American Idol 2016 Denver Audition – Tywan Tank Jackson – VIDEO

Tywan Tank Jackson – Superstar by Luther Vandross – His mom gave him his nickname. He’s a dance teacher. OK. I would not have guessed that. He developed his own exercise class “Tankercise.” He used to weigh 400 lbs. He leads the holding room in a little routine. Another singer with his own mini boom box. He puts on a  dance show for the judges, to a little Jlo joint. Tank has a nice tone, but his phrasing is so boring and he has no vibrato. He’s also singing flat. One of Jlo’s favorites. WHAT? Harry thinks the sing/dance combo is powerful for the show. Uhm. No? It never is on Idol. Nobody cares about dancing. It generally takes away from the vocals and gets singers voted off. Yeesh. Tank was out of breath and sang with zero finesse. They need to slap some Ruben Studdard on the stereo and listen for a spell. 3 yesses

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