American Idol 11 – Aspen Auditions – What the Critics Say

Check out a round-up of recaps from around the net. What are the critics and pundits saying about last night’s American Idol auditions in Aspen. Read more below!

‘American Idol’ recap: Got Any Aspen? – Welcome to Colorado — a wonderfully placid landscape in which many species thrive — bull testes on plates, cows, the “frightening and homeless,” and a person whose job is to shake dirty fake snow over Ryan Seacrest. At least that guy probably doesn’t have a twin brother who specializes in shimmering sleet. But if he had, and if he’d done a weepy confessional including the line “I’ve spent my whole life living in the shadow of his saltshaker figure,” this episode might have been a lot more compelling. – Entertainment Weekly

American Idol Aspen Auditions Recap: Escape to Pitch Mountain – Quick! What did you have for lunch on the second Tuesday of January 2012? If the best you can come up with is “urrmm, a sandwich?” or “something I reheated in a Tupperware dish, maybe with sauce?”, chances are that in a few weeks’ time, you’ll be having similar recall problems regarding American Idol‘s exceedingly pedestrian Aspen audition episode. – TV Line

‘American Idol,’ Season 11, Episode 4, Aspen: TV Recap – A little rock music for the Rocky Mountains of Aspen as “American Idol” auditions continued tonight.
It’s hard to say what was more exciting for a 24-year-old music teacher: kissing Steven Tyler on the lips or getting a golden ticket to Hollywood. Jenny Schick might consider easing up on the caffeine, but she rocked “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar and not just Steven loved it. – Wall Street Journal

‘American Idol’ recap: season 11, audition city #4 Denver/Aspen – Aspen is a beautiful, scenic town. The talent? Not so beautiful. At least for us viewers. Sure, we heard nine folks who made it through but I’m not sure if any of them will make it to the final 24. (Thirty one got Hollywood tickets, the fewest so far of the four cities we’ve seen.) Nobody really impressed me though I wouldn’t mind hearing more of Jenni Schick and Devan Jones. – Atlanta Journal Constitution

‘American Idol’ Season 11 Aspen Auditions: High and Mostly Dry – Do these people know or care what they’re auditioning for anymore? That’s what I thought while watching Iowa’s bizarre Magic Cyclops, who spoke like a member of Spinal Tap and looked like a cross between Axl Rose and Slash and had an accent as phony as Madonna’s (learned from watching the BBC on PBS, as his explanation went). He sent Randy Jackson straight to the latrine. – Hollywood Reporter

‘Idol’ in Aspen: Magic Cyclops & Glitter Queens & Sausages, Oh My! – For several episodes now, “American Idol” viewers have whined and moaned that Season 11 has been too light on “crazy” auditions. Where are all the William Hungs, Larry Platts, and Norman Gentles this season? Well, rubbernecking trainwreck-lovers in TV land had their prayers answered during Wednesday’s Aspen episode, in the form of an air-guitaring rock ‘n’ roll messiah named Magic Cyclops. The guy was like the “Idol” version of Andrew WK, and he came to party hard indeed. Everything that came out of this dude’s mouth–other than his singing, of course, which was admittedly awful–was pure television gold. The guy practically out-Tylered Steven Tyler, he was so nutty. And so awesome. – Yahoo Music

Aspen Auditions – American Idol Aspen brought us our first two good freaks of the season on Idol. Tonight we met Magic Cyclops, the Sp?nal Tap-style singer in sunglasses and a bandanna who claimed to speak with a British accent because growing up he was so poor his parents could only afford PBS. I got a kick out of Cyclops (not to mention the fact that Jennifer Lopez seemed to catch onto his jokes a lot quicker than Randy did) and wasn’t very surprised to find out that in his spare time he’s more than just a guy looking for his 15 minutes of fame. – AV Club

American Idol 11 Auditions: Catch some ZZZZs in Asspen – Does anyone know why American Idol held auditions in Apsen this year? It’s not as if anything actually happens in Aspen and Jennifer Lopez doesn’t do cold weather. Hell, I can’t even imagine Randy Jackson donning North Face unless Mariah or Journey told him to do it for a video. Steven Tyler would have to wear layers — not just 3 silk animal-print scarves. Those don’t count. Nah, Steven Tyler would have to get bundled up to go to the mountains. Even Ryan Seacrest looks out-of-place in that dark grey winter coat, as nice as it is, he just looks like he’s about do to some on-the-spot guidance at a cassette tape factory outside Pyongyang.- Top Idol Blog

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