American Idol 2021 Recap Top 24 Solos/All Star Duets Pt. 2 (VIDEOS)

AMERICAN IDOL – “411 (All Star Duets and Solos)” – Following Sunday’s kickoff to the All Star Duet round, “American Idol” continues the two-night event on MONDAY, APRIL 5 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) CASEY BISHOP
(ABC/Eric McCandless) CASEY BISHOP

American Idol 2021 Recap Top 24 Solos/All Star Duets Part 1 Live Blog

American Idol 2021 Top 24 solos and All-Star Duets CONCLUDE tonight. The remaining 12 singers from the Top 24 perform for YOUR VOTES. Each contestant will sing a solo of their own choosing and a duet with a celebrity partner. The Top 16 will be revealed on Sunday April 11.


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Jason Warrior – Text 13 to 21523
Madison Watkins – Text 14 to 21523
Beane – Text 15 to 21523
Hannah Everhart – Text 16 to 21523
Mary Jo Young – Text 17 to 21523
Chayce Beckham – Text 18 to 21523 
Colin Jamieson – Text 19 to 21523
Liahona Olayan – Text 20 to 21523
Ava August – Text 21 to 21523
Caleb Kennedy – Text 22 to 21523
Hunter Metts – Text 23 to 21523
Casey Bishop – Text 24 to 21523

Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan return, along with host Ryan Seacrest. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is the rule in the house! HOWEVER, for the first time since the pandemic started last year, a limited LIVE AUDIENCE will be in the house to cheer the singers on!

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Jason Warrior – Call Out My Name by The Weeknd – His enunciation is a little odd here. Jason has a tendency to oversing. But the song is so short, there isn’t much room for that. He manages to throw in some big notes, however. 

Jason Warrior & PJ Morton – How Deep is Your Love by The Bee Gees – Jason explains to PJ that he wants to take his music out of the church. The two work on some phrasing stuff. Make it your own, says PJ, who plays in Maroon 5, but isn’t really known for his singing. Their voices don’t blend well. PJ is giving Jason a lot of room to do his own thing. Jason’s solo bits are the best part of the performance, actually. Katy calls it the best solo and duet performance she’s seen so far. She wants him to take risks with his…outfits. What? Luke appreciates how Jason leaves it out there every time. “It doesn’t get any better than that,” says Lionel. “Take a bow on that one.”

Madison Watkins – Holy by Justin Bieber – I am not crazy about this song choice. It’s modern, but not one of Justin’s best. She hits a big note and then modulates in the same breath. It’s a very showy moment, but a little too much. 

Madison Watkins & Tori Kelly – Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing by Stevie Wonder  – The two talk about relying on their Christian faith to get through the hard times. Tori calls her “the best singer in the world.” The two have matching hair! One thing I like about Madison is her confidence. She hits the stage and takes charge. However, Tori is a little too showboaty up there, overshadowing Madison. She gets her licks in, however. The performance is like a vocal BATTLE. Luke calls Madison a “natural entertainer.” He adds, “Your voice really really showed up today.” Lionel complimented her for engaging with the singer she was duetting with. Katy calls it “vocal olympics…great.”

Beane – Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa – This is a very different vibe from what we’ve seen before. He switches up styles. Maybe too much. And he’s having some pitch problems tonight. It’s not a great song choice. But once the tempo picks up, he improves. His stage presence makes up for some of the vocal issues.

Beane & Josh Groban – Angels by Robbie Williams – Being a gay man, Beane decides to switch out “she” for “he” in the song. Josh has such a pretty voice. Like SO MANY Of these performances, the celebrity singer lifts up the contestant. This is a billion times better than Beane’s solo, and matches his earlier performances. Katy says, “I would sign you. I think you have incredible artistic vision.” I agree with that. He’s willing to take risks, whether they pay off or not. Luke thinks he’s growing in this competition.

Hannah Everhart – I Was Wrong by Chris Stapleton – I’m not a big fan of her tone. But also, she has had pitch problems all through her American Idol run. They keep pushing this young singer through and I have no idea why. I mean. THIS IS AWFUL. She’s screeching by the end. Worse than Cecil last night, and that’s saying something. 

Hannah Everhart & Jason Aldean – She’s Country by Jason Aldean – Jason is trying to help Hannah to loosen up. Well, the duet is a little bit better. Hannah is still shouty, but she brings attitude to a sh** kicking song.  Katy thought the solo moment totally worked. But with Jason she was “a real country star.” Luke says it’s fun watching her grow. Hm. They are calling her a “star.” But she can’t sing. Lionel felt she went toe to toe with Jason.

Mary Jo Young – Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran – Go Mary Jo! Instead of her usual ballad, she has chosen an upbeat pop song. And she’s going for it. There are a few pitchy moments here and there. But overall, she pulled that off.

Mary Jo Young & Jewel – Foolish Games by Jewel – Mary Jo didn’t know what “unison” meant. She obviously never sang in high school choir. MJ pours herself into the song. The ballady tune is more like what she sings on TikTok, where she’s a star. The big note at the end was a little wobbly though! Luke is proud of her putting together a “star quality” thing. Lionel calls her young, fresh and representing her generation. Katy feels she’s becoming so pro. “You’re legitimately becoming a star.”

Chayce Beckham – Afterglow by Ed Sheeran – Ed Sheeran again! Chayce is doing a nice job. But this song doesn’t give him anywhere to take the song. These songs need to be longer!

Chayce Beckham & Brandon Boyd – Drive by Incubus – To me, this song is the 90’s personified. The two sound really good singing together. It gives Chayce an opportunity to be angsty. A thing he does really well. He’s a good rock singer. If he goes further in the competition, he needs to bring the drama. Lionel calls his voice “magical.” He liked the two of them together. But he feels Chayce needs to engage the audience more. Katy compares him to Alejandro Aranda. Hm. I don’t. But OK. She sees him on the Grammys. Luke is comparing him to Springsteen on the first song. Uh. I don’t know about that. But I do agree that he kicked it up a notch on the duet.

Colin Jamieson – Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars – This is actually…pretty good! He sings in his upper register a lot, which keeps him from that whisper stuff he does. He’s playing guitar too. It’s his best solo performance on the show yet. I’m a little gobsmacked here.

Colin Jamieson & Tori Kelly – Hollow by Tori Kelly – Tori calls coming back to American Idol “full circle.” Tori wants Colin to get out of his own head. Colin is best when he sings out in his chest voice. Again, I’m surprised. Their harmonies sound beautiful. This duet is less of a battle between singers. I dunno. Colin might make it to the next round. I didn’t think he would. “You look like you play 300 shows a year,” says Katy. Luke appreciates that he has fun in the moment. “You’re supposed to treat this stage like your living room…attitude will take you everywhere,” says Lionel. I guess he got tangled up in his mic a bit.

Liahona Olayan – Just Friends by Audrey Mika – Liahona is young and perky. She’s full of sunshine and seems to be having a blast up there. But these vocals are very off pitch. Maybe don’t move around so much? I don’t think she stands a chance after that. 

Liahona Olayan & PJ Morton – Say So by PJ Morton ft JoJo – Liahona admits she hates singing ballads. It’s hard for her to be vulnerable. PJ is calling this the “redemption duet.” The song is slowed up, but not too dramatic. She’s still having pitch problems, and she appears to be thinking too hard, but the song is a better showcase. PJ is lending a big assist here. Shouldn’t duets be easy for her? She performed with her brother for years. Luke calls her “so talented” and her duet “amazing.” Lionel believes she is on her way to something huge. Katy calls her “all the things.” 

Ava August – Drivers Licence by Olivia Rodriguez – Ava is a unique talent. Her phrasing and tone are completely her own. This young singer is growing on me.

Ava August & Josh Groban – Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell – A fifteen year old singing about cynicism? OK then. But still, Ava’s tone is so haunting. Oh these harmonies are lovely. And Ava’s head voice is gorgeous. The last chorus is…wow. I was not expecting to be moved by that, But I was. Lionel remarks that she’s singing far beyond her age. “You are an old soul,” Katy remarks. “You better buckle up honey.” Luke says “your delivery keeps us right in your hands.”

Caleb Kennedy – Midnight Rider by Allman Brothers – Caleb has been under the radar, but as the best country male singer in this lot, he’s probably going to advance. He’s got a nice growl, but he needs a little more grit to sing the Allmans. He’s a little off pitch, too.

Caleb Kennedy & Jason Aldean -Fly Over States by Jason Aldean – Jason advised Caleb to find and stay in the pocket. That’s good advice. I think Caleb does have timing problems. He’s a good songwriter, I think. But as a singer, she’s still a little rough. Katy babbles something about authenticity. Luke liked him going out of his comfort zone a little. Lionel believes he has so much promise in his career. 

Hunter Metts – Chandelier by Sia – This song may be a little too big for him. But he’s pouring himself into the performance. It would have been better if he had more time to ramp it up. 

Hunter Metts & Jewel – Who Will Save Your Soul by Jewel – Jewel is trying to give him the big vocal moment the judges have been yammering on about. His performance is a bit gaspy, but Jewel pushing him is a good thing, although she overshadows him on that so called big moment. Still, Hunter brought some fire to that performance. Luke compliments Luke’s undeniable sound. Lionel calls him a “stylist.” But he wants more confidence from Hunter. Katy saw fear in his eyes. Jewel is in the viewing room totally disagreeing. heh. 

Casey Bishop -Decode by Paramore – Casey is nailing this solo. In her last couple of performances, she had issues sounding screechy and off pitch, but she’s rocking her way through this Paramore cover. Good stuff. 

Casey Bishop & Brandon Boyd – Wish You Were Here by Incubus – To manage nerves, Brandon talks about finding a “power pose” before taking the stage. Great song, but I kept waiting for Casey to have a REALLY BIG moment on such an emotional tune. That felt subdued. “You’re one of the special ones in this whole group,” says Lionel. “That voice and that attitude,” says Katy. “Make that stage your B****” She wants her to embody it. I agree with Katy. She really needed to GO BIGGER. Luke doesn’t think she’s grasping her potential yet. “Wish You Were Here” is about pain and longing. Casey needed to be WAILING HER FACE OFF. Let go girl, you’ve got it in you.


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