American Idol 12- Mac’s Top 4 Power Rankings

This column gets shorter and shorter each week as I continue to lose another contestant to write about. Last week I ranked Janelle in 5th place, and she went home. The week before, I had Lazaro. This week, I’m feeling very strongly about our results.

4) Amber Holcomb- She received a nice boost from being in the bottom, but the time has come for Amber. The good news is, they never used the save, and I’m sure they’re not moving the finale up a week, so Amber will likely get a reprieve since they love her so much. She’s been in the bottom the most, and the pattern seems to suggest this will be her third time in the bottom. This will probably save her from actually being eliminated in 4th place, and will give her another two weeks till she drops out in third.

3) Angie Miller- Kree has been in the bottom, and will see a boost. Candice has dipped out of the top 3 before, shockingly. The contestant perceived most as being “safe” at this point is probably Angie. However, her being from Boston, and the support she might get from that. But if there was a shock boot this week, it would be Angie.

2) Candice Glover- She’s not Kree Harrison right now. She’s got a huge fanbase though, and I think she’s going to make the finale. There’s not much more to say about Candice…

1) Kree Harrison- She was always in any “top” that was revealed to us, and then shockingly dipped to 4th place last week. She’ll be getting her fans voting for her this week, and she’s the most safe contestant in the top 4 this week. The question now is, will Kree be in the finale, or Angie?

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