American Idol 2021 Top 12 Power List & POLL Results: Rank the Singers!

American Idol 2021 Top 12

The American Idol 2021 Top 12 will sing Oscar nominated songs on Sunday (April 18) for your votes and in real time! The episode will start on ABC at 8 pm ET across all time zones. Fans will vote at the same time, and host Ryan Seacrest will announce a Top 9 at the end of the show. For the first time, judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan will have no say on which singers advance to the next round.

American Idol 2021: Top 12 Oscar Nominated Week Song Suggestions

Below, check out my Top 12 power list. It’s basically how I rank the singers right now. Of course, the performances on Sunday could change everything! The ranking is by no means how I think the singers will be voted off. Additionally, at the bottom of the page are YOUR poll results. My rankings and yours are somewhat similar. A couple of big differences–I’m still not willing to write off Caleb Kennedy, the only country singer remaining in the Top 12, even if his vocals are weak relative to his competition.

By the way, I made a cheesy collage of all 12 contestants in Adobe. Heh. I miss group photos very much!

American Idol 2021 Top 12 Power List

12. Beane – Ugh. I hate to say it, because I am a fan. But Beane had to be saved. His situation reminds me of drag queen Ada Vox from season 18. As soon as Ada became solely dependent on viewer votes, she was gone. Arguably, a pronoun switching man in makeup is at a disadvantage with the overall conservative American Idol viewing audience. Having said that, Beane is a wonderful performer. I hope he makes the cut, and keeps being his authentic and unabashed self. 

11. Deshawn Goncalves – I have underestimated Deshawn’s popularity all season, and I could still be giving him short shrift. But the competition has gotten super tight. And with three heading home on Sunday, I think Deshawn’s run has finally come to the end. 

10. Madison Watkins  – Madison not only exudes confidence, but she’s a fighter. She seems to be totally aware of her underdog status on the show, and is battling for her spot. That alone could garner her some votes! But while I find her style too old fashioned, there is no denying the gal can SANG. She could very well live to sing another day.

9. Alyssa Wray – In a field of several big voiced singers, she’s the weakest, I think. Unlike Madison Watkins and Grace Kinstler, Alyssa  lacks confidence. She’s not the greatest at choosing songs, either. At this point, Alyssa is on the bubble.

8. Caleb Kennedy – Caleb could very well become Season 19’s contestant that keeps advancing and advancing, much to many American Idol fans’ chagrin. His vocals can be rough. But he has displayed some songwriting talent. As the only country singer remaining, he’s got a popular lane all to himself. That’s a big deal. 

7. Cassandra Coleman – Cassandra was so relieved to advance last Sunday, that she completely whiffed her victory song? Or something! She was off key the entire time. She is definitely one of my favorite singers, so I take no pleasure in moving her several spots down the list this week. There are too many good and popular singers ahead of her, at this point.

6. Ava August – Ava is Season 19’s 15 year old dark horse. She’s got a unique style that’s musical, unexpected and elegant. She could make the Top 5 if she keeps the momentum going.

5. Hunter Metts – Hunter’s last two performances–both Top 16 and Victory Song were gorgeous. The freaking judges need to stop bugging him about creating “moments” in songs. He’s not nor will he ever be that kind of singer. His fragile style connects with the listener immediately. Too many times contestants have been messed up by bad advice from the judges and singing coaches. Don’t listen to them Hunter!

4. Willie Spence – Willie just needs to keep doing what he’s done all season. He’s good at picking songs. And he seems to really connect with songs originally recorded by females, which has the advantage of allowing him to put his own stamp on the arrangement. His runs, chord changes and modulations are spectacular. The only danger is that he peaks early. 

3. Grace Kinstler – Initially I considered Grace a front runner, but I don’t think she’ll win the show. She may have peaked too soon. However, Grace sings with an undeniable power and range. I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t make at least Top 5.  

2. Chayce Beckham – At the moment, I think Chayce is the most powerful male. There is something really relatable about his personality and his style of singing. Plus, the judges love him. 

1. Casey Bishop – Casey gains strength every week. Her style of singing isn’t current. But she’s such an impressive rock singer, I don’t think it really matters. Now, if she changed it up just a little. Sang a standard in a standard style, for instance, like she did in her audition, she’d have this competition in the bag.

Of course, there is a very good chance that none of the 12 listed here will win the competition.  On Monday (April 10), 10 alums from Season 18 will perform for your votes. The winner will join the Top 9 to make a Top 10. The Comeback winner will not be announced until American Idol returns after the Oscars break on May 2. At some point, I’ll address the interlopers alums. I’ll probably post a poll, make a prediction or something like that. (If you guessed that I’m not excited by this strange turn of events, you would be correct.)


American Idol 2021: Favorite Top 12 Contestant

  1. Casey Bishop – 17.78%
  2. Ava August – 12.95%
  3. Hunter Metts – 12.95%
  4. Grace Kinstler – 10.98%
  5. Chayce Beckham – 10.21%
  6. Cassandra Coleman – 9.00%
  7. Willie Spence – 8.34%
  8. Beane – 7.79%
  9. Madison Watkins – 5.16%
  10. Alyssa Wray – 1.98%
  11. Deshawn Goncalves – 1.43%
  12. Caleb Kennedy – 1.43%

American Idol 2021: Choose the Three Weakest Contestants? (Choose 3)

Like I wrote above: I don’t think the only country singer in the competition can be considered the weakest, even if most of the remaining singers are better vocalists.

  1. Caleb Kennedy – 20.29%
  2. Deshawn Goncalves – 17.81%
  3. Alyssa Wray – 17.27%
  4. Madison Watkins – 13.63%
  5. Beane – 9.15%
  6. Cassandra Coleman – 7.42%
  7. Chayce Beckham – 4.22%
  8. Hunter Metts – 3.11%
  9. Ava August – 2.66%
  10. Willie Spence – 2.00%
  11. Grace Kinstler – 1.29%
  12. Casey Bishop – 1.15%

American Idol 2021 Top 12 Reveal: Which Eliminated Contestant Was Robbed?

Unsurprising results, mostly. Graham getting 20% of the vote means he’s got fans. 

  1. Alanis Sophia – 38.91%
  2. Nobody was robbed – 35.19%
  3. Graham DeFranco – 20.94%
  4. Colin Jamieson – 4.96%

American Idol 2021 Top 12 Reveal: Paula Abdul’s Return YAY or NAY

It was pretty cool having Paula back on the panel for a day. 

  • Yay – 71.30%
  • Don’t care – 14.79%
  • Nay – 13.91%

American Idol 2021: Grade Top 12 Reveal Episode

Solid B for the episode. I would give it a C. But, I’ll cut production some slack for making it through the first live show in two years. 

  • B – 53.57%
  • A – 21.96%
  • C – 19.46%
  • D – 3.21%
  • F – 1.79%

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