American Idol 2019 Auditions 4 Spoilers – Who is Performing? (PHOTOS)

AMERICAN IDOL - "204 (Auditions)" - "American Idol" heads to Los Angeles, California; Louisville, Kentucky; New York, New York; and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, as the search for America's next superstar continues on The ABC Television Network, SUNDAY, MARCH 17 (8:00 - 10:01 p.m. EDT), streaming and on demand. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) ALYSSA RAGHU

As always, ABC is spoiling American Idol 2019 audition episodes on the network’s official website. Check out the spoilers for the FOURTH audition episode set to air on Sunday March 17 at 8 pm ET/PT.

Amber Riley, Tim Minchin, Gary Barl...
Amber Riley, Tim Minchin, Gary Barlow, and More to Perform at the Olivier Awards

The page includes a photo and biographical information for each hopeful, listed in performance order. But unfortunately the intel does not include song spoilers. If song info is out there, I’ll add it. 

Check out the hopefuls set to perform on American Idol 2019 Auditions 4 episode:

Jessica Whitely American Idol 2019

Jessica Whitley – 26 year old bartender from Cuyahoga Falls, OH loves to film, edit and produce her own music videos; has over 35 of them. Instagram: @jessicawhitelymusic

Jacob Moran American Idol 2019

Jacob Moran – 24 year old geriatric nurse from Dansville, MI wanted to design roller coasters when he was a kid, even though he was always too scared to ride them. Instagram: @jacob_._moran


Alyssa Raghu – 16 year old high school student from Orlando FL. She was sent home at the Top 24 last year, much to fans dismay. First album she ever owned was Katy Perry PRISM. Instagram: @alyssaraghu

Colby Swift - American Idol 2019

Colby Swift – 19 year old fence painter from Midfield TX loves to make paper towel forts at Walmart. In this video preview from Billboard, judge Luke Bryan remarks that he and the singer have a similar “charm.” Instagram: @colbyswiftofficial

Evelyn Cormier - American Idol 2019

Evelyn Cormier – 19 year old teacher from Claremont, NH is currently writing a historical fiction romance novel. She married her husband David as a contestant on the 5th season of the TLC reality show 90 Day Fiancé. Instagram: @evelyncormier

Ashley Hess - American Idol 2019

Ashley Hess – 27 year old PR professional from Fremont, CA is terrified of clowns. She’s also a very good songwriter (heard on very good authority) Instagram: @ashleyhessmusic

Gaba - American Idol 2019

Gaba – 19 year old college student from Los Angeles is obsessed with laser tag. An even FUNNER FACT! Gaba was born via an anonymous egg donor with whom she was recently reunited.  Apparently, Gaba inherited her singing ability from bio mom. So, the two sing a “touching” duet of Sara Bareilles’  “Bright Light and Cityscapes.” Check out a preview at TVLine Instagram: @elizabethgaba

Peach Martine - American Idol 2019

Peach Martine – 16 year old high school student from Miami Beach loves to surf. She describes her sound as “half Mick Jagger and half Lady Gaga.” Instagram: @peachmartine

Dalton Elliott - American Idol 2019

Dalton Elliott – 26 year old construction worker from Chincoteague Island, VA. Merle Haggard was the first concert he ever attended. Instagram: @_daltonelliott

Mize Well - American Idol 2019

Mize Well – 25 year old beatboxer from Chickamauga, GA can hypnotize a chicken. Instagram: @mize_well

Katie Belle - American Idol 2019

Katie Belle – 19 year old model and musician from Atlanta knew she wanted to do music after attending a Miley Cyrus concert. Instagram: @officialkatiebelle


Lauren Engle – 27 year old musician from Redlands CA can lick her elbows. Instagram: @lauren.engle



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  1. The Idol tagline for this week’s auditions is that they ‘saved the best for last’ – I suggest they don’t do that again. A more even distribution of people they are willing to consider as finalists may have kept the interest up…as it is, the first two sets of auditions seemed designed to chase people away from that part of the show. Nearly worked for me. ?

    Now they have this new *best for last* hype to live up to…and I still don’t have anybody who really caught my attention. Plus, I am thoroughly annoyed at the Producers, but what else is new? ?

  2. Yes, indeed! It’s all about the finalists, now. All I have ever looked for from the show is someone who will make the kind of music I will buy…and have tours I would go to. With the state of the music industry lately, and the genres that radio will play, the artists who plays music I like is never gonna be considered a Star, even if Idol could still deliver *stardom* – which, they cannot. ? They don’t have a big label in their pocket to advance the Not Payola to the radio stations, and Indie labels don’t have the clout or the cash to push *everything*. ? Expectations for Idol have been lowered for quite a few years.

    So all that *Star* babble just washes over me, not interested. I certainly hope anyone who gets to the Finalist rounds can parlay that platform into making a living at music, and I wish them good fortune, but that is up to their fans. I only do my own A&R, and my entertainment dollars ? go to support music I like to listen to, which is increasingly rare on Idol… ?…hoping to find even one artist on these *best for last* auditions! ?

  3. “I suggest they don’t do that again.”

    I’m sure they will honor your suggestion next season. : )

  4. I know, right? Who is writing these blurbs, and why do they think these are appealing abilities for an artist to have? Tell me they can read and write music, or they understand the uses of Iambic Pentameter for lyrics, or they have experience connecting with an audience! *What the what* do paper towel forts, licked elbows or hypnotized chickens have to do with music? These people have lost the plot. IMO. Of Course. ?

  5. LOL! And I have lost track of the number of times they said someone could win or would be in the top ten. I learned my lesson from last season. I will wait until the voters pick 6 and the judges put their 4 choices thru. Can’t see myself getting too excited about anyone before that. But fans have told us NOT to expect or look for “star” potential with any of these contestants and to pull for those who can make a living with music. That seems to fit everyone if they have made it this far. So I will keep my expectations in check and we shall see if my interest holds for one or two.

  6. I don’t think Idol ever delivered “stardom” to anyone. They give all the contestants exposure and an opportunity. And some caught on with the public and media or label and were able to work their way into high profile, diverse and lucrative careers. And I agree, that the business has changed drastically so working musician is now the goal for many. But I still think that most who make it this far can achieve that goal and that is a good thing. However, I will still need to wait and see if anyone really catches my attention enough for me to hope they can achieve more.

  7. A paper towel fort builder?!
    A chicken hypnotist?!
    And…a singer who can also lick their own elbows (while singing?)!!!

    Holy Cow! Best. Show. Ever. Can’t wait!

  8. Considering weve seen the best audition ever and the singer who will win it all and now the best for last I do not think they can feed us much more hyperbole without us doubting any or all of these boasts. I have gone through life never expecting to see anyone licking their elbows while singing.

  9. Alyssa is looking to be the only girl that I will like this year… Hope she picks some great songs! :)

    My Top 3 guys at the moment are…

    1. Alejandro
    2. Jeremiah
    3. Laine

  10. But fans have told us NOT to expect or look for “star” potential with any of these contestants and to pull for those who can make a living with music.

    What people are ACTUALLY saying is – don’t expect Idol to launch the big careers anymore. It hasn’t for 5 seasons now. Those days are over. The new normal is to make a living as a working musician. The Idol brand is no longer relevant enough in the industry. The show was already cancelled once. And as Luke said, they don’t know if it will be even renewed next season.

  11. HA! I was being flippant. I don’t care what others are saying or why they are saying it. And I certainly don’t take advice from Luke, lol. I look at Idol for the reasons that I want (my tv and my time). When it no longer satisfies me I’m done. I enjoyed Gabby last season because I thought she had “star” potential. That did not mean I knew or expected her to become a star. It is not that easy. But I found her interesting and exciting. And I was not interested in her because I was EXCITED about her becoming a working musician. That is the reality for most but the concept bores me as far as entertainment goes. I don’t watch because I want to see Alejandro leave his day job. Sorry. There are no gatekeepers on who and why someone in interested in the show. You watch for your reasons and I’ll watch for mine. If I don’t see anyone with “star” potential to me, I will tune out without anyone’s permission. But thanks anyway.

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