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 (ABC/Eric McCandless) ELLI ROWE

This might be an unpopular opinion, but American Idol’s auditions this year are enjoyable. I haven’t done any side by side comparisons, but it feels like the performances are longer. The judges aren’t cutting singers off halfway through their song, unless they are asking for another. They talk during performances, but it feels less than in prior years. Usually I can’t wait until auditions are finished, but not season 20.

However, American Idol is still leaning too hard into “emotional” back stories. I wouldn’t suggest ditching them entirely. But does every audition episode have to end as if it were Queen for a Day? (Old peoples reference). The stories that are supposed to lift the audience, wind up feeling condescending. Douglas Mills Jr. appreciated the judges belief in him after he shared how he’d been bullied in school. But the edits lay on the drama too thick.

Otherwise, the video packages are mostly fun and interesting. I enjoy learning more about each contestant.

A reminder that Auditions 5 will air tomorrow (Monday March 21). It’s the first of a bunch of Monday episodes. Check out our continuously updated American Idol season 20 schedule HERE.

The moment between contestant Zareh and her mom, season 4 singer Nadia Turner was sweet. There are a handful of contestants who were young parents at the time they auditioned and it’s wild to see their kids all grown up!

Favorite performances came from the soulful Kevin Gullage and the subtle stylings of Ellie Rowe. Dan Marshall is a singer to watch out for. Just like Kenedi Anderson from a few weeks ago, he’s the whole package: looks, charisma, talent. They could be King and Queen of the prom!

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