American Idol 2022 Recap – Showstoppers/Top 24 Revealed (Video)

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American Idol 2022 Hollywood Week comes to an end tonight as the remaining 59 contestants vie for a spot in the Top 24. Each artist will perform with the full band in front of a live audience and the judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. The panel will then decide which singers move on and which go home in the final judgement.

All 59 Shostopper contestants and their song choices are found HERE.

American Idol 2022: Full Season 20 Schedule

UPDATE: Spoilers confirmed! Check out the contestant list below. The second link contains song spoilers for the round.

Spoilers: Top 24 Season 20 Contestant List
What Did Top 24 Sing in Hawaii? (Spoilers)

They are calling “Sing Offs” between contestants during Final Judgement a “brand new twist.” OK then. Actually, two pairs of singers will sing off for one spot, including Ava Maybee and Yoli Mayor.

Leah Marlene

She’s a Self Made Man by Larkin Poe – Leah didn’t think it was her best performance. But she feels like she connected to the audience. She played electric guitar like a rock star. Her dad is in an 80s rock band. From folkie to rocker, Leah is versatile. She finishes the vocal with an impressive high scream. 

Katy was hoping for better vocals, however, it breaks her heart to say to her…they enjoy watching her freak out. She’s in the Top 24.

Leah is in the Top 24

Jay Copeland

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri – Jay is one of three Platinum Ticket holders. He got to skip the first round and pick his duet partner. His version of the song is vulnerable and stripped down. He overdoes runs, and hasn’t convinced me yet he’s Platinum Ticket worthy. He’d be better if he’d just dial it back a scootch.

Katy calls him “almost a perfect singer.” adding “you look like a star.” She advises him to keep it dirtier and more soulful. “I’m sorry to say your Idol journey”…COMMERCIAL….”is ending….at some point in the future. But it’s not tonight!” That’s actually a pretty solid fake out. Katy is way better at that than Lionel. 

Jay is in the Top 24

Nicolina Bozzo

Rolling in the Deep by Adele – After some surprising phrasing, the judges begin to freak out in their chairs. They don’t even wait for Nicolina to sit down at final judgement. She’s a fast “You’re in the Top 24”  She’s an interesting vocalist, such creative choices. She’s not afraid to take risks.

Nicolina is in the Top 24

Emyrson Flora

Honey by Kehlani – Emyrson delivers a sultry and smooth performance, but it doesn’t show much range. 

Ryleigh Madison

Blue by LeAnn Rimes – She admits the duet round was challenging for her. She meanders around the notes, not always hitting them. Katy makes a face. Her delivery is sloppy at times. “Too fast of an arrangement,” says Katy.

Emyrson and Ryleigh sit in front of the judges together. One one of the singers is going through. And that person is….Emyrson. 

Emyrson is in the Top 24, Ryleigh is ELIMINATED

Katyrah Love

Sweet Thing by Rufus and Chaka Khan – Katyrah felt she was ON TOP on stage. The performance is old fashioned, but she does OK until the whistle notes. Oh boy. She shouldn’t have tried that if she didn’t think she could do it. However, Katyrah is very confident she made it.

“You have not sang flawlessly,” said Luke. She’s surprised by that. Hah. Nevertheless, she made the Top 24.

Katyrah Love is in the Top 24

Fritz Hager

Inconsequential Love by Fritz Hager (Original) – He wrote the song after he and his sister had a huge fight with their parents. He knows the song might send him home. But he’s willing to take the risk. I’m not sure how I feel about Fritz yet. He’s an emotional singer. But his performances might become same-sounding. 

He’s already crying outside final judgement with Ryan Seacrest. Katy says, “We did not put you in the Top 24…you put yourself in the Top 24.” She is literally the queen of fakeouts. 

Fritz is in the Top 24

Jacob Moran

Is That Alright? (A Star is Born) by Lady Gaga

Allegra Miles

Reality by Allegra Miles (Original)

A snip of Jacob’s performance airs. The judges tell him it was worth returning for another try (He’s a season 17 returnee) and that he’s in the Top 24. Allegra sang an original, which isn’t aired at all. But her acceptance into the Top 24 makes the show.

Jacob and Allegra are in the Top 24

Cameron Whitcomb

It Ain’t Me Babe by Bob Dylan – He and Allegra Maybee are best friends. She hated him at first. On the Orpheum stage, he rambles around the space like a crazy person. That performance would have been better if he disciplined himself to stay still and deliver the message. That wasn’t a great performance. 

Katy calls Cameron a “head scratcher” and his stage presence “fidgety.” They are afraid that he’s winging it. “You are not going to make our Top 25,” says Katy. “Because there is no Top 24. You’re in our Top 24.” Oh man.

Cameron is in the Top 24

Ava Maybee

Falling by Harry Styles – She sings a supercharged performance of “Falling.” It’s a terrific version. 

Yoli Mayer

Human by RumGold – Her performance is super yelly and off key. Not her best. But the judges called it “brilliant.” 

The judges ask Ava and Yoli to do an on the spot “sing off.” Ava sings “Roxanne” by Sting. Yoli performs …I’m going to have to look it up. Nevertheless, Ava clearly won the sing-off. The two leave the room while the judges deliberate. Katy says both are so close. But only one will advance. Yoli is eliminated. Ava advances.

Yoli is eliminated, Ava is in the Top 24

Douglas Mills Jr., Sam Moss, Betty Maxwell are all eliminated.

Sir Blayke

Honesty by Pink Sweats – Sir delivers a controlled performance. His falsetto is very pretty. He feels confident in his performance. He tells the judges that the Showstopper round was eye opening. 

Katy, however, is looking for more confidence. “Unfortunately, we are eliminating you from the Top 59 and putting you in the Top 24.” 

Sir Blayke is in the Top 24

Elli Rowe and Mike Parker are also in the Top 24 Elli sang Sting’s “Fields of Gold” while Mike performed Second Guessing by Florida-Georgia Line. The performances did not air, however. 

Tristen Gressett

Come Together by The Beatles – He considers himself more a performer than a great vocalist. His voice sounds rough. It’s a good thing he’s singing a rock song. He finishes the song dropping to the floor before springing back up on his feet. 

Lionel calls him a “work in progress,” adding that he’s turning into an artist, rather than a gimmick. He makes the Top 24.

Tristen is in the Top 24

Christian Guardino

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon – Christian is singing a type of song he’s never tackled before. His vocal is good. But I’m not sure it’s the right song for him. Or I’d rather not hear that song performed like it’s a Broadway tune. 

Lionel tells Christian straight up that he’s in the Top 24. Not even a fake out.

Christian is in the Top 24


Hello by Lionel Richie – Whoever Briggs is, he is not advancing to the Top 24. (OK. He’s Dontrell Briggs, the singer who recently lost his beloved Godmother, Betty. The one name thing threw me off.) His rendition of “Hello” was nothing special.

Briggs is eliminated

Noah Thompson

Stay by Rihanna – Interesting, Noah doesn’t turn it into a country song. He sings with a bit of twang, but it’s got more of a bluesy feel than country. There are blues guitar licks and organ accompaniment. That was very risky, but he pulled it off. 

Luke applauds him on his song choices and calls his voice “magic.” Luke would love to mentor him. “Unfortunately it’s the end of the road….for so many people here tonight other than yourself.” 

Noah is in the Top 24

Cadence Baker

The Story by Brandi Carlile  – Her performance is a little yelly, but her phrasing is inventive. She doesn’t hold back. 

Katy says “You have fear written all over your face.” Luke says, “We got some bad news…it’s going to be  a little bit before you sing with your dad again. You’re in the Top 24.” Cadence’s dad is a musician who accompanied her audition.

Cadence is in the Top 24

Kelsie Dolin

Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi – No matter what the judges say about her growth, she’s still not ready yet. This performance is OK, but she’s still tentative and unsure.

Lionel talks about how much she’s changed. Kelsie says she feels better about herself. Lionel tells her she’s eliminated. And she doesn’t seem surprised. It’s good, because she would have probably melted down on the live stage. Besides, she’s now pregnant.

Kelsie is eliminated.


Girl Goin’ Nowhere by Ashley McBride – Dang. She’s good. She could be on the radio now. Her tone is so gorgeous. “She’s the best country singer I’ve heard,” says Luke while she performs. The judges give her a standing ovation.

“You just have all the magic,” says Luke. “If she plays her cards right, she could win.” says Katy. They don’t even mess with her. She’s in the Top 24.

Hunter is in the Top 24

Danielle Finn

Evergreen by Yebba – Danielle never performed with a band before. Katy says straight up it’s her worst performance. Her pitch and control were shaky. 


I Hate This by Tenille Arts – Sage needs to work on her control, but she’s an interesting singer.

Sage and Danielle sit in front of the judges together. They fake it like one or the other will go through when actually they both go through.

Sage and Danielle are both in the Top 24

Jordan Chase

Cold by Chris Stapleton – His performance is pretty great. But the judges decide not to put him through

Jordan is eliminated

Kenedi Anderson 

Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars – This is her first solo performance in front of the judges since her audition. Weird. Maybe that Platinum ticket has drawbacks. She’s much better here than her disastrous duet. Although, she did have a few wonky moments, which the judges acknowledged.

Luke tells her that they got her to a certain point. She’s in the Top 24 and in America’s hands now. 

Kenedi is in the Top 24

Scarlet Ayliz 

You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette – Ha. She self sensors the sexual content, like a TV censor. Nevertheless, the performance is a tad overwrought. She falls to the floor at one point. But she gave it all she had.

The judges mention her duet. Lionel says it’s not about being perfect, but seeing if the contestant can keep it together. Lionel bumbles through a fake out, but in the end, Scarlet is in the Top 24

Scarlet is in the Top 24

Lady K 

I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James – Lady K’s soulfulness is effortless. She hits the high notes authentically. She never tries too hard. She’s 100 percent present in the performance.

Lionel says they have to make some hard cuts. But he doesn’t hold back. “You’re in our Top 24.”

Lady K is in the Top 24

Daniel Marshall

Hard Workin Man by Brooks & Dunn – The former college football player slides effortlessly into bro country. YAWN. He never performed in front of a band before.

Dakota Hayden

Pretty Heart by Parker McCollum – He forgot all the words in his duet performance and is out for redemption. His performances are raw, but effortless. He’s going to be seen with Daniel. Dakota’s performance was better, and he’s only 17.

These two are going to sing-off for a spot. Dakota sings first. He accompanies himself on guitar. His tone is nice. Daniel is next. He goes for the heartfelt country ballad. Smart choice. It’s better than his Showstopper performance. Luke says there is tons of promise out of both of them. Because Dakota is “a little young” he’s eliminated. Daniel is through to the Top 24. Maybe Dakota can come back and pull a Laine Hardy (He was eliminated before the Top 24 in season 16, and then came back to win season 17).

Dakota is eliminated, Daniel is in the Top 24

The judges inform the Top 24 that they’re going to Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii to perform! Next week, a two night Top 24 event. And VOTING BEGINS. 


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