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AMERICAN IDOL: L-R: Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison perform on AMERICAN IDOL Wednesday, April 24 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Ray Mickshaw/ FOX. Copyright: FOX.

You watched the American Idol 12 Top 4. Now TAKE THE POLLS! Plus, check out a photo gallery of tonight’s performances.

This week is sort of odd, because there is a pretty good chance that nobody is going home this week. To keep the polls from being lopsided, I pulled the elimination/no elimination item into a separate poll

Favorite Performance

Favorite Finalist

Who SHOULD go home

Who WILL go home/Receive the lowest number of votes

Will a Contestant go Home This Week


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  1. Candice is still the best and no judge manipulation can change my mind about that. :)

  2. I’d be disappointed if IDOL finally got a female winner.. And it was Angie.

  3. Will somebody go home this week? It depends. If the lowest vote is Amber, no. If somebody else is, yes. ;)

  4. TPTB and judges can cram Amber down my throat but not in a million billion years i will root for her. Sorry!!

  5. I fear that tonight was the perfect setup for a Candice shock boot.  Everyone seems to be assuming that no one is going home this week which could cause fans to be complacent with voting.  The ridiculous overpimping of Amber & Angie + the OTP bussing of Kree=Candice slipping through the cracks-exactly what TPTB want in my opinion.  A Candice shock boot might generate a bit of buzz and it’ll just make the path towards Angie’s Idol victory that much easier.  Sigh…Candice was always destined to be Doolittle’d.

    Clearly TPTB are gunning for a Amber/Angie top 2.  They’ve both been overpimped IMO although Amber seems to be getting brunt of the backlash for it.  Angie just comes off so high school musical to me and her performances just seem so forced and not natural.  They’ve been trying to make Amber happen for weeks and I’m still not feeling her.  The potential is there but her performances don’t excite me.  I know people complained about all the standing ovations Josh got last year but I thought he deserved every one he got.  These two girls?  Not so much.  Meh…once Candice and Kree are gone I’m done with this season.  I’m barely hanging on as it is.  I have no interest in an Angie/Amber finale.

  6. Candice can sing circles, triangles, squares and hexagons around the other three. The judges need to stop being so superficial and biased toward Amber.

    Candice is talented, gorgeous and again, the best. I will be very, very sad if she isn’t the finals because of their crappy favoritism. :(

  7. On an irrelevant note….Finale Repeat Songs!
    Kree Harrison – Stars or Evidence
    Angie Miller – You Set Me Free
    Candice Glover – Love Song or Don’t Make Me Over.
    Amber – My Funny Valentine.

  8. Does anyone know if Ambers tweet to Skyler an hour ago was meant as a joke…?

  9. O and also they need to stop caking that make up on the contestants. When you compare it to what they were wearing in Vegas…. its unbelievable.

  10. Skyler posted this on twitter. Amber responded ” 1 month later…”

  11. why there are so many HATERS… candice and kree are not on their best performance tonight SO you should not get angry to other constestant because amber and angie stepped it up… YOU ALL HATERS MADE ME MAD!

  12. it is not set-up for candice it is really not the night of candice. because she have a FREE CHOICE to have a huge and big performance but she didnt executed it well. Kree didnt do well this night and I think she is in jeopardy because of that 2 performances.

  13. I just got to thinking-this is really the first week that either Candice
    or Kree have gotten negative comments from the judges. Its not like
    they have been getting the bus on a regular basis like some past
    contestants. I remember Angie getting criticism one or two weeks and
    Amber has had criticism also. I don’t think Kree and Candice deserved
    it, but they judges have loved them almost every week. Its not like they
    are getting the bus on a weekly basis.

  14. angie did well. i especially thought who you are was amazing and prob my fave of the night.
    kree and candice weren’t on the top of their game tonight, but it’s still a good game and the treatment of them by the judges/producers tonight was insulting to us as the viewers.
    they are overpimping an underbaked contestant, calling amber the next whitney/rihanna, totally current, etc, and she’s giving us emotionless old fashioned ballads that are twice her age. it’s infuriating!! slezak had me crcking up on twitter earlier because that’s pretty much how i feel…

    i don’t think anybody is going to go home tonight and votes will be carried, but AAHHHHHHH!!

  15. Becoz she is not that great like the judges tried to promote her. She is potential star.

  16. blech !! An Angie / Amber top 2 would make this the most underwhelming season finale in my remembrance ….I shudder at the thought.

  17. Then Michael Slezak sent him a YT of Candice covering The Cure (Love Song) and Adam just replied on how that gave him chills as well.

  18. I “liked” it too if that helps : )
    — and I would never buy her music..of course, I don’t, and more importantly, she doesn’t know what kind of record she will be making, if any.

  19. I know twitter followers mean little in terms of votes on the show and possible future sales, but it’s still interesting TPTB are pimping Amber so hard, because she has by far the fewest followers of any of the Top 4. Angie has over 100K followers, Candice 64+K, Kree 61+K and Amber 38+K.

  20. Anybody else toss votes to Candice/Kree? I just went with Kree because I know Candice will have support.

  21. Angie is very talented and may have a lot of twitter / facebook / youtube followers and views, but I question just how many of those will be shelling out their dollars for her music. It won’t be me. .

  22. Agreed about Candice and Amber. To paraphrase Mean Girls: “Judges, stop trying to make Amber happen! It’s never going to happen!”

  23. Not haters. I have been completely in the tank for Amber from the beginning. But her performances last night disappointed me greatly. And long term, I am still in the tank for Amber. For me, she has the most unique and interesting voice of any contestant this season. So, not haters. Instead, a lot of frustration.

  24. Right. That’s what I meant. These people are giving her bad guidance, if any guidance at all.

  25. Gee, I guess I don’t know music! I like Amber. Kree bores me even though she can “sang”. I feel like Kree has given the SAME performance each week? Candice great but seems to be slipping some. Angie seems to be bringing it more and more!…. Kinda feel like AMBER is the Kat McPhee of this season!(for those that remember that year-SEASON 5!) No matter what she does-the “internet” just don’t like her!?… BUT,that is ok-the voters pulled her thru and she made it in to finale/second place and is STILL around today….here is hoping!

  26. Well, another thought on JUDGES that seem to push Amber.(and I happen to agree with them!) Gee, they must know a bit about music being the 3 new ones kinda have success themselves in that area. They have sold alot/reached more than my opinion has…lol.

  27. I agree. Angie is the only one who consistently gets an emotional response from me. There is a certain anguish in her voice that is very moving.

  28. Adam Lambert is not his own audience. That anyone does sell out concerts worldwide is not evidence that they know why anyone else might or might not sell out concerts worldwide. Honest and successful people in the pop world will admit that they ultimately have no idea what sells and why. If people in Hollywood who have in the past made highly successful movies continue to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on movies that flop, what does that tell you about the knowledge and wisdom inherent in individual success? What may matter is that you might make decisions about what you yourself are going to listen to based on what gives Adam Lambert chills, rather than what your own ears tell you.

  29. I’m 3/4’s of the way through the show here….
    I am just not hearing what the judges are hearing…
    On the Kree/Amber duet, I didn’t get Nicki’s comments at all….. Kree sounded much better than Amber, she just has a much nicer tone to her voice, and Amber certainly didn’t interact with Kree anymore than Kree did with her. She certainly didn’t dominate like the judges said. Saying that, I thought this was the much better of the two duets.
    I thought Candace and Angie sounded bad on theirs, I love that song (when Adam sings it…), but didn’t think it sounded good with those 2.
    Have just listened to Macarthur park without watching, and Amber really didn’t sound good on the 2nd part of the song.
    I thought Nicki was very rude going on and on about Amber when she was supposed to be judging Candace.

  30. To me, Angie, Kree and Candice should be the Top 3. Amber is fine, but she’s just not as incredible as the other three.

  31. OK, Toto – I’m still in Kansas – nobody blew me away last night – and the Man Behind the Curtain was so busy spinning dials and manipulating levers, he neglected to focus on producing a good show. The Idolsphere is well and truly pithed, and the Producers may actually have invoked the infamous “Hell to the No!” Effect (see Season 7), where even the casual viewers revolt – – although it’s two weeks early for that.

    But it’s Top Four and TPTB are practically ‘standing’ on the scales – nothing so subtle as a thumb will do. Good Grief. But no one was ‘bringing it’ last night either, IMO – so I guess the judges had to work really hard, talking out of both sides of their mouths..

    I so didn’t care what the contestants were doing with the ‘current’ category, and that whole thing w/the One Hit Wonders As Defined By Idol’s Lexicon was just a basic Idol SNAFU – the operative part of that is “Situation Normal”…but interesting that they chose to put that segment second.

    I only checked in for three songs last night – and nobody really knew what to do with them – Two of the songs were from the era of psychedelic style opaque lyrics, and one was from a few decades earlier – why they were chosen, or who chose them, will remain one of Idol’s mysteries, but I thought maybe someone had a plan beyond singing ‘songs available on your radio.’ Nope.

    “MacArthur Park” was so ‘sincere’ it was painful – – Procul Harem with a country style vibe was such a disconnect, “The room was humming harder, and the ceiling flew away.” (That’s what probably ended up in Oz.) And “Cry Me a River” was just underwhelming, I didn’t believe she had even cried a small stream. – great possibilities lost.

    When one considers that Amber pulled that Jazzy blues take on “What Are You Doing For the Rest of Your Life” and Candice used it to great effect on “LoveSong”and “Ordinary People” – there’s even Kree’s “Help Me Make it Through the Night” to represent in the Blues lane – and the audience really, really liked those – the attempt by Angie to dabble in their territory with CMAR fell flat, for me. I didn’t believe her.

    And please – again with the Adele?

    So not good – the only poll I voted in was ‘nobody goes home’ – unless TPTB, those Great Blundering Buffoons, have another plan to fix their screw-up. Scary thought. How about “Judges Save” on the Top 2? That would be entertaining. (end/sarcasm)


  32. Get ready to be disappointed. My money is on America voting once again for white bread – and that would be Angie !!

  33. I would only ever purchase something from Kree. So many people say this and it sounds 100 % cliche, but I stop watching the day Kree gets voted off. I only watch for her anyhow. Love you, Kree! Go home Angie. Like now!

  34. I know we get emotional when the judges say negative things to our faves. I for one did think that Nikki was really off for Kree last night, but I have to admit that Kree has seemed a little stuck the last two weeks and though Candice has been vocally spectacular, she hasn’t been singing any thing since that Cure cover that would make me remember what she sang the next day. They are both falling prey to the same thing that happens with any good singer on this show. You peak early. Everyone is expecting each performance to be a moment. Really, timing is everything. I honestly think Angie is the front runner now. Not sure where the other three are. But she has been getting better and less cheesie, more authentic. Amber has also been improving. Her personality is coming out and she is taking some risks with her song choices. Idol has always liked growth arcs- seeing the winner rise up through the ranks. I think any one of these girls will make a fine winner.

  35. The difference between Amber and Katharine McPhee is that Kat actually had a solid voice. Amber the the “body type” that is marketable, but her voice is above average at best, and her facial expressions TO ME seem common. Living in NY and NJ my whole life I see Amber all the time – nothing special – a slightly above average looking woman, with an above average to pretty good voice.

  36. I agree with you about the Top 3, but I don’t get the hype about Angie either. Yes, she is cute and blonde and can write her own songs but she has not impressed me since her original song. I honestly, sincerely, do not get the hype. IMO both Kree and Candice can out sing and out perform Angie. Angie reminds me of Marie Osmond in the Weight Watchers commercial combined with the headline singer on a cruise I took some years ago. She in no way compares to past winners like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. Yes, she is likeable I suppose, and personality certainly does play a part in all this but this is supposed to be a singing competition. SINGING! Angie’s vocals have not been all that stellar or consistent. AND BY NO MEANS DO I THINK SHE WON LAST NIGHT OR ANY OTHER NIGHT OF THIS SEASON’S COMPETITION! I don’t see Angie as a headliner. I see her as an opening act. Maybe in a couple of years with more experience under her belt. Maybe she will become one of the “One-Hit Wonders” future contestants pick from (LOL!) If by some twist of fate the finale ends up being between Angie and Amber, I won’t watch for the second year in a row.

  37. Jeez. First of all. Power of Love is one of my fav songs of all time and Celine’s version is a cover which I don’t like. She’s not the original singer. I wish they would credit the correct person. Second, are these songs current or classic? The only current song I know is Who You Are. As much as these girls are talented, I felt I was in some concert with my parents.

    I though Kree tried very hard last night and for me it worked. I loved her voice. Candice was great but there was nothing new or exciting except for Stay. Angie’s Who You Are and Stay was the best. I found Cry Me a River something new for a Classic. I hope Angie wins. There I said it. Haters can vote down as much as they like.

  38. How can Amber be “so current” singing Celine and Candace not be singing Drake? Is it just me or is Amber’s vocal all over the place, On Macarthur Park her voice was not on point, how do you not hear that? Judging was so off base tonight. Feels, once again, like manipulation.

  39. I think a Candace/Kree or Candace/Angie finale would be great. I loved Candace and Angie singing together….that seemed like a great finale matchup!

  40. I agree, something is going on with Amber…it seems like she is just in it for herself. It definitely showed in the “duet” I agree about Kree.

  41. I so agree. Amber vocals need more training…sometimes she just loses it. The other three seem to have more control over their vocals.

  42. YOu should go over and read her twitter feed, if she hasn’t already deleted her negative comments….she just isn’t ready

  43. Understand your point. But the critiques IMO were unwarranted. Angie (shop around?) deserved those aforementioned negative critiques. But last night, Kree, Candice and Angie were all fantastic. As a viewer, just seems unfair to bus them now when there are only 4 left. (just to make Amber happen). I think that’s what bothers people most.

  44. I agree. Amber has a lot of potential, but it needs to be developed.

  45. Angie’s got a great voice, with a huge range and she does sing with emotion. Is she the best singer, I’ll agree no, but she’s the only one who is competitive, singing popular songs of this decade and trying to make it interesting week after week. For that I’d like her to win. Idol is not about the best singer as track record has shown. But I won’t go balistic (except maybe Amber) if Kree or Candice wins.

  46. Well she’s certainly the most traditional choice (girl next door, wholesome, likable, pretty but not overtly sexy, big voice) which makes her the most predictable. Still I don’t mind Angie. She’s not been a bad contestant, and her biggest problems (emotional connection, believability) will be solved when she’s singing her own material methinks.

  47. I agree, I think Angie is amazing and Candice and her match up well. I think they both are real fighters and I appreciate their artistry.

  48. I did not on who was the best or worst nor did I vote for who is going home because the ONLY poll you should have posted was the “Will a Contestant Go Home This Week?” poll (I voted no).

  49. I just want Candice in the Finale, as I worry she could get edged out by Kree and Angie or edged out by Angie and Amber. It seems the judges seem to favor an Angie/Amber Finale, the past 2 weeks …that seemed to be the sense I got from the judges and the producers, Jimmy etc.

  50. Yes Angie can sing and she knows how to play the Idol game well to get votes. But I just cannot connect with her and I find her performances not as emotional and heartfelt as what Candice and Kree can do. I also think Kree and Candice have been most consistent week in and week out since the start. I think they earned the finale, I truly do..nothing against Ang and Amber.

  51. I went with both. In fact, I activated my two Facebook accounts which I have not used in ages just to give my super votes to them.

  52. Candice is the one who gives me chills most week and for having a very bad cold, I think she did well this week.

  53. Me too, I really really wanted a Kree and Candice finale and I thought that was possible until last week and then it hit me, Angie will probably make finale…she is the only one I am sure of..but I hope I am wrong.

  54. Canndice is a better singe rthan Kree but I wouldn’t say she can sing circles aorund her. Plus, Angie isn’t technically perfect but she has her own style and can make some songs really work.

    Amber is the one subpar, with a generic singing style.

  55. Angie is the front runner. It will be her and Candice in the finale. Kree will take 3rd, Amber 4th. Both Kree and Amber have been in the bottom. No one who auditioned multiple times ever won and only once did someone who was in bottom won against someone who wasn’t – Ruben over Clay.

  56. I think Angie plays it very safe. She hasn’t really picked any out of the box songs, except maybe for the one by the Christian artist. And even though that might have been an unfamiliar song to those of us who aren’t familiar with CCM music, it was obviously a very familiar song to her.

    I will give her credit in that she probably has performed more songs that are recent (i.e., last 10 years) than the others. But she’s sung Jessie J 3 times and Beyonce twice (if I’m remembering correctly).

    She’s got a good (not great) voice with good (not great) range. And she is definitely a fighter. I think she is the one of the 4 who really really really wants to win. But personally I think she is getting too much praise for what have been some solid, but unremarkable, performances.

  57. Angie has a huge following on Twitter; almost twice as much as Candice. She is said to have the “Christian” vote, whatever that means. Having Colton as her friend also helps. She deserves TOP 3, but winner? I don’t think so.

  58. I love all of the girls even Amber. I would buy their music. What’s so great is that they are in the top 4 and that will help them get record deals! I think that regardless of who wins, amber will still be signed by interscope. kree could be signed to the same label that scotty and lauren are signed to. candice could be signed to interscope or roc nation (Jay-Z’s label). Angie probably will be signed to Interscope. So for all of you, don’t worry. I believe all of them will have a solid career after idol! is it just me or does it seems like kree belong in a country band like sugarland or lady antebellum?? lol

  59. Dial Idol Expert Opinions Poll has it 1. Candice, 2. Angie, 3. Kree, 4. Amber

  60. My favorites from the beginning! Angie and Candice have pretty much been my top two, although I also love Kree’s voice. I would be happy with a win from any of these talented artists.

  61. Eh, Colton had the “Christian” vote too last year, but he went out at #7. You need a lot more than the Christian vote to get this far and especially to win the show.

    It’s not like the other four girls are coming off as non-Christian like. Janelle was big in that department and she’s gone. From looking at twitter and listening to some of their comments, I get the same impression with Kree and Candice. IDK about Amber.

  62. I’m thinking Angie and Candice have been his two favorites from the start, since Hollywood Week.

  63. I didn’t think it was a particularly great night. Maybe several were sick/ tired. And what was Candice doing at the hospital with the kids if she had a bad cold????

    My favourites:

    1. Candice – not so much based on last night as every other night. I did like her in the duet.

    2. Kree – but she needs to lose those awful shoes and get some boots she can walk in and sing an actual country song and really get into it. For me, she is rarely engaged in the song, just in the singing if that makes sense.

    3. Amber – I really like what she can do but I see her more as a Haley-type singer than a Jessica-type singer. Plus she does have a lot of swagger – e.g. in the duet, Kree looked like the inexperienced singer (opposite of when Kree sang with Janelle a while back)

    4. Angela – sorry, for me she is way too often kind of yelling and not selling most of the songs and her voice just does nothing for me. I love Cry Me a River but not that performance.

    One other comment: I don’t like it when I can’t make out the words of the songs, and that seems to be happening a lot with several people.

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