American Idol 2016 Philadelphia Audition – John Arthur Greene – Somebody Like You VIDEO

John Arthur Greene – Somebody Like You by Keith Urban –  John grew up on a farm in North Carolina. His brother died when he was 8, and he kept his sibling’s memory alive through music. John describes how his young brother died. They were playing cops and robbers. Oh no. Guns in the house. They were usually unloaded. But not this time. HE SHOT AND KILLED HIS BROTHER BY ACCIDENT OMFG. That is a terrible, terrible, terrible story. “I held my brother and watched him die….I knew it was my fault.” He goes on, “If I could take his place, I would. I miss him every day of my life.” Absolutely tragic. I could go on a rant here, but I won’t. John is a Broadway actor and has starred in a few productions. You can read all about that HERE. He explains that he’s currently in Matilda on Broadway.  Jlo and Harry aren’t sure. What’s not to be sure about? He’s a decent singer, better than some you’ve already put through. John tells the story about his brother, leaving out the worst bit. Keith wonders if he can make the transition. Harry says no. Jlo says yes. Keith wants to give him a chance. That’s crazy. Nobody said no to stage performers in the old days.  Constantine Maroulis back in season 4. He made the transition JUST FINE.  Adam Lambert was a stage performer, and he was put through. Simon liked to dog “Broadway” performers, but many with stage experience went far, and many are killing it on Broadway as we speak. Geez. Harry says no. Jlo and Keith say yes.

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