penned it. His 5 track self-titled EP is really good

Poll Results

You all voted in a few polls after Sunday’s (May 1) Disney Night episode. Check out the results below.

American Idol 2022 – Favorite Top 7 Contestant

You guys still love you some Leah and Fritz. But Noah is high in the rankings as well. 

  1. Leah Marlene – 26.70%
  2. Fritz Hager – 22.10%
  3. Noah Thompson – 18.95%
  4. Nicolina Bozzo – 11.11%
  5. HunterGirl – 10.62%
  6. Jay Copeland – 6.83%
  7. Christian Guardino – 3.68%

American Idol 2022 – Favorite Top 10 Performance

Nicolina bounced from having one of the worst performances at Top 11 (Since U Been Gone) to one of the best last time. She needs to keep the momentum going! Noah has some fans in the house. 

  1. Leah Marlene – When She Loved Me – 22.80%
  2. Nicolina Bozzo – Poor Unfortunate Souls – 20.18%
  3. Fritz Hager – Go the Distance – 17.89%
  4. Noah Thompson – You’ve Got a Friend in Me – 14.81%
  5. HunterGirl – I See the Light – 8.32%
  6. Christian Guardino – Circle of Life – 6.23%
  7. Jay Copeland – Remember Me – 5.50%
  8. Emyrson Flora – Carried Me With You – 1.70%
  9. Lady K – How Far I’ll Go – 1.31%
  10. Mike Parker – You’ll Be In My Heart – 1.25%

American Idol Top 7 Reveal: Who Was Robbed?

I am surprised that the “Nobody was robbed” percentage is so high, because Emyrson seemed to have a fan group that loved her. However “Nobody was Robbed” is the right answer. 

  1. Nobody was robbed – 60.00%
  2. Emyrson Flora – 20.71%
  3. Mike Parker – 11.11%
  4. Lady K – 8.17%

Derek Hough as Mentor Yay or Nay

This question got plenty of responses from people to say “don’t care either way.” Which seems funny? (But no judgement!) What’s probably going on here: Derek didn’t offend or excite. And since the question was there, well, why not answer it!

  • Don’t care either way – 36.91%
  • Nay – 33.57%
  • YAY – 29.51%

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