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American Idol 2020 Hollywood Rounds continue TONIGHT on ABC at 8 pm ET/PT. The second of THREE Hollywood episodes will feature the contestants pairing up in duets to perform for the judges. Say goodbye to the Group round! Featured on the panel are veteran R&B master, Lionel Richie, pop star Katy Perry and country singer Luke Bryan. Ryan Seacrest returns to host.

We’ve got a TON of Spoiler posts linked below. NO SPOILER DISCUSSION ON THE LIVE BLOG. Keep talk under the spoilers posts. Giving stuff away will result in an instant banning.

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American Idol 2020 Hollywood Week Spoilers: Duet Pairings Revealed!

HA HA HA when the remaining contestants find out that the Group rounds are no more. It’s Duets time, baby. The judges explain that the contestants will choose their own partners. Katy warns YOU BETTER CHOOSE WISELY. After duet performances, the judges will make their decision. One may advance. Both may advance or neither may advance…

Louis Knight and Francisco Martin – Breakeven by The Script – 3:15 – We previewed this duet recently. Check out a full recap HERE. The gist: Francisco’s insecurity rears its ugly head. He can’t remember the words, and he beats himself up over it. Doesn’t he realize that forgetting the words is a time honored American Idol Hollywood Week tradition? The duo call themselves 3:15. Oh the preview clip leaves out the worst lyrics flubs. “Don’t show defeat,” Katy tells Francisco about flubbing lyrics. “It’s OK” if it happens she says. “You were born enough,” Lionel assures him. Katy tries to fake them out. “Unfortunately, only one will win. But you two are going through!” Luke calls them “Half of the next global boy band.” Francisco beats himself up more afterward. This appears to be an ongoing theme. 

Next, is a montage of duets, that end in mixed results. Really surprised that Ren didn’t make it further. She is a good singer. 

  • Franklin Boone and Jordan Moyes – Use Somebody by Kings of Leon – White Chocolate –  Franklin advances, Jordan is eliminated.
  • Molly Isaacs and Lauren Jean – Chains by Fleetwood Mac – Lolly – I think they both advance? 
  • Lauren Mascitti and Leon Majcen – Jackson by June Carter Cash – The Songsmiths Lauren advances, Leon is eliminated.
  • Cameron Havens and Ren Patrick – Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – Cameron advances, Ren is eliminated.

Hannah Prestridge and Grace Leer – Mama’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert – Rockdale Meets Nashville – Grace advances, Hanna is eliminated. Hannah promises to come back next year. The performance clips are so short, these eliminations end up seeming random.

Jimmy Levy and Nick Merico – Used to Be Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi – Miami Boyz  – Jimmy’s vocals lack finesse. Nick’s vocals are decent, but he needs to dig deeper – Both advance

Olivia Ximines and Isa Pena – Try by Pink – Pop Rocks – Simply a terrific duet! – Both advance.

Michael Wingate and Demi Rae – Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor – Synergy – They call each other kindred spirits before performing a romantic duet.

Peyton Aldridge and Madison Paige – Don’t You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson – The Chicken Wings – Madison is not getting much help from her partner. He’s gone missing. She even had to pick their song! Bobby helps her find him. “I was in my room eating chicken wings,” he says as an excuse. He’s pissed off because there was no ranch dressing. Uhm.  At the last minute Peyton decides to play guitar. It’s kind of a mess! The two argue on stage before their performance. Lionel basically tells them to knock it off. It’s just the two of them with Peyton on acoustic guitar. Lionel calls the performance “buckshot.” Peyton apologizes to Madison for not cooperating. “I think y’all should give her another chance.” Madison was prepared to sing with piano. The last minute guitar switch threw them off. And after all THAT, the judges decide to give them BOTH another chance.

Jordan Jones and Dewayne Crocker Jr. – Unaware by Allen Stone – JD Smooth –  Jordan’s Grandma goes crazy! – Both advance

Zack Dobbins and Courtney Timmons – Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande – The Strange Ones – How did these two even end up together?  Zach wanted to sing “Higher Love” but it doesn’t work out. Bobby tries to help. He suggests “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” At midnight, they’re still practicing. But not really getting along. Kat McPhee’s sister, Adriana is still a vocal coach pm the show. She’s trying to help them. Courtney is frustrated. “I don’t play at all,” she warns. They change the song AGAIN at 2:45 am…to Dangerous Woman. At this point, Courtney is so upset, she’s crying. “Singing is everything to me. It’s all I have.” Zach seems unable to learn new songs. He’s still memorizing the lyrics the morning of. He whiffs his performance right off the bat, crumbling under the pressure.  Courtney is holding her own, even while singing in Zach’s style. It’s bad for both of them. “You can give up backstage, at home, in your mind…but you NEVER give up on stage,” Lionel lectures, “You never leave your partner alone…you fake it.” Katy says they can apply the lesson and learn from it. “You both are very special.” Courtney is devastated.  Both are eliminated. I would have given Courtney another chance. Zach has some raw talent, but was clearly not equipped to step out of his comfort zone.

Yzthasinger and Aliana Jester – Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor –  Match – American Idol is  trying to ship these two, even though Aliana has a boyfriend. Yz seems to have a little crush on her, though. He admits he’d date Aliana if she were free. Luke complimented their harmonies and delivers the good news – Both advanee

Faith Becnel and Jovin Webb – Man’s Man’s Man’s World by James Brown – Soul’d Out – Both are from Louisiana.  Jovin says they’ll have a long long friendship. Jovin continues to be one of my favorites. Love his authentic vibe.  – BOTH advance

Landen Starkman and Perrin York – Breakeven by the Script – Nervous – Why has American Idol kept Perrin from us? She’s terrific – BOTH advance

Genavieve Linkowski and Travis Finlay – The Prayer by Celine Dion – Ebony and Ivory – The sister who was killed in a car accident was with Genavieve two years ago in Hollywood. They used to sing duets all the time. She hasn’t really duetted much since she passed. Nevertheless, the singer rises the the occasion. The duo’s performance is a lovely rendition. The judges rave. Katy tries to fake Genavieve out: “You need to grow more…but you need to grow more here” – Both advance

Jeb Vonder Bruegge and Alyssa Fair – Stay by Rihanna – California B – Jeb advances, Alyssa is eliminated

Kat Luna and Alejandro “Space Cowboy” Garrido – Somebody You Loved by Lewis Capaldi – Kat and Alex – These real life sweethearts duet together. Uh oh. Another time-honored American Idol tradition. Splitting up couples! – Kat advances, Alejandro is eliminated.

Jonny West and Margie Mays – Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor – – Marjonny Ways – Speaking of which! Here’s another real life couple.  Jonny is so talented, but feeling the pressure. He’s feeling insecure. Margie stands by her guy. They are still struggling at stage rehearsal. Bobby steps in to counsel. “You gotta chill out,” he says to Jonny, “You’re so good!” I’m sure that made a difference. Margie is definitely the rock here. During the performance, she stays laser focused on Jonny, grounding him. Katy advises them: “Give each other a little space!” She adds, “This time is about securing your own dreams.” She is absolutely correct. Margie is sacrificing herself for her partner. Katy tells them, they barely passed. Although, I don’t think the performance was actually THAT bad.  Manufactured drama. – Both advance

Makayla Phillips and Cyniah Elise – The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli – Diva Show – We posted a preview of this performance HERE.  It takes them a while to decide on a song. Makayla isn’t totally on board with The Prayer. Cyniah loves harmonizing. Makayla maybe not so much. Cyniah’s mom steps in to coach. In the end, the two deliver a beautiful and tender version of the song. Katy congratulates them on “All your subtleties and choices.” Both advance.

Another montage! Happy endings for everyone

  • Elyjuh Rene and Kimmy Gabriela – Stay by Rihanna – Kimlyjuh –  Both advance
  • Evan Kuriga and Dillon James – Use Somebody by Kings of Leon – Dudettes – Both advance
  • Lauren Spencer and Makayla Brownlee – Set Fire to the Rain by Adele – Kansada – Both advance

Robert Taylor and Tito Rey – Say So by PJ Morton ft Jojo – Soul Libre – The two are roomates. They became fast friends. Their astrology signs are compatible! “It’s a gay love song,” Robert explains. In other words, they’ll sing the song like a love duet. (Both are gay). They won’t follow the original melody or harmony. That could be a trainwreck. The vocal coach warns against too many runs. But the runs runs runs. They can’t resist. Hoo boy. It’s an off-key yell and run a thon. They should have taken the vocal coache’s advice. Was that a cat screaming? I’m confused. And then, inexplicably, they begin riffing da da da da das as they approach the judges table. Uhm. Lionel calls it “too acrobatic.” That’s being kind. “It’s not the greatest.” Robert advances, Tito is eliminated. Lionel explains that past performances were considered. They BOTH needed to get the boot. Robert’s musical instincts are not all that. 

Next, a quick montage of duet partners saying goodbye. Bilaal Avaz advances, but his partner does not. Bittersweet!

Also, in a Lipton sponsored clip, we see a few more singers make it through, including Amber Fiedler, Arthur Gunn and more. 

Just Sam and Sheniel Maisonet – Mercy by Shawn Mendes – Short Fuze – The two singers struggle to come together. Just Sam quits the duo. Sheniel gives her a pep talk, and they come back together. THEY HUG. Bobby sits down with them to talk. The stage rehearsal is rough. Before their performance, Sam’s anxiety spikes, she begins hyperventilating. But once they hit the stage, she settles and both deliver a wonderful, original take on the modern hit. Luke thinks they’re both getting better and better. “You’re giving us drama,” says Lionel. Both advance



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