American Idol 11 – Savannah Auditions – What the Critics Say

Here’s what the critics are saying about last night’s American Idol 11 premiere.

‘American Idol’ season premiere recap: On the Seacrest of a Wave – Oooooooo-ee! It’s back! The show we grew up with! Ha, hardly. But these kids — oh, these precious little kids. They all have American Idol scrapbooks and colorful poster boards about their American Idol obsessions that they probably made for class. Ohhhh they’re so young. You’re pretty old, you know? “Where were YOU when it all started?” Ryan Seacrest’s voice boomed out. I imagined him following that up with an enthusiastic yet mocking, “Which single-digit age were YOU in 2002? Hello? Ma’am?” – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

American Idol Season 11 Premiere Recap: Midnight in the Garden of Good & Bad Auditions

Season 11 of American Idol kicked off with a reminder that, like East German Olympic speed-skaters of the 1970s, this year’s crop of contestants has been groomed for singing-competition glory with scientific rigor and a singular focus. They’ve been listening to renditions of “A Moment Like This” and “Flying Without Wings” from inside their mothers’ wombs. They executed their first Whitney Houston-style runs before the age of three. And if they’re not up to following in Scotty McCreery’s footsteps, then by golly, at the very least they can ably replace Ryan Seacrest — at half the cost and with three times the energy.

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‘American Idol,’ Season Premiere, Part 1: TV Recap – It seems like only yesterday Scotty McCreery was named “American Idol,” but it’s that time again. Tonight, Savannah was the city that kicked it all off when part one of the premiere of the 11th season aired. And just like last year, the judging team of Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez didn’t hold back with the wanna-be-Idols – 10,000 of them lined the streets hoping for a shot. For those who got their time in the spotlight, it was a mixed bag, with some standouts, some disasters and some classic Steven commentary. – Read more at WSJ

‘American Idol’ recap: season 11, audition city #1: Savannah/Charleston – Typically, “Idol” tries to put its best foot forward with the strongest city up front, since this episode some years is the highest rated of the year, short of the finale. And Savannah is very very strong. Forty-two singers make it through.We hear 16 of them. Best of the lot is kept for the end of the two hours: Phillip Phillips from Leesburg. The country boy seems destined not only for Hollywood but for the final 12.- Read more at

It’s back! ‘Idol’ returns with the same winning formula – “American Idol” is back, and it’s the exact same show that you remember. Which was pretty much the entire point of the season 11 premiere. As the extended introduction pointed out, the show has been around long enough that the current contestants have been watching it since they were in elementary school. Teenagers with musical abilities grew up dreaming of becoming the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. Whether that makes you happy about the show’s staying power or depressed at the state of the music industry, “Idol’s” place in popular culture over the past decade is part of what makes it a hit every year. – Read more at MSNBC

‘American Idol’ Season 11 Premiere Recap: They Grow Up So Fast – Hey, want to feel instantly ancient? Then just watch the first five minutes of this week’s Season 11 (yes, ELEVEN) “American Idol” premiere, and find out that many of this year’s contestants would answer Ryan Seacrest’s question “Where were you when it all started?” with “in diapers/preschool/the womb.” Watching home movie after home movie of this year’s extremely young “Idol” hopefuls (some of whom almost made last year’s Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina look elderly) toddling in onesies in front of their rabbit-eared TV sets singing along to Kelly Clarkson’s old “Idol” performances, or competing in “Idol”-inspired elementary school talent recitals, was a real wakeup call for longtime “Idol” viewers of, ahem, a certain age: – Read more at Reality Rocks

American Idol – Savannah Auditions – We’re back for more silliness and singing with Season 11 of Idol. I wouldn’t have minded tonight’s audition episode if it wasn’t two hours long. No reality show needs to be two hours long, especially one that’s as boilerplate as Idol auditions, not to mention an episode as relatively bland as tonight’s. What I mean by that is that Steven Tyler didn’t curse or molest anyone: in fact, he was the molestee at one point. If we’re gonna have two hours, we at least should be talking about whether it’s appropriate for a grandma his age to be assaulting young talent, but there was none of that, aside from him telling retired baseball player Joe Magrane that the city of Savannah is “Hot, humid and happening, just like your daughter.” – Read more at the AV Club

American Idol’ Recap: Savannah Smiles With a Ryan Seacrest Double and Standout Phillip Phillips – Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are back for the 11th season of American Idol. It’s time for more theatrics, screeching voices, powerhouse vocals and the next big star. Are you ready? – Read more at OK

‘American Idol’ Recap: New Season, New Faces, Same Old Steven Tyler – Welcome to the 11th season of American Idol, or as judge Randy Jackson insists on calling it, “Season One One.” Just because he’s a judge doesn’t mean we have to make that a thing, right? This season of Idol kicks off by reminding the viewers how very, very long this show has been on the air. It’s been on so long that some of this year’s participants can’t remember a time when Idol wasn’t on the air. In short: You’re old. – Read more at Rolling Stone

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