American Idol 12- Mac’s Top 9 Power List

So, one may question why we have a power list at all at this point. I mean, didn’t we just see the rankings? Yes, but as X-Factor rankings proved, contestants can shift up or down a lot in the matter of a week. This is me trying to forecast what is coming on Idol, which is actually really hard to do.

9) Janelle Arthur- Let’s be honest about something. Her cover of Gone wasn’t great. She does get points for being the only person to sing an up tempo, but she’s by far the weakest female vocalist. She was also the lowest ranked at 6th place. i don’t trust her ability to choose appropriate songs for her voice, and I think the Lennon/McCartney songbook is an uphill battle for her. Couple that with both a desire from Jimmy and the Judges (that could be a rock group) to not judge her appropriately, and Janelle could be making a surprise exit this week. There are others who could also leave…

8) Burnell Taylor- I was as surprised as you were to see Burnell so low. I think he’s in a dangerous spot, close to the bottom, but not at the bottom as to trigger a rebound (like Devin will likely have this week). Song choice is crucial, and this is the guy who just did Flying Without Wings. I think he might absorb some of Curtis’s base, which could help him, but it really comes down to motivating people to call in for you. You can’t just keep hoping people remember your audition, you have to get people to phone in.

7) Paul Jolley- Paul was kinda lowish on the totem pole too, which says a lot about his potential in the competition. He also doesn’t have a solid track record with song choice. I think our boot this week will be either Janelle, Burnell, or Paul, and it will come down to whoever chose the most boring song (not necessarily the worst vocal). Sometimes, getting panned by the judges can be a good thing, and at least for Paul, he has gotten negative feedback before, whereas Burnell and Janelle seem to get empty praise.

6) Devin Velez- I don’t necessarily think Devin deserves to move up in the rankings, but I think there’s likely a rebound for him coming this week. Vocally, he sang Temporary Home well, it was just a boring song choice. Devin’s fanbase knows he’s in danger, and I think it’ll be enough to keep him safe this week.

5) Lazaro Arbos- I wouldn’t be surprised if Lazaro slipped a bit in the ranks this week. 4th place seemed a little high for him, given his Breakaway song wasn’t that great. I bet he sings Imagine for the 1,787th time on American Idol, and it won’t get people dialing their fingers off to save him.

4) Amber Holcomb- The little engine that could is trying very hard to prove that she’s not cannon fodder. Song choices like A Moment Like This, however, won’t get her to the finale. She seems to be playing the short game more than the long game, which could be a smart move, since there are three girls in front of her that seem impossible to knock out.

3) Angie Miller- She took a risk (Yes, a risk) choosing a boring Celine Dion ballad. It’s been done before, and done to death, and she risked bringing nothing to it. However, she brought an incredible vocal to the song, and proved she’s a legitimate contender in this. Points taken off for not being smart enough to know not to compare yourself to Kelly Clarkson in the interview.

2) Kree Harrison- I love Kree. I think she’s amazing, but I think Candice delivered the performance that everyone was talking about last week, so I had to pull Kree down a notch this week. It was a good week for Kree, and I think the Lennon/McCartney songbook will be very nice to her. Important to note: Kree has YET to close a show. You know it’s coming.

1) Candice Glover- Absolutely slayed I Who Have Nothing, despite two Idol favorites having already done their number one it. She delivered the vocal of the week, and will head into this next week carrying that buzz on her shoulders.

I think 7, 8, and 9 are the ones to watch this week, in terms of potential elimination. I think there is a potential save there, possibly two saves. It depends on their song choice though, because if it seems like America got it right, it won’t matter how much the judges like you. If you were actually the worst performance that week, you’re not getting the save. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below!

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