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AMERICAN IDOL - "Hollywood Week" - "American Idol" heads to the heart of Los Angeles for its renowned Hollywood Week rounds, as the search for America’s next superstar continues on The ABC Television Network, SUNDAY, MARCH 24 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), streaming and on demand. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

American Idol 2019 Hollywood Week begins tonight (March 24) on ABC at 8 pm ET/PT. Featured on the panel are veteran R&B master, Lionel Richie, pop star Katy Perry and country singer Luke Bryan. Ryan Seacrest returns to host.

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The gang’s all here! The judges arrive for Hollywood Week. The contestants and their families are in the audience looking nervous. Idol mentor Bobby Bones makes his first appearance. Solos are first!

Laci Kaye Booth – Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin – Katy had called the country singer a “diamond in the rough.” Laci does a bluesy version of the song on an acoustic guitar. This doesn’t sound very country? But it’s still a good arrangement! Her voice sounds a little rough. And it’s the beginning of the week. Still, love her rasp.

Alejandro Aranda – Sorry by Justin Bieber –  The audition was a blur for him. The experience is “pushing me out of my boundaries” he says. He has self doubt, which Bobby is on hand to help.  His guitar playing continues to be mesmerizing. He definitely puts his own spin on the hit. The judges are kinda freaking out in their seats. Katy throws her jacket. Luke and Lionel join her!

It’s line of 10 time.  The other singers join Laci and Alejandro on stage. Alejandro, Laci and Kay Kay are asked to step forward. They are through to the next round. Katy warns them to work on their confidence. The rest are eliminated.

Courtney Penry – Whole Lotta Woman by Kelly Clarkson. Whoo boy. Chicken girl is crying. She’s the gal who had a crush on Ryan Seacrest when she audition in 2011. She hasn’t even sung yet! Katy gives her a hug. Good lord. She yells her way through the song, forgetting many of the words. That was atrocious.  Courtney doesn’t care. “I got to be me,” she says.

Courtney is, unsurprisingly, eliminated.

Madison vandenburg – Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson – The judges had compared Madison to Kelly Clarkson, so she’s going right ahead with a Kelly song! Her dad is a single parent and very supportive. I wish she had chosen a song with more melody, but this performance REALLY shows off her pretty tone and range.

Margie Mays – Lay Me Down by Sam Smith – This is the energetic chick who made weird noises and dumb hand gestures all through her audition. Katy plays right into her insanity. It’s annoying! However, this performance is CONSIDERABLY better than her audition. She just needs to calm down.

Tyler Mitchell – He’s the tall, handsome country singer who auditioned in New York City.

Logan Johnson – Sensible Heart by Dallas Green – He’s a recovering drug addict. He’s got a 9 month coin and at that point in Hollywood, was 10 months sober. GOOD FOR HIM. Keep sobriety front and center kid. It’s way more important than a show business career. Stay sober, the rest will fall in place. And that IS the end of my lecture. He’s trying to prove that he’s worthy of his parents love. YOU ARE IN ANY CASE! Believe that! Anyway, he performs a beautiful version of “Sensible Heart.”

Madison, Margie, Tyler and Logan are through to the next round

UH OH A BUG IS SPREADING!!! Peeps are sick. Will folks be vomiting into garbage cans? Heh. Katy advises that they use Oil of Oregano for any throat problems.

Eddie Island – I’ll Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie –  This kid knows how to promote himself. Sadly, he’s not feeling well. He’s puking “I can’t keep anything down.” It was a short bit, but he sounded good, nevertheless. They raspy thing actually helps him I think.

Eddie and some others are through to the next round

Shawn Robinson – Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke – Katy sings Firework with kleenex stuck up her nose. A few too many runs, but he has a distinctive voice. Lionel is on his feet.

Colby Swift – Every Teardrop Falls by Freddie Fender – At 10 years old, his mom left the family. But his dad has been supportive. It’s his first trip to Los Angeles. “I’ve never taken a voice lesson in my life!” Colby declares. Luke stops him, and asks him to sing without the guitar. He breaks out some Spanish. His voice really improved without the strumming. After the judges give him a standing ovation, Colby cries. When Luke notices Colby has holes in his soles, he hands over his boots!!!

Colby and the entire line are through to the next round, including Shawn Robinson,  Dalton Elliott and Katie Belle

Ashton Gill –  I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt – She’s Laine Hardy’s pal.  He’s been encouraging her all week. She has a real pretty voice.

Laine Hardy – She Talks to Angel by Black Crows – He feels more confident than last year and it shows.  His pitch has REALLY improved and his gravelly rasp even more compelling.

Uh oh. Laine is advancing and Ashton is eliminated. SADS. 

Jade Flores – Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers – She wants to be the first Latina country singer. She’s a redhead now. She’s dreamed of being on Idol her entire life. HOLY HECK. Where is this coming from? She’s a terrific singer. Love the country twist she gave the song, with her clear sweet, strong voice.

Myra Tran – Chandelier by Sia – She’s a big voiced Vietnamese singer and is developing a huge online following. Ooh. She’s singing a contemporary song. But her voice is so LOUD. She needs to learn how to dial it down from 11.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon – Beautiful as you Feel by Carole King – He sang a gorgeous original song at his audition. He’s gay, and his super religious family doesn’t accept him. He feels he NEEDS to advance. He has nothing to return to at home, except a crummy janitor job at his dad’s church. Hm. Don’t love this as much as his original. But I still want to hear more.

Jade, Myra and Jeremiah are through to the next round!

Walker Burroughs – Whereabouts by Stevie Wonder – He performs at the piano. This is very nice! And his skin is clear! Heh. His musicality continues to be impressive and his vocal was even better than his audition.

Nate Walker – I Believe in You and Me by Whitney Houston. He’s Gabby Barrett’s pal. She’s been encouraging him all the way through. Vocally, he’s got a lot going on–pleasing tone, and range–but he overdoes the runs.

Nate and Walker are through to the next round.

Next we see a montage of singers who didn’t make it through.

And now, it’s two singers who have lost loved ones.

Nick Townsend – Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes – Nick lost two brothers to suicide, but he won’t allow grief to defeat him. He sings a sweet version of “Life of the Party,” but without much charisma. 

Lauren Engle – Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood – Her husband was killed in a terrible car accident. He was her musical inspiration, so she carries on. Unfortunately, Lauren fumbles the high notes, which is too bad because the original she performed at her audition was so good.

Nick advances to the next round, while Lauren is eliminated.

Wade Cota – Litost by X Ambassadors – He’s another singer with a heartbreaking story. His dad beat and abused him until his mom managed to get away. Wade’s rootsy style continues to be compelling.  

Dimitrius Graham – Wind Beneath my Wings by Bette Midler – Ah. Our first look at Dimitrius. His mother is about to have sudden emergency. He face times her before he takes the stage. The judges hold the phone up while he sings. And this is why Katy was crying in the promo clip. Because of his mama.  Dimitrius has a very sweet voice, with tons of range.

Wade and Demetrius are through to the next round! 

Eliminated: Peach Martine, Jorgie, Sargeant Landon Knowlton. Landon says he was too nervous.  Peach insists she’ll be the next Mick Jagger and the judges will “have to watch.” Aw. I was hoping Jorgie would go further. 

Also through to the next round: Juan Pablo, Evelyn Cormier, Ashley Hess, Clay Page and Shayy.

The Group Round is next! Time to form the groups. Now the REAL drama begins. 

Diversity – Stronger by Kelly Clarkson – Myra Tran, Jade Flores, Moriah Formica and Juan Pablo – Juan was that annoying dude who laid on the Latin schtick at his audition. Oh surprise surprise, Juan is being a mansplaining d*ckhead to his fellow group mates. Jade is pushed to tears. Juan sniffed it would have been different with a group of men. JERRRRRKKKK. Right before their performance, Juan disappears. Bobby goes looking for him. He was practicing in the janitor’s room. ‘It’s difficult to be in a quartet” he whines.

So far, the performance is good. The gals are tearing it up. Juan is…just OK.  Hm. Myra oversinging. Dial it back girl. We know you can sang. Katy calls Juan smooth and sultry but maybe not authentic. Oh man. Juan, Moriah Formica and Myra Tran advance. Jade is eliminated. I find that shocking.

FYI: Moriah Formica made it to The Voice Playoffs a few seasons ago.

Zeb Spencer, Chloe Channell and Ethan Payne are eliminated from their groups. I can understand Zebulon and Ethan being eliminated, but Chanel is an outstanding country singer. Ethan sang with Luke on stage years ago for Make a Wish. He broke the bad news to the singer, of course. Ultimate drama!

There’s Adriana McPhee, sister of Katharine McPhee. She’s a vocal coach and putting the kids through the paces. Oh. She’s being super tough on the kids. I MISS MICHAEL ORLAND! The show declined to bring him back as musical director. What’s wrong with them?

Diamond Dixies – Katie Belle, Laci Kaye Booth, Laine Hardy, Colby Swift – Grenade by Bruno Mars – Katie isn’t bad here. The harmonies are bad, however! Laine is putting some twang on the song. Colby totally forgets the words. He’s trying. But the tune is a terrible fit for him. Laine, Katie, and Laci are through. Colby is eliminated. Whoo boy. Maybe Colby should have worn his lucky shoes.

Victorious Secret – California Dreaming by Mamas and Papas – Kason Lester, Wade Cota, Grayson Little – Wade has never heard the song California Dreaming. WHAT? Who has never heard that classic? He writes all the words on his arm. Which is a Hollywood Week trick that NEVER EVER WORKS. Not this time either.  To be fair, there’s a ton of lyric forgetting here. Lionel calls Wade on the arm writing. Turns out shadows inhibited his ability to arm read. Oh. Luke tells the story of how he forgot the lyrics to the National Anthem. And he had the words written on his arm too. Eep.  Man, they REALLY allowed Wade to skate free, here. – Kaitlin, Kason, Payton and Wade are through, Grayson is eliminated

Unexpected Vibe – I Want it That Way by Backstreet Boys –  Shayy, Dimitrius Graham,  Assata Renae, William Oliver, Jr. – Shayy’s blindness is making things difficult. She can’t read the lyrics. Her mom is allowed to intervene and help. And now, she’s got the words! Her group mates are being really sweet. 

This group is SO GOOD. Shayy struggles a little on the low notes, but once she hits her higher register, she signs. In a show of solidarity, the rest of the group don blacked out glasses for the last verse. Lionel is crying again! He takes the stage for a group hug. Every singer in this group shone. I don’t understand why William was cut.  Dimitrius, Assetta, Shay advance. William is eliminated.

Ain’t Goin Home – Longest Time by Billy Joel – Logan Johnson, Nate Walker – They had trouble with their first song choice. Plus, Nate is getting sick–his voice is scratchy. He’s also got a headache and more. The paramedics arrive to check him out. “He needs to go,” one says. It looks like he has the flu. The ambulance takes him away.

Bobby advises the remaining singers. “Now you’re a trio.” 

AND CLIFFHANGER!  What happens to Nate? What about the rest of the group? Tune in tomorrow (Monday March 25) at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC to find out…


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