American Idol 2019 Top Ten Power List


The American Idol 2010 Top 10 will sing songs from the Disney Catalog on Sunday (April 21). The finalists tackled songs from the Mouse House on the show’s inaugural season on ABC in 2018 as well. Dancing with the Stars, the network’s veteran dance competition also features includes a Disney. As long as Idol airs on ABC, fans can count on a night of Disney tunes. In the meantime, ABC released the song choices. Take a peek here:

American Idol 2019 Top 10 Spoilers: Disney Night Song Choices

And for a rundown of the episode, check out the below link. American Idol goes live coast to coast for the first time this season. Exciting! The Top 10 will sing. We Vote. Two go home. And it all happens within a 2 hour episode while the entire country watches simultaneously! Actress Rebel Wilson will serve as mentor. Also, the finalists will perform a duet with Glee star, Lea Michele. AND last year’s winner and runner-up (not to mention sweethearts!) Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson will perform a Disney tune together.

American Idol Disney Night: Maddie Poppe, Caleb Lee Hutchinson and MORE!

Also during the jam-packed episode–host Ryan Seacrest is expected to announce auditions for next season. Yes, kiddos, it appears that the rumors about American Idol’s renewal are true! Check out this recent interview with Idol executive producers who stop just short of announcing American Idol’s renewal (and the return of Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan to the panel as well!)

American Idol Producers Confirm Renewal and Return of Judges?

Finally, it’s time to rate the Top 10. Last season, voters eliminated the three judges’ wildcards in the first two weeks. I expect similar eliminations this year. Therefore, I have ranked the  wildcards at the bottom of the list. Dimitrius Graham, Alyssa Raghu and Uche all carry a special burden this week. They have to work extra hard to convince viewers to vote for them instead of singers who received more votes last week. 

American Idol Top 10 Power List

10. Dimitrius Graham – Dimitrius has had less screen time than his fellow wildcards, Alyssa and Uche. A unique and passionate vocalist, when Dimitrius is on he is ON. But he needs to work on vocal control and intonation if he wants to stick around another week. 

9. Alyssa Raghu – Who is Alyssa Raghu? The 16 year old hasn’t quite figured that out yet. She has spent too much time trying to please the judges. She has delivered generally good vocal performances, but without a clear artistic identity. 

8. Uche – I am rooting for Uche! He’s not the best vocalist of this bunch, but he is hella fun to watch. American Idol is a better competition when their field of finalists includes exciting entertainers.  

7. Wade Cota – You know how there is always one American Idol finalist who sticks around longer than expected? I do believe Wade is that finalist. His grinding gravelly vocals appear to be popular with viewers. Somewhere. Somehow, I don’t expect Wade will leave the competition this week. I may even be rating him too low. 

6. Madison VanDenburg – Madison never fails to deliver spectacular vocals. Her warm alto can soar to amazing heights. She’s comfortable performing on stage. She makes it look easy! But she doesn’t have the flash or singular personality of her fellow front runners.  She’s flying under the radar. She could be the singer who leaves the competition too soon, unfortunately.  

5. Walker Burroughs – Walker took a big risk last week, at a crucial time. I’m still not sure how I feel about his performance of “Climb Every Mountain.” It was a little shaky in parts? But he did offer up a unique version of a classic. What I like about Walker is his musicality and unpredictability. Also, I think he has charmed Idol viewers. He will be sticking around for awhile. 

4. Alejandro Aranda – Alejandro has a massive social media following, and has earned kudos from the likes of Stevie Nicks. But I don’t think he’ll win. The Idol faithful argue over his vocal ability. Personally, I appreciate Alejandro’s songwriting skills and his artistry. His vocals are not technically superior, but there is no one else like him in the competition. But in the end, it will be a more conventional singer who takes the crown. 

3. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon – Jeremiah has thrilled Idol fans with his soaring and passionate vocals. He is one of my favorites right now. My only suggestion for him would be to venture out of his comfort zone a little. Otherwise, if the audience becomes bored, Jeremiah could lose his momentum.

2. Laci Kaye Booth – Laci came into American Idol a country singer, but she has broadened her repertoire. In her last two performances, she impressed audiences by flipping male oriented rock songs into tender ballads. As the only remaining contestant with roots in the genre, reminding the country music loving Idol audience where she came from could only help right now. Laci could even win this thing. 

1. Laine Hardy –  Laci COULD win American Idol. But it is Laine who will likely take home the crown. The swampy singer from Louisiana showed up at Idol auditions, ostensibly to support a friend. But once the judges persuaded him to take a golden ticket, Laine has aggressively chased the win. Fashioning himself in the mold of Elvis with a few Beatlesque flourishes, the young singer seems to be aiming for Idol’s older demographic. Some fans charge that Laine’s makeover with the new teeth and the new clothes and the allusions to Elvis make him too “Hollywood.” But I have a feeling he will make adjustments when necessary. Being talented and charismatic is important, but strategy is often the key to the win.

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