American Idol 10 Top 8 Results Recap Roundup

‘Something Pitchy:’ ‘American Idol’ Has Us Singin’ the Blues

Find out what myself, Rickey Yaneza ( and MJ Santilli (MJ’s Big Blog) think the remainder of the season holds and more importantly, how we’ll get through it, in this bummed out, post-Top 8 elimination edition of AOL’s ‘American Idol’ talk show, ‘Something Pitchy!’

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Live at American Idol: Hot New Couple Alert…Casey and Haley?!

Spring is here and love is in the air. The Idol contestants have been living together for weeks now, so it’s not a total surprise that romance has blossomed between two of the singing star hopefuls. We’ve heard a buzzing rumor that Haley and Casey are more than just friends, but tonight they weren’t hiding their affection!

As judge Randy Jackson would say, they “slayed” their duet, but the happy smiles didn’t last long when Haley was sent to the bottom three. After Kelly Clarkson performed, she openly admitted to crushing on Casey. However, after Kelly snapped pics with Randy, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, Casey didn’t hang out by the couch in hopes of snagging a hug and a smile. Instead he crossed the stage to Haley to give her a pep talk, and from the look on Casey’s face it didn’t look like just a friendly gesture.


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‘American Idol’ on the scene for Top 8 elimination show: Celebrities and Idols and celebrities, oh my!

American Idol is about the contestants, of course. But when you’re inside the Idoldome — especially amongst the throngs of fans who’ve come from the depths of the country for a little taste of Hollywood glamour, and especially when its a results night where one of their beloved potential Idols will bite the dust — it’s also about something else, something that somehow evokes something happier and more indulgent: the celebrities. And what a glittery, star-studded night at American Idol it was last night: Rihanna! Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean! Rob Reiner (yet again)! Chaka Kahn! Anita Baker! Mary Hart! And, of course, there were the regulars: Ryan Seacrest! Steven Tyler! Randy Jackson! Jennifer Lopez!


‘American Idol:’ 15 Things You Didn’t See on Thursday’s Show

1. At the very beginning of the show, fans are excited to see last week’s eliminated contestant Pia Toscano walk in and sit in the audience to enjoy the show. I am not sure that 13-year-old girls are deciding the results each week, but I do think people want entertainers as well as great vocals. That being said, the talent this year is amazing, and in another season, Pia could have surely taken the title (like last year, for example. Ahem, Lee Dewyze).


‘American Idol’ recap: Guy’s Night Out

After last week’s Pi-limination, there was no way tonight’s results show was going to pack the same kind of drama. Which is why I’m going to deliver some drama right now. Dear “members of the Idol family, ” I’m not Annie Barrett. She could not do tonight’s recap for personal reasons and asked me to fill in for her on keyboard. Computer keyboard, that is. (Don’t worry. That was my first and last music/computer joke of the night.) I secretly think she wanted me to recap tonight’s episode because she thought Haley was going to go home after her hideous rendition of “Call Me” and she wanted to stick it to me because she knows how much I love Haley. Well, suck it, Barrett because, La Lopez and I are sick of the ladies going home.


American Idol Recap: There’s Only One Sure Way to Get Him to Go…

Sitting through American Idol‘s Top 8 results-show telecast was kind of like going to a modern-day multiplex where your every whim can be satisfied. There was the animated tearjerker about the bright-eyed woodland creature who’d been in captivity too long and yearned to escape to wide open spaces. There was the horror flick about the (sexy) zombie who refused to die. There was the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-esque thriller about a kick-ass heroine overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And there was even a sweet teen romance — or was it supposed to be a brother-and-sister comedy? — with a somewhat muddled marketing campaign.

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‘American Idol’ 2011: Paul pays the piper

A staggering 53 million votes were cast Wednesday night, “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest announces at the start of Thursdays results show.

In other big news, they’ve done away with the Group Sing again – thank you “American Idol”!

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‘American Idol:’ Top 8 Elimination, Rihanna, and Kelly Clarkson Recap

After last week’s gonzo results show, ‘American Idol’ fans were prepared for anything, but tonight’s sendoff felt more like a listless airport ‘goodbye’ than a traumatic, premature separation of the kind we experienced last Thursday night.

Somehow, the pecking order seems to have been restored … for the time being. But before we get to that, in the spirit of Ryan Seacrest, let’s drag things out a bit and take a look back at how the evening unfolded.

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‘Idol’ sends McDonald and his flashy jackets packing

It took six weeks, but a guy actually got kicked off “American Idol” on Thursday.

And no, it wasn’t Stefano Langone.

Instead, Paul McDonald became the first of the six “Idol” men eliminated. The Alabama native with a voice swiped from Rod Stewart and jackets purloined from Liberace’s closet was praised nearly every week for his unique voice, but the combination of an unfavorably early timeslot and a forgettable vocal of “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” was enough to make him the lowest vote-getter.


The Day Fun Dancing Died: American Idol 10 Top 8 Results Show

Another night of shiny happy American Idol, except someone has to go home even though everyone is soooo talented and no one should go home. But someone will be going home because NOT EVERYONE CAN STAY. Herein lies the dilemma of the tenth season of American Idol. And Jennifer Lopez, who almost looked good last night, is dressed up like something that fell off the back of a truck. Gold? Tassels? Seriously? Guess Miss Thing thinks she can make anything look good after getting her publicist to buy an arbitrary People Magazine title. Not so. Just like orange-red lipstick really doesn’t look good on anyone. Orange-red lipstick is a lie told by Wet ‘n’ Wild.


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