American Idol 12- Mac’s Top 6 Power List

I’m fighting a cold from hell, much in the same way America is fighting the occupation of Lazaro on American Idol. It just won’t go away! Maybe this week, I’ll get rid of my cold, and America will get rid of Lazaro?

6) Lazaro Arbos- Obviously. I’m not sure much more can be said. He’s overstayed his welcome, so even a good performance at this point wouldn’t turn the tide. Luckily for him, he hasn’t knocked any of the girls out. But if he did, there would be hell to pay, I’m sure. If Lazaro isn’t eliminated this week, the save will be used.

5) Amber Holcomb- I think she’s not doing great on votes, and last week was a precursor to her “save” this week (if Lazaro isn’t the lowest vote getter). Last weeks results was all about how Amber is amazing, will sell records, and is the next Whitney Houston. If you guys really felt that way about her, why did you fodder her? And, why hasn’t she made it in previous years? The next Whitney Houston would never have to wait multiple cycles to make the top 12 of Idol. The next Rihanna? Maybe.

4) Janelle Arthur- A bottom two showing last week puts into perspective her long term chances of winning Idol. The trend has been that the winners don’t ever hit the bottom, and now that Janelle has been there, we can take “win” off her to-do list. She might make the top 3, but I think even the finale is realistically out of her range.

3) Kree Harrison- She’s coasting now. She’s coming out, and delivering a solid vocal and good, but uninspired, song choices. She’s playing a very safe game, and I’m not sure it’s the best way to get to the finale. She’s a terrific singer who just needs to ramp it up.

2) Candice Glover- Amazing vocals, true. But I have to finally pull her down a bit after she failed to make America’s top 3. Do I think it was more “complacency” than “we don’t like her anymore”? Yes. I think her fans noticed that Lazaro beat her, and she’ll get a surge of votes this week. But the fact that she was able to drop out, and not Kree or Angie… means her long-term goal of winning the whole thing seems less likely. Is she destined to join her pal Joshua Ledet as a 3rd place finisher?

1) Angie Miller- A redemption arc, and Idol fans love a redemption arc. Was she the best last week? No. Was she LEAGUES better than the previous week? Yes. “Back in the game” and “in it to win it” are phrases usually used when this happens, and it puts her on a forward trajectory. Both her and Kree are the only two to remain in the “top 3”, and Angie has taken more risks, and has played instruments. Unless Kree has a game changer planned, and soon, Angie seems to be on track for the finale.

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