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American Idol 2016 Recap Top 24 Results and Showcase Round. © 2016 FOX Broadcastign Co. Cr: Michael Becker / FOX.

American Idol 2016 Recap Top 24 Results and Showcase Round

Tonight’s the night! After the Top 51 perform full songs at the Dolby Theater in front of a live audience as part of the Showcase Round, the judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. reveal The Top 24. It’s the GREEN MILE ya’ll! Stay with us as we live blog.

American Idol Top 24
American Idol 15 Top 51 Full List
Showcase Round FULL Song List

Fifty one perform! Only 24 survive. Host Ryan Seacrest explains how it works. But we know the drill. The contestants perform. The judges deliberate. When they’re ready, the singers walk from a holding room along a lonely corridor to the judges table where they learn their fate.


Stephany Negrete is first. She sang  “Girl on Fire” at the Dolby. She’s giving off a Cher vibe right here, but without her intense charisma. She pulls off a jacket to reveal a sparkly dress. As she takes that long walk to the judges, there are already tears.  Jlo delivers the news. “I’m going to keep this very short and sweet. There is no way…we wouldn’t want you in the Top 24.” She was one of Jlo’s favorite yesterday.  Stephany sits on the edge of the stage to take off her giant shoes. “Don’t take off those shoes!” Jlo orders. She turns to the other judges to elaborate: Never take off your shoes–especially on camera! Stephany hobbles back to the holding room. – Top 24 –  Click to Watch Stephany’s Performance and Results

Shelbie Z is next. Folks have told her that she’ll never make it, and she’s here to prove everyone wrong.  She shares that her most memorable moment was singing “Alone.” At the showcase, she sings another Heart song, “Barracuda.”  She’s pulling off the rockstar chick deal pretty well. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Idol cast a slew of country girls this season. Turning to rock puts Shelby basically in her own lane here. Smart move. Keith tells her there are a lot of good singers….that’s where the journey is going to end…but in YOUR case. You’re in the Top 24!” After 15 seasons, the fakeouts are so predictable. – Top 24 – Click to Watch Shelbie’s Performance and Results

Michelle Marie – Keith is halfway expecting her to do cartwheels down the green mile. TEN people are living in a trailer in Florida at home, she wants to help her family get to a better place.  She sings”Little Toy Guns.” This Carrie Underwood song is way too big and mature for her. Keith calls her journey “interesting.” Jlo says it’s all about the package, not just one performance. “Unfortunately we have to say no today,” Keith says. She takes it so gracefully, and is so happy for the journey. “I’ve had the time of my life,” she says. Aw. I hope good things come Michelle’s way. She an odd duck, but sweet.  – Eliminated – Click to Watch Michelle Marie’s Performance and Results

Colette Lush – Her solo performance in Hollywood left Harry “questioning.”  She seemed defeated to him. Oh dear. She was SOOO good in her San Francisco audition. But her voice is cracking all over the place here. She’s obviously nervous and losing it. Harry feels like she’s been slightly removed on stage. Keith breaks the bad news. She’s not in the Top 24. I liked her so much initially. But after that last performance, I get why they cut her.  – Eliminated. – Click to Watch Colette’s Results 

Jessica Cabral – Oh man. They eliminate Jessica! She’s crying as she walks away. We don’t even hear her showcase performance. The judges mention an “inability to connect to what she’s singing.” I thought her last solo round was awesome. SHE WAS MY FAVORITE NOOOO. I am really disappointed at this turn of events. – Eliminated.

Jessica Clark, Ameet Kanon, Terrian, are all Eliminated. – Click to Watch the SAD Eliminations

Mackenzie Bourg – We get a review of his original solo song in Hollywood.  At the showcase he performs an acoustic, reworked version of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” Harry loves the way he changes up the time signature in spots. Mackenzie IS a really good arranger. That’s going to PROPEL him through this competition. Jlo doesn’t even try to fake him out. “Welcome to the Top 24” she says – Top 24. – Click to Watch Mackenzie’s Performance and Results

Trent Harmon – MONO BOY! How is he feeling? Trent remembers Hollywood being one of the hardest experiences of his life. He performs Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” for the Showcase round. Hm. His vocals are stylized in a way I’m not sure I like.  Oh. He’s still sick. Geez. The illness could dog him for the rest of the competition. Mono rolls like that. Keith calls his talent “unusual” wondering where he fits into the competition. But in Trent’s case, they figure he belonged. He’s in the Top 24 – Top 24. – Click to Watch Trent’s Performance and Results

Jenna Renae, James VIII, Kory Wheeler, Adam Lasher – Let’s call this THE PARADE OF CANNON FODDER. Welcome to the Top 24. Blink and you’ll miss. Not even a clip of the singers’ performances – Top 24 – Click To Watch the Results

Jeneve Rose Mitchell – We go straight to the showcase. She performs a completely reworked version of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”  There is something really unwieldy about Jeneve’s performances. She could make that work for her, but she hasn’t yet. The emotion peaks through in spots, but the overall effect is sloppy.  Harry says the really bad thing is that she lives on a mountain. Her family and friends won’t be able to watch her on American Idol. She’s in. – Top 24 – Click to Watch Jeneve’s Performance and Results

CJ Johnson – He sings “Parachute” by Chris Stapleton and he’s all gruff passion during his showcase. Harry calls making the Top 51 an accomplishment. Half the people out there are going home, Harry reminds him. But not CJ. He’s going to the Top 24! “Just a few steps away from being the next American Idol.” he says. That’s confidence. Which he displayed up on stage. The dude performs like a road warrior.  – Top 24 – Click to Watch CJ’s Performance and Results

Amelia Eisenhauer – She’s the gal who wielded a violin in her audition. She just turned 16.  When the judges ask, she shares that her performance of Billy Joel’s  “New York State Of Mind” at the showcase  went fairly well. And indeed, she seems so confident on stage. The violin is part of the act tonight, which plays a part in the singer’s standout performance. Jlo says they worry about 15 and 16 year olds in the competition (uhh….that’s why you put through gobs of them?). But they aren’t worried about Amelia. She’s in the Top 24. All bubbly, she gushes about having watched Idol all her life, now she’s headed to the Top 24. – Top 24 – Click to Watch Amelia’s Performance and Results

Lee Jean – He sings “Make it Rain” by Ed Sheeran at the showcase. OK. Tonight I’m impressed with this child. I could change my mind next week. The thing is, he’s a talent with a deep well of potential. He’s probably not ready yet. But when he’s good, he’s REALLY REALLY good.  At one point, he puts his finger to his lips to shush the crowd.  Back at the Green Mile, Jlo chastises him for telling the audience to be quiet TWICE. “Let them clap,”  she says. Keith wonders how he’d fit in and if he was ready. But he’ll have the opportunity to work on those things, says Keith, because he’s in the Top 24. – Top 24 – Click to Watch Lee’s Performance and Results

Avalon Young – Woah. Covering Chris Brown “Yo (Excuse Me Miss).” This is brave on several levels, least of all the Chris Brown hatered that’s still pretty prevalent. But dang, she pulled that off. This girl’s got swag, dressed in her trademark holey jeans and a beanie. Her parents wait nervously in the holding room. She comes down the stairs crying. SHE MADE IT THROUGH. – Top 24 – Click to Watch Avalon’s Performance and Results

Chynna Sherrod (a little bit of shade, when she mentions singers making it who she didn’t think deserved it), Mary Williams, Zach Person (he was surprised) are Eliminated. Chynna was not done throwing shade. Tonight she tweeted, “Would be nice if I was shown singing…highkey slayed the stage.” (She sang Adele’s “Hometown Glory”)

Dalton Rapattoni – He sings “It’s Gonna Be Me” by N’Sync. Dalton feels like he has something to contribute artistically. He thinks if he wins Idol he won’t be touring in a van. Hm. Somebody needs to lend him a clue. Maybe ask Caleb Johnson about his touring accommodations. Harry calls him inconsistent. But then twists it to mean versatile and unpredictable. Dalton’s in the Top 24. I love this kid’s personality. He’s funny, sweet and intelligent. I catch glimmers of artistry at times. But for me, he boils down to super-emotive boybander. His performances aren’t doing it for me. – Top 24 – Click to Watch Dalton’s Performance and Results

Manny Torres – He blew his last Hollywood solo. That’s why we didn’t see it. But he recovers, apparently, with “Master Blaster” by Stevie Wonder. Keith mentions he doesn’t always deliver. “You’re not always going to hear what you want to hear,” says Keith, But this time he will. “You’re in the Top 24!” Who comes up with these fake outs? LAME. After Manny leaves the room, Harry remarks that the singer seems like such a nice, fun dude. Big celebration in the holding room with the fam afterward. Top 24 – Click to Watch Manny’s Performance and Results

Lauren Wright, Anatalia Villaranda, Isaac Cole (eliminating him brings Jlo to tears),  Kassy Levels, Andrew Nazarbekian, Jon Klaasen are all EliminatedClick to Watch the Eliminations

La’Porsha cries for everyone! I mean. That girl. Crying all the time.

Thomas Stringfellow – His girlfriend broke up with him the night before he flew out to LA. She was afraid he’d leave her for the bright lights and big city. What’s a singer/songwriter to do but pour emotion into a performance of “Story of My Life” by One Direction. Story YIP of YIP my YIP life YIP. What was that hiccuping all through the song?  Thomas tells the judges that he feels blessed. Harry thinks there are better singers in the competition, but he has a special quality. A rare thing. He’s in the Top 24. Well, I bet that makes up at least a little for the girlfriend who ditched him. His dad is so happy, he throws Ryan Seacrest in the air. Heh. – Top 24. – Click to Watch Thomas’ Performance and Results

Sonika Vaid – Jlo thought she gave a great performance of “I Surrender” by Celine Dion  at the showcase, but she worries there is something missing from her performance. “That’s what we worry about,” Jlo says. “After much debate…we decided that…we would like you to be part of the Top 24 and work on that part of things…you have an amazing voice.” The judges all remark on how crazy good her voice is. During the performance, mom is crying out in the audience as she sings, and right there waiting for Sonika when she gets the good news. Personally, I didn’t dig that song choice. At all. So old fashioned. Please get back to singing contemporary music, Sonika. – Top 24 – Click to Watch Sonika’s Performance and Results

Malie Delgado – She had lost her voice in Hollywood and is so grateful to have been given a chance anyway. She sings “Little White Church” at the Showcase. Harry thought the key should have been higher. She thinks she did enough. Harry wonders how unique she is? For the Top 24, maybe not. She cries at the news. “It’s all up to God,” she says, choking up. – Eliminated – Click to Watch The Results

Olivia Rox – Hollywood was really tough for her, she admits. And it’s about to get tougher. She’s sick for the showcase.  The vocal sounds VERY husky as she performs “Love Somebody” by Maroon 5, and the high notes are problematic, but she’s pulling it off. The huskiness actually works for her. Olivia tells the judges that she went for it. Typically, Olivia is rooted to her instrument, but she takes a risk and works the stage. The judges are impressed. They dance around revealing the decision, before finally telling her she made it. After, they admit her vocal was fantastic at the showcase. Not telling her to her face was part of the fake out – Top 24 – Click to Watch Olivia’s Performance and Results

Emily Brooke – This was the point where she was eliminated last season. She’s nervous, but feels so much more confident than she did last season.  That confidence shows as she performs the Carrie Underwood ballad, “So Small.” Keith notes that she’s done this walk before. Jlo and Harry feel, out of all the returnees they’ve seen, she grew the most in one year. It’s a testament to her talent and hard work, they say. “But you’re so young,” Jlo hesitates, “but we feel you’re ready to be in front of America.”  Emily bursts into tears. The Top 24! Finally! – Top 24 – Click to Watch Emily’s Performance and Results

Jennifer talks about how hard it is to say no. Sara Sturm, Jordyn Simone, Tiffanne LeMay, Kayla Mickelsen, Mionne Destiny – Eliminated

Gianna Isabella – You know. Brenda K. Starr is her mom. Gianna sings her hit song, “I Still Believe.” Momager interferes with the performance, and Ricky basically pulls her aside and tells her to step off.  Rickey turns to Gianna on stage to assure her, “We’ve got you,” he says. Brenda kind of gets that she crossed the line, but I’m not sensing any big lesson has been learned. It’s too bad Brenda doesn’t have her own career to attend to. Jlo says if it were her daughter up on stage singing, she’d be a mess. Even Harry gets a little emotional. They ask Gianna if she feels like her own artist. Oy. Nevertheless, she makes the cut. So let me get this straight. Gianna is a decent singer. But Jessica Cabral is superior. I guess the one with the famous drama-causing mom is going to get the nod. Sigh. – Top 24 – Click to Watch Gianna’s Performance and Results

Jenn Blosil – This montage of Jenn’s kookiest moments set to the Door’s “People are Strange” is genius. She performs “The Hanging Tree,” redeeming herself from a shaky last solo in Hollywood.  Weird and wonderful, that performance. “The chances of making it into the Top 24 are really slim,” warns Keith. Nevertheless, Jenn is in. – Top 24 – Click to Watch Jenn’s Performance and Results

It’s the end of the road for Christian Eason, Ariel Sprague, Kelsie Watts and Shevonne PhilidorEliminated.

Tristan McIntosh – After singing “Stronger” by Faith Hill at the Showcase, Tristan felt like she performed for the first time in her life. Trufax. Tristan brings fire to the Dolby stage for the showcase that she couldn’t seem to muster a month before. Keith thought her performance was really good. But will she be consistent? “You’re young, so young!” says Harry. It’s the go to fake out for the younguns. Pretend you’re gonna cut them because they’re green. “Sometimes no is the best answer,”  says Keith, before we see Tristan head down the stairs…happy. She made it. – Top 24 – Click to Watch Tristan’s Performance and Results

There are 4 spots left. Two for the girls, two for the boys. Can’t have the green mile without pitting two singers against each other, randomly.

Jordan Sasser and Kacye Haynes face the judges. Jordan, with his hair down, looking luxurious, sings “Til the Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic and Kaycee growls his way through “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake. Dang. Kaycee was good! But he’s eliminated. And we barely saw him all week anyway. Jordan makes the Top 24, unsurprisingly. – Click to Watch Jordan and Kayce’s Performance and Results

Kayce HaynesEliminated

Jordan SasserTop 24

Lindita and La’Porsha Renae face the judges Of course they pit the two big voiced divas against each other! Lindita sings “Bang Bang” by Jessie J. She’s all flying hair and major ad libs. La’Porsha performs “House of the Rising Sun” and needless to say, brings her usual power and finesse to the room. Harry says the choice is literally splitting hairs. La’Porsha is already crying. But it’s good news for her. Lindita is going home. La’Porsha and Lindita leave with their arms entwined. “You better win it!” Lindita chides her affectionately. – Click to Watch Lindita and La’Porsha’s Performance and Results

Lindita is eliminated.

La’Porsha Renae is Top 24

Goodbye Hollywood. We’ll miss you forever.

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