American Idol 10 Las Vegas/Green Mile Recap Roundup

‘American Idol’ recap: Hello Beatles, Goodbye Dreams

Five of the 24 semifinalists were announced and five more headed home, so Fox has two whole hours tonight to deal with the life and death of just a few more trembling teens. (We are all teens at heart, and occasionally in mind.) We can rest assured Idol will find more tremendous ways to fill the dead air — perhaps “vocal coach from hell” Peggi Blu will get a half hour all to herself, and I think at least a whole segment should be devoted to Ashley Sullivan blubbering from a lonely jail cell about where she might have “hidden” her new husband. Spoiler alert: He’s dead.



American Idol Recap: Woman on the Verge of a Judging Breakdown

It was a tale of two telecasts tonight on American Idol. Act One found the sanctity of marriage getting punched in the kidney by a pair of cravem fameosexuals (even worse than it sounds), a grizzled clairvoyant predicting the untimely death of a pair of wide-eyed teenage contestants (much funnier/more inspirational than it sounds), and Randy Jackson offering perhaps the worst advice of his 10-season Idol tenure (no small accomplishment, that). Act Two (aka The Jennifer Lopez Empathy Hour) was most notable for revealing five of the 24 season 10 semifinalists, ousting a contestant whose backstory was far more impressive than his singing voice, and ending with a rhetorical question disguised as a cliffhanger. “Will Jennifer find the strength to continue?” asked Ryan Seacrest in his enthusiastic-puppy-newscaster voice. Um, is the obscene pileup of diamonds on the lady’s ring finger worth more than your annual salary?

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American Idol Drowns Itself in Drama

Last night’s American Idol was a weirdly bifurcated episode, thanks to the intense drama that went down during the taping of what’s known as the “Green Mile” episode—where the pool of hopefuls is reduced to 24 semifinalists—last week. Earlier in the show’s production process the powers that be made a big deal about bringing a bunch of contestants to Las Vegas for the purpose of flogging the show’s access to the Beatles catalog and the Fab Four-showcasing Cirque du Soleil extravaganza Love, not to mention getting hands-on time with producers of the moment like Darkchild and Alex Da Kid as well as chief mentor (and Interscope guru) Jimmy Iovine. The episode airing tonight was supposed to devote two hours to the hemi-demi-semifinalists teaching themselves Beatles songs by in pairs and trios; those who succeeded were then brought to the next stage in the competition, where they had to walk the long (but not winding) road to the three judges and find out whether or not they’d made it to the Top 24. But on Tuesday, Nigel Lythgoe said that the highers-up at Fox forced Idol to ditch that plan:



‘Idol’ Meets the Beatles With Mixed Results

The season 10 contenders still standing all boarded a bus bound for Vegas on Wednesday night’s episode. Their first stop: Cirque Du Soleil’s Love stage, where all 61 hopefuls were tested on their Beatles prowess (many failed), and later, a “spectacular hangar” (Seacrest said it) transformed into the court of judgment. Gone was the long elevator ride, replaced by a new Green Mile catwalk, but the results remained the same: 24 would go through, the rest were headed home.



Vegas is far from fun and games for ‘Idol’

Ten singers found out their semifinal fates on Wednesday’s episode, but the one everyone is talking about is Chris Medina. Medina got a lot of attention during his audition when he told the story of how he’s standing by his fiancée after a car accident left her with brain damage and confined to a wheelchair, but he was one of the five cut on Wednesday’s episode.



‘American Idol’ Las Vegas Round Recap

The task at hand as our 61 remaining ‘American Idol’ hopefuls head to Las Vegas? Learn and perform (well) a Beatles classic within 24 hours as part of a duo/trio. A challenge that’s particularly difficult if you’ve somehow managed to live through the median ‘Idol’ age of 21 years without hearing a single Beatles song. Maybe bootcamp-style vocal coach Peggi Blu was right, “you are going to die out there.”

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‘Idol’ Top 24 Cuts: Tears & Loathing In Las Vegas

OK, let’s cut to the chase. Wednesday’s “American Idol” episode was two hours long, but all America will be talking about is the five minutes when early favorite Chris Medina, the nice guy with the brain-damaged fiancée whose sob story captured the hearts of millions, was axed in what Ryan Seacrest unhyperbolically described as the most emotional elimination in “Idol” history.

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‘American Idol’ Reveals First Batch Of Top 24

On Wednesday night’s (February 23) show, “Idol” trekked from Hollywood to Las Vegas — where the 61 remaining contestants were hacked down to just 40 — and then back to the show’s hometown of Los Angeles, where, at long last, the voyage came to a close with the unveiling of the 24 singers who will compete for this season’s crown … or, at least, that’s what we were told.



American Idol’: The Beatles Survive — But Will a Sobbing J.Lo Be Back?!

An exotic locale, a wedding ceremony and Jennifer Lopez erupting into sobs — this “Idol” episode was just one action sequence away from a blockbuster movie. For the first time ever, the penultimate round of Hollywood Week was relocated to the Mirage in Las Vegas, where judges felt the pressure of narrowing the remaining 61 hopefuls down to a more manageable 24.

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American Idol Heads to Las Vegas

“American Idol” opens Wednesday with some good news and some bad news.

The good news: the singers who survived Hollywood Week are are going to Vegas. Okay, they’re going by bus, but still…

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‘American Idol’ Season 10, Hollywood Round 4: TV Recap

Hollywood Week went to Vegas, but some folks were leaving Las Vegas on a sour note on tonight’s American Idol. It was a two-part show – a few were sent packing in the first hour, some were guaranteed a slot in the final 24 in the second hour. The rest – we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear all of the names of the final group.

And you won’t believe who cried on this emotional night. Nope, not a contestant.

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‘American Idol’: Jennifer Lopez Has A Breakdown While Shaping The Top 24

Why so glum, Jennifer Lopez? Your new RedOne-produced dance jam “On The Floor” is the #2 song on iTunes! Oh, right—this was the week on American Idol where the remaining 61 contestants were shipped off to Las Vegas to perform songs by the Beatles, whittled down to 40, then carted back to L.A. so the group could be pared down again to 24. That’s gotta be rough on a pop diva. And it was! Read on.



American Idol, Season 10: A Few People We Like, A Lot Of People We Hate

But anyway, this show! They actually somewhat care whether people can sing or not! The big news coming out of last night’s show was that Chris Medina, the Chicago guy whose fiancee had a traumatic brain injury, got cut from the top 24 and took it like a grown-up, smiling through it while Jennifer Lopez went into some sort of attention-seizing teary breakdown. The show ended with a cliffhanger: We’re supposed to be worried whether she can keep going on the show after delivering this deathblow. But honestly, breakdown aside, thank god things happened the way they did. Medina seems like a nice kid and all, but he’s also a powerfully boring Christian-rock hack who, just on this show, jumped on a prop bed during a performance and brutalized Coldplay’s “Fix You” by yelling at it. And the way the show handled his story was so hackneyed and so ferociously offensive that I found myself just hating the guy through no real fault of his own. I’d assumed he’d make the top five this season just on the strength of his hyped-to-death back story. But no: His new legacy is that he’s the shitty version of infamous late cut Josiah Leming. Sometimes, things just work out right.

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Tears & Loathing in Las Vegas: American Idol 10 Green Mile #1

Last week’s American Idol brought us closer…but we’re not there yet. There are 61 contestants left. 2 or 3 busloads of warbling hopefuls setting forth through the desert to the neon pastures of Las Vegas and a catalog of Beatles songs.

The Green Mile part 1. Its not so much a mile, nor is it green. Its more like the length of an airplane hangar, apparently, cold, dank, gray. Much like Jennifer Lopez’s heart, although she doesn’t want you to know these things. And I’ve read all the spoilers of this show so its all kind of anticlimactic…

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Vegas Round Recap: SING, DAMMIT!

I don’t have much to say today because what can you say about people in chairs? But at least the Vegas rounds produced some entertainment. My new favorite Idol character made her first appearance: Peggi Blu. Peggi, the vocal coach, yells at Thia Megia and says, “Sing, dammit!” She tells Thia and Melinda whateverhernameisnoonecaresbecauseshe’scut that they’re going to die on stage because they suck so bad. I will be completely disappointed if Peggi is not around every single week to do the same thing. Hire her now, Idol, and reap the rewards.

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‘American Idol’ Recap: The Top 24 Begin To Emerge From Sin City

Ever watch “American Idol” and think, “You know, I like watching amateurs perform, but I wish I could watch them sing four seconds of a Beatles song surrounded by oversized props on a hydraulic-enhanced stage”? Well, Wednesday night’s (February 23) new Vegas round episode was just for you.

It was supposed to be a full two hours of people saying they’ve never heard of the Beatles, Steven Tyler waxing poetically about living in “Beatle Land” and awkward Seacrest interviews set in a makeshift Coca-Cola/Ford room that got integrated marketing execs horny. But then Jennifer Lopez had to go and have a meltdown when she told Chris Medina that he wasn’t good enough to be on the show and producers said, “Eh, let’s chop out that boring Vegas singing part. Who watches ‘Idol’ for the music anyway?”

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