You watched the American Idol 13 Final Two Performances. Now, vote in the polls! Which was your favorite performance? Favorite Round. Who do YOU think will win American Idol 13. VOTE!

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  1. I voted for Jena, even though Caleb has been my favorite all season. I think that it’s better for the franchise, and hers is the superior coorination single.

  2. Yea you might want to put up a new poll. I’m sure the wording confused many people and the results are skewed.

    My guess is that the producers know where the votes are going, they like the direction, and just decided to be somewhat neutral to make it seem close.

  3. I can’t get through on Caleb’s phone line at all yet. I’m taking that as a good sign. :)

  4. The question asks who will win, but the poll asks who we think will be eliminated?

  5. I’ve been trying for an hour and only got one vote through. Busy, busy, busy!

  6. i’m sorry, but caleb winning AI would be further cementing its irrelevancy IMO. caleb’s a great singer, but did nothing to convince us that he’d bring something new or even remotely creative for today’s market. everything he does is very cover band esque, rock of ages circa 1980s. the show needs jena to win this season. for the sake of the franchise.

    but the thing is, i’m apprehensive that caleb has the advantage votes wise. he has the upperhand with demographics (being from the south) and also the largely older demographic, to whom his shtick may appeal to more (as it may read nostalgic).

    i haven’t watch tonight’s show yet, but i heard that the judges were almost even more enthusiastic over caleb’s performances than jena’s, which baffles me. idol’s been pimping jena all season, and presumably would want her to win. the lack of manipulation confuses me. could this be because they think jena already has it in the bag? because i’m pretty worried that she doesn’t, so?

  7. Was it really busy for Caleb? I got all my votes through and not one busy signal.

  8. Trick question? lol

    Looks like the poll question is from top 3. I’m guessing most of us voted wrong on that.

  9. The Voice seems to be doing okay and has not produced anyone relevant.

  10. I agree that Jena winning will be better for Idol.

    I do not really care who wins this year, but I felt the judges were giving Caleb more praise then he deserved tonight. But I really doubt they influence many/any people.

  11. I voted for Caleb because he has been my favorite all season. I thought his singing and performances were fantastic. Jena will probably win anyway.

  12. For me it was busy until 9:30 EST and then I was able to get my votes in.

  13. Two other people said the same thing about being busy for Caleb but I thought they were joking! I guess not.

  14. I thought the judges were more fair today. They gave the first round to Caleb and round 2 to Jena. They seemed more reserved in their praise today.

  15. This is way too close to call. I didn’t even vote because I’ll be happy with either of them winning, and the person I vote for usually gets jinxed anyway. Caleb and Jena have both proven themselves worthy over the weeks. They both record well, and I will enjoy both of their sets on tour. So may the best Idol win.

    P.S. I texted my boyfriend in the middle of Dream On to say that my head exploded.

  16. This board is very heavily leaning towards Jena, but I think Caleb will win. I also think neither of them will be relevant or sell records.

  17. Michael Orland ?@MichaelOrland
    Luv having @Phillips and @HannahBlackwell back at the @AmericanIdol singing w @samwoolfmusic let’s all buy his new cd

  18. Sometimes it’s not about what they will do, but what they actually did. You can only go on “potential” for so long and to me Caleb delivered better performances.

  19. omg, I missed Idol tonight! I’m not sure how that happened. I’ll have to wait for the videos. eta: Watched the videos.
    I think Jena had the best performance and is going to win. But I still really like Caleb. I wish them both all the best.
    I think this was an amazingly matched finale. Two awesome singers!

  20. Jena threw it down after can’t help falling in love. Was worried about doing it just 2 weeks later, but it didn’t matter, was even better.

    This poll and TV line poll results so far similar in showing heavy favoring for Jena. We can only hope

  21. Same for me with Jena about 15-20 minutes in. Then I just waited til 10pm est

  22. Wow, overwhelming support for Jena up in here. She’s great, but I got a feeling she will be eliminated tomorrow evening.
    What a season – best season in a while in regards to the variety of personalities, consisting of a bunch of solid singers – more than most seasons – but no one that really blew me away, very predictable. The highlight of the season remains Jess Meuse’s audition.

  23. Yes, it was really busy for Caleb on the East Coast time slot. I voted up until 10:30 and only got about 20 votes through.

  24. This show has run its course IMO. No particular ‘winner’ of season 13 can save the show-not Caleb, not Jena, not Alex, not Sam. Phillip & Scotty have been the most successful winners in the past few seasons and their success hasn’t help ‘save’ the franchise.

    There is nothing preventing Interscope from doing everything they can to make Jena a huge star whether she wins or loses tomorrow night. Even if she were to become the second coming of Kelly Clarkson that still isn’t going to do anything to turn around this franchise. Idol has had a great run and produced many success stories but it is clearly winding down. Tomorrow night’s outcome (whatever it is) isn’t going to change that.

  25. I just have to say that Jena has that pop star vibe and look, and of course has an amazing voice. She’s so adorable. I think she’s
    going to win and will be quite successful. (I hope so.)

  26. And they closed with a group number? Butchering a Kelly Clarkson worse than ever before. I’m rooting for Caleb even if it’s not popular… But with the winner supposed to release an album in less than 90 days (well that’s what they said about Candice too), losing the battle could be the best way to win the war . Jena would be the first wild card winner. Caleb would be the second winner in a row who couldnt get past judges for years. At least right person won the Voice. People kept talking about the girls fan base while forgetting she wasn’t in top 2 votes last week. And on DWTS, yet another plant won. Whether it’s a singer or actor who dances professionally or a world Olympic champion ice dancer, we se shouldn’t be surprised when they win .. There should probably be a most improved award

  27. Caleb is actually an awesome original songwriter, imbuing a soulful blues vibe that his performances on Idol didn’t really reflect.

    Well, apparently TPTB weren’t in on the secret of this side of him, since his coronation single is retro 1980s arena rock, like he did throughout the show, and that’s the song he’ll be singing for the next few months.

    I’m not gonna vote based on “who the Idol might secretly be, only has taken great care not to show us and therefore probably doesn’t have a fanbase to support that sound.” Doing that only leads to disappointment when the first album is aimed at the Idol fanbase.

  28. Caleb needs a band. With their trying to release an album in 3 months, Caleb should want to lose. With ratings so low, both are irrelevant. Neither has media buzz. Seeing Nokia theater, you almost forgot no one cares about this show anymore. Unless they have a huge problem single, which neither does, they will be forgettable. How many more months till Candice gets dropped by her label? She’s already irrelevant. Caleb needs to lose a bit of weight & do something with that hair. They dont do the major Idol makeovers the show was once known for. I dont see what people see in Jena

  29. Not true… The final single they did everything they could to not compliment him. They did the same with the contestants round to not compliment him on what they raves about before

  30. Yes, serious. I wasn’t able to keep voting without a busy signal intermittently until about 30 minute left to vote.

  31. It doesn’t matter to Idol who wins. You people keep confusing the Fox TV show & it’s ratings to a record label managing & promoting a successful artist. Even if the winner became A Kelly Clarkson success (which they wont) , that is not going to make regular people turn Idol on again. The Voice ain’t hurting because they haven’t delivered a major star. In today’s world, its 2 separate issues.

  32. I have nothing against Jena or Caleb, it’s just they don’t have a great single like “Home” and they aren’t going to sell records. The market already has a new upstart in Ariana Grande and everyone fell in love with Lorde last year.

    Phillip was successful because he was right with the Mumford and Sons trend that his sound really fit well with.

    As for Caleb, rock music doesn’t sell, unless he goes a pop rock route like fun. The only problem is fun. is incredible at writing anthems and Caleb doesn’t seem that current.

  33. Because The Voice like Idol is an entertainment TV show not a record label. Mark Burnett and NBC want viewers. Adam said he’s signing his contestant like he did with Tony (no hits) Luca. NBC ain’t making a dime off it & couldn’t care. The Voice doesnt even release a winner single. For as good as Tessane is, she’s not at the top of the charts either. Many of the Voice contestantshave had record ddeals and pro experience and hadn’t made it before. IT’S A TV SHOW. THAT IT. EVERY THING ELSE US GRAVYM

  34. And in tea leaves superstition theme…Season 13 winner’s album drops on September 13. Caleb is number 13. I refuse to get my hopes up though. LoL!

  35. Jena did an amazing job. So did Caleb. I don’t think it matters who wins except for the winner having their crowning moment. Both singers should have some amazing opportunities after this. Plus they made some money. I liked this season.

  36. Jena will be the second contestant to sing that song and get eliminated this week.

  37. Jena needs to win. I’m afraid though. Too close to call. But it would be in the show’s best interest that Jena wins.

    On the bright side, Jena is on top of Caleb on DialIdol if that even matters anymore. But every single season the person on top during Final 2 week has won the show. Let’s hope that stays true. Fingers crossed.

  38. In S8, Dial Idol called both of the top 2 as either the winner or second place (it was too close to call, from their data), and then counted that as “getting it right.”

    In any case, fewer than fifty people use Dial Idol these days (it’s possible to estimate from the geographic data), and it’d take a much larger sample to get an accurate picture of popular sentiment.

    They’ve got a 50% chance of getting it right, but their methodology is now spurious, and they’ve always exaggerated their hit rate.

  39. Probably this blog has a more accurate opinion of popular sentiment than does Dial Idol.

  40. “I’m rooting for Caleb even if it’s not popular”

    It’s actually very popular. But not on specialized blogs. Go on american idol’s facebook page to see.

  41. If nothing else, it has a larger sample! And that sample includes people who’ve evolved beyond using dial-up modems.

  42. Caleb needs a Kings of Leon type of band and Jena needs a Paramore type of band.

  43. Jess put out a fb post thanking everyone on this journey, ending it with #teamjena, no mention of Caleb , interesting . although they seemed like best friends, so no surprise she’d back Jena

  44. Tay ? ?

    .@Phillips and @samwoolfmusic rehearsing for the #IdolFinale

  45. Reminder:

    Please keep this post focused on discussing the top 2!

    ETA: Some of this stuff belongs in the other thread…

  46. Really? I think she is cool looking and not pretty in the conventional way like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato to name a few. To me she is unconventional like Barbra Streisand. However she has a killer smile. I think she’s gorgeous and original.

  47. Everyone you mentioned helped to prove my point. I can see a movie director calling a casting agency seeking an actress who is part Katy Perry, part Lea Michelle, and part Demi Lovato for an upcoming film role.

  48. It doesn’t matter to me if a guy or gal wins the show. May the best contestant be the winner. That’s what I hope for. :)

  49. I agree, but she can’t help what she looks like. She has the look and the voice.

  50. E! NEWS/ :American Idol’s Clear Winner, Supernatural’s Big Death, a RHONY Apology and More OMG TV Moments

    “American Idol: We’d like to declare Jena Irene the obvious winner, based solely on her encore performance of “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” Yeah, we’re obsessed with it. So what? You’re probably obsessed with something that is way less flawless. We just love almost everything this girl does. That’s not to say Caleb Johnson doesn’t also have a pretty impressive set of pipes. ”

  51. I have watched every finale and this one pales in comparison to many that went before. Did not live up to the hype. Both terrific singers that had one good song each tonight. The season went out with a whimper and not a bang.

  52. She did NOT say #teamjena. She said #teamjess, as in HER team. Her own fans. She is not playing favorites here.

  53. We Are One at #83, As Long As You Love Me at #214. So maybe there’s hope for Jena to win.

  54. DI still hasn’t been wrong all these year though–as mind boggling as it is to say that in 2014LOL. even in the all yellow/tie scenario, the person with the biggest score has won.

  55. So it’s basically Facebook versus the Blogosphere! May the best man win lol

  56. I use to vote for Caleb until he went on that rant calling his fans retards and whackos. I voted for Jena tonight tho, it was very difficult due to the very busy line.

  57. Everyone thinks Jena’s got the youth vote but not according to Instagram. It’s all about Caleb.

  58. this is my favorite top 2 in ages. Jena is EXTREMELY talented, especially for 17. I can’t believe she’s younger than me!!!! (I’m 18). She has incredible songwriting abilities and just insane creativity, but Caleb, he has a killer voice. His vocals were amazing tonight. Even though I really want Jena to win, I think Caleb will get it…

  59. Depending on what blog/polls you read there is a different result. From what I am reading Jena is picked the winner with Caleb at varying degrees of 2nd place. I never voted for him once. Not to say he doesn’t have a good voice. For someone who grew up in the 60’s and in my 20’s in the 70’s the rock thing just looks dated.

  60. I cannot recall a season where I felt so negative about the top 2. Caleb is so dated in looks and style. Jena’s voice just turns me off at the core. Compared to the three finalists of the Voice, these Idol finalists are cartoonish. Toss in the embarrassing fawning over JLo, the Twist, Harry-Gate, the zombie-like return of Roundy, backward trucker hats, and the attack of the retards, it’s been an odd season for me. Thank God for Meuse, the Good Harry (when he didn’t have a Lolita straddling his neck), self-penned songs, and an improved attitude toward gays. All my very skewed personal opinion, of course.

  61. So, this is the problem; Jena would be a much better season 13 champion than Caleb, but I think that Caleb won the night and will probably be named champion. That would be a huge problem for both contestants and the franchise as a whole.

    Caleb would be much better off if he didn’t win. 19/Interscope do not want his type of music and would only go through the motions, releasing a quickly cobbled together album and then dumping him at the first opportunity. He would be much better finding a label that supported him.

    Jena would be a solid prospect for 19/Interscope. She’s Pop and radio ready. Her finishing second would tarnish her momentum and potentially stall her career before it gets started.

    Jena made an unforced error last night by choosing to go first. She should have let Caleb go. At any rate, on a night where both sang well and Caleb’s songs resonate more with the traditional Idol voting blocks, I fear that Caleb won the night. I would hope that Jena wins, but I think its going to be Caleb.

  62. But that will never happen for everyone….music and voices are very subjective. Your best contestant is not someone elses best contestant….whoever wins, many people will be disappointed.

  63. Yep! the only thing that might help is an actual, exciting season on TV which might cause people to tune in based on contestant buzz. It didn’t happen this year, in part because the contestants aren’t a very colourful bunch.

  64. I haven’t witnessed two people less suited to be emerging stars in the music business during all my days of following Idol. Caleb is so “old” school, from his outdated hair and wardrobe to his performance mannerisms (imitating famous front men…been there, done that) to his unproven ability to broaden his repertoir (a sit on the stool love song would have been nice). Jena is an 18 year old who looks 35, sings with marbles in her mouth (and doesn’t have the excuse of braces), and knows next to nothing about technique and breath control.

    Neither one will make it after Idol beyond what Candice and Lee have done. The winner will have their 15 minutes of fame, an uninspiring album, a few Idolette performances and then will struggle to stay even the smallest bit relevant.

    Idol (the show) has done both of these kids a disservice. Neither have the skills to ‘MAKE IT” and the show, through its choice of a lousy 24 to begin with, have just set them up for career heartbreak. Oh well…

  65. Really don’t care who wins tonight…my two favorites went out at number 3 and 4….and I truly believe those two will have the most successful careers…that being said, I think Caleb did better overall last night, but I think Jena is going to win

  66. I like them both, but Jena has a more modern sound and she plays piano…good combination.

  67. Alex and Sam were consistently the best sellers on iTunes.

    Neither made the finale. iTunes buyers don’t seem to be representative of the voters.

    That said…those are some pretty crapasticular Idol debut single numbers. Ugh.

  68. Caleb Johnson has always been one of the lowest iTunes sellers of this pack, and he’s never been B2 or B3.

  69. Both original songs were very, very bad…..and the Breakaway final number was horrible….esp Jena—she was so loud and so bad….why did they have to bring in the other idols…they weren’t singing…

  70. That’s why I was baffled when they pushed Caleb and Gina. Alex seemed much more likely to sell.

  71. Have the Bookies changed the odds this morning? I’ll have to check. As of last night, Jena had the edge,

  72. Meh. These seasons where I end up not invested in either one of the F2 winning is always weird for me. And today looking around various boards, Twitter, FB etc there’s like zero excitement. No one is inspiring cray cray over invested fans (except some Jena fans I see that are pissed they think Fuller favors Caleb and screwed her over) but usually the next morning you have a pretty good idea by the end of the final performance night which way thing will go. I miss the days when Dial Idol was there’s just too many ways to vote so between the lack of REAL buzz for neither of them and the new voting methods its all up in air. Jena will make for a better winner but I kind of think no matter who wins they’re just gonna get a bad, rush job album where Interscope goes through the motions and puts it out there.

  73. thats because old people use facebook. On twitter and instagram (used by the younger viewers) jena has much much more support. lots of #teamjena

  74. I really dont care who wins at this point but in the end social media doesnt even tell the story. Its the people sitting at home who dont post all over Twitter and Facebook but vote that are the silent majority. Especially the finale which will attract lots of casual viewers throwing votes. We’ve seen every year the ones with the most followers/likes dont always win. Hell look at the shock people are in over Jake beating Christina on the Voice.

  75. The only round Caleb did better than Jena in was Round One. She clearly won the other two, IMO. Her original song is much more suited for radio than Caleb’s, and would suit the falling confetti better than his too. I’m hoping Jena wins.

  76. If old people use facebook, twitter and instagram, what do young people use?

  77. Oh good! I was afraid there was something else I didn’t know about and my brain is already overfull.

    Punctuation is everything! :)

  78. I absolutely agree. I hope she wins but I think Caleb might win based on the demographics and I think a lot of Idol fans might like the classic rock and well he is a guy. At least no WGWG will win this year..LOL. I do wonder if a girl can win against a guy. It has not happened since Jordin won.

  79. I was a Jessica and Majesty fan and pleased that Jessica wants to collaborate with her in the future. But now that they are gone, I favor Jena,. I guess.

  80. This was one of the more enjoyable Top Twos for me. I think it’s that they actually went with the attitude they’d mentioned in the pre-finale piece — don’t worry about winning, just go out there and do your personal best — and as a result, the performances were more relaxed and engaging.

    I’d rather see Jena Irene win and I think she went out there and earned it — but the Caleb Johnson victory has been inevitable for a long time, and I’m more at peace with it after watching him turn that Simon Fuller-driven bus around. Still don’t like his music, but that made good TV for the long-time Idol viewers.

  81. Agreed, Caleb would be better off going to the Daughtry route and forming a band or getting him and his old band signed by a label. I think Jena might benefit most from an Idol win and I think the show would benefit most from a Jena win.

  82. Never heard eliminated contestant used for the Final 2..usually it is who wins and who loses. But that is just semantics..but I know what you mean,..just never heard it phrased that way before. With Idol, unlike the Voice, doing a 2 person finale, one wins and the other gets runner up status is usually how Idol and Ryan frames it.

  83. As bad and for all the grief No Boundaries gets (well deserved), it was still a very good seller.

  84. I still think the producers wanted Sam in the finale with Jena. They wanted 2 young people who could be molded and grow once signed to a label. I still think the show is looking for the next Bieber and Taylor Swift or the next Demi or any other very young star. So I am laughing that at the finale, and a lot of the pictures coming out are all Philip and Sam and more pics of Sam emerging all of the time. So watch them make a huge deal out of Philip singing with Sam ..Sam the heartthrob star who does not want that label. LOL

  85. I agree that if Caleb is the winner, the show would give the sense that the show is aging. It is almost fitting. But up to this point, there are variety of artists including Alex. And hey, we complained and complained about WGWG winning, which was current and trendy thing. Does it really matter who wins? All I expect is from now and then, we get a sustainable musical star out of it. Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry, Scotty, Phillip, even without counting likes of Jordan, Jennifer, Katherine, Adam. 5 success out of 12 seasons is a very good success ratio to me. (yeah, yeah, Scotty and Phillip may be too soon, but they are looking good.)

    If I were the show runner, as far as the show is getting better rating than other shows and I can sell commercials, it is worth producing. (I might replace judges with cheaper ones for cost cutting, though…)

    And as far as the exposure helps contestants to give some boost in some kind of music business, which it clearly does, there will be thousands will try out for the show. I did not say album sales, but if you can get a job on broadway, or be on TV shows, that is a lot better than waiting on tables and playing for tips at coffee shops alone. Or, even becoming a politician :[

    So, yeah, the golden days are behind us, it is no longer the main topic around the water cooler, (say hello to Game of Thrones), but I see no reason why Fox wants to cancel the show or even replace it something untested. (X Factor, cough).

  86. Oh, the plot thickens. If Caleb did not win, are we going to hear from him that TPTB did not want him to sing songs that truly reflects him? Was the plan to get Caleb and Jena in final, but have Jena win by keeping Caleb in 80s? Or, did Caleb himself think power rock would win more votes than blues?
    I can hardly wait for tell-all after the finale. And very curious about the albums for these top 3, assuming that they will get them.

  87. LOL at the expression on P2 and Sam. These two look like winners to me. I am looking forward to hearing them. Sam always sounded great.

  88. If Johnson’s being stuck in the 1980s was producer manipulation to prevent his winning — which I don’t believe, but let’s try it on for size — then TPTB are quite stupid. You don’t bus a dude by handing him the strategy most likely to succeed.

    In any case, the judge pick for Top 3 was a newish song, so we know it was okay with TPTB for him to do new music.

  89. I agree. I think they paired Sam with Phillip to try and promote Sam even more. Problem is, Phillip is probably going to totally overshadow him because he is by far the more dynamic performer. Unless PP holds back like Adam did with Angie last year, anyway.

  90. Older people use twitter and instagram, too., And lots of young people are on Facebook. So I’m not sure I understand this comment.

  91. I really don’t care who win tonight but why is Caleb’s song stuck on my head?? As long as you love me.. yikes! lol

  92. What’s worse is having it stuck as a mash-up with the Justin Bieber song of the same name.

    Not that I would know or that this would have anything to do with my considering having a vodka screwdriver with breakfast. (I resisted.)

  93. That ‘Breakaway’ group sing probably looked good on paper. Actual execution? Not so much.

  94. My vague hope is that P2 brings out the best in Sam Woolf. It’s possible that Mr. Laidback is what Woolf needs, since clearly dealing with Cook scared him crosseyed.

  95. I’m sure TPTB were thinking HUGE MOMENT. They thunk wrong.

  96. May I ask why everyone thinks Jena is radio ready? I don’t hear it, personally.

  97. I don’t see Interscope getting behind either artist, either. Could be wrong, but they certainly didn’t seem to make much of an effort with the singles we heard last night.

  98. First year….including the dreadful Season 9….where I relegated myself to watching performance videos here instead of watching the show. I think this is one season where we truly did watch a reality singing competition over a “search for the next big star” television show, if that makes any sense.

  99. The studio versions of her work are at least a lot more precise than her live performances. At 17, I think she sounds good and full of potential.

  100. Putting on my research geek cap, both methods are flawed…blogs like this one are limited to a subset of people who…well, read American Idol blogs. DialIdol, meanwhile, doesn’t have sample size validity anymore. It isn’t amazing if they get it right is pure flip a coin luck.

  101. There are 5 people on my FB who have been voting for Caleb and said they’d buy anything he put out. I asked them if they bought his songs on iTunes. They all said no, they won’t download anything from the internet.

  102. May I ask why everyone thinks Jena is radio ready?

    She knows current music. She sounds good singing current music (better on the studio versions than in the Idol live performances, but that’s not surprising). She’s written songs in the style of current music. Her coronation single resembles current music.

    Does that make her OMG!KellyClarksonBreakoutInevitable? Nopers. But it gives a label something to work with.

  103. I’m 19 and I don’t know anyone who really uses facebook except to post albums of picture, but no one “Likes” things anymore, except my parents who aren’t on Twitter or Instagram. Maybe its just me but I’m sure there’s a statistic that the average age of faceobok users is much elss than that of twitter and instagram

  104. Yes quite similar especially where Lauren was concerned. Remember she was pimped during auditions and Steven Tyler was talking about her being “The One …during quite similar to Sam pimpage this year but that is just how I see it. Others may see it differently.

  105. Lol all these proclomations that they will flop and be forgotten about make me want at least one of them to be a huge success even more. Geez people, let’s see how they do on the radio and in sales before we make these bold proclomations.

  106. Sam needs to be able to bring some energy on his own at this point. If he has to rely on P2 to help him have a dynamic performance, well then I don’t have much hope for Sam. Other young contestants were able to hold the stage on their own and engage the audience by the finale.

  107. Doesn’t bode well for his sales if Caleb wins. I like Jena’s single much better.

  108. I’m not talking about relying on P2; I’m talking about being more relaxed around a person he’s more comfortable with. That’s very normal human behavior and not some kind of weird flaw.

    The reality that Woolf has, in the past, had issues with engaging the audience doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing if he clicks with a duet partner well enough to outgrow those problems. He was fine on his sing-out, after all.

  109. It’s not just you. I have kids your age, it’s all about Tumblr. None are on FB which you’re right is the “older folks” social media site.

    Glad you still watch Idol though, my daughter gave up years ago, my sons never watched, lol.

  110. Right out of the outtakes from the locally produced ‘Hell Night at the High School Musical.’ All over the place and just bad. I doubt those in attendance noticed though.

  111. my grandma lives with me so I get a huge push esp since im back from college. it really bothers me when people say young people dont watch idol they watch the voice, lol so naive they honestly don’t watch either, its such a time commitment

  112. Does anyone know if Sam/Phillip are singing one of Phil’s songs or a cover? I really hope it’s one of Phillip’s!

  113. It was more Disneyish, more Nickelodeonish than seasons previous, if that makes any sense.

  114. Facebook is still used and all I have to do is look at my timelines which is filled with stuff about The Voice and Idol. Maybe not to the extent the newer things are being used but lots of people are using the Super Vote (you can see if someone your friends used it because it goes to your feed). But hey I’m OLD! I’m 36 so there’s that heh. And age doesnt matter when it comes to votes either. And the thing about “old people is eventually they do go on to the big social media trend. At one time Twitter was youth oriented, now everyone is on there. No way is it just young people. All you have to do is look at people who use pictures of themselves as avatars. Same with Instagram. With everyone using smartphones these days all ages latch on to the new thing.

  115. I think it’s one of Philips’. They need to find a way to promote his album. Singing covers would be a lost opportunity.

  116. Lol. My crystal ball never lies. They’ll all be rejected and the Asteroid will hit the Earth.

  117. It’s hard to explain, but there is a feeling that the producers made a decision to go in the reality show route. I may be looking at things through rose colored glasses, but there used to be something about AI that put it above DWTS, the X Factor and even The Voice in terms of tone, but that is not the case anymore.

  118. My kids never watched The Voice and I don’t either btw.
    I’m assuming you’re female? My sons NEVER watched Idol or any singing shows. That always seemed to me, anyway, as more of a mother daughter thing.

  119. The Asteroid will NOT hit the earth! It would have hit the earth if the Meat Loaf Muffin had sung the asteroid song well, but he saved us all from extinction by botching it, and then he disowned the whole thing in order to prevent the zombie invasion.

  120. Now I’m wishing I’d spiked my orange juice after all.

    I’d considered floating the theory that the Meat Loaf Muffin’s fans won’t buy on iTunes but TPTB expect them to go ape for a physical album, then I decided that was too obviously snide. It wasn’t supposed to be possibly true.

  121. Voted for Jena 1100 times. Wasn’t easy with these voting restrictions!

  122. Being a long time Idol follower it becomes easier and easier (based on comparisons to other Idolettes and to the “real world”) to formulate a pretty accurate prediction about the chances for success for the newbies entering the “game”. All the clues are visible by the time the season is over.

  123. I agree, especially since now we can see the itunes sales, and they already released the winners singles. Sales aren’t up to the numbers that they were when we had successful idols. There is always a possibility that one of the winners singles would catch on, but I’m not sure that will happen unless there is a really big push by Interscope.

  124. Sam Woolf @samwoolfmusic
    @Phillips Hey man, it was awesome hanging with you today!

  125. I think Caleb did better on 1st and 3rd song and Jena did better on the second song but I think Jena will win.

  126. Okay, maybe Jake is bit cartoonish, but what country signer isn’t? Christina, on the other hand, is a solid performer with an extraordinary versatile and pitch perfect voice. Cute as hell too. Her duet with Ed Sheeran last night was beyond exquisite. I cannot imagine Jena even approaching that level of artistry.

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