America’s Got Talent 2011 – Quarterfinals Part 4

It’s the last week of the quarter-finals on America’s Got Talent. I’d like to say this phase of the competition went out with a bang, but unfortunately– No.  There was some solid talent on stage tonight, but nothing that made me go “Wow”.

The acts going through tomorrow will probably be: Team iLuminate, Yellow Designs Stunt Team, Fatally Unique and Avery and Calico Hearts.

The Kinetic King

Kinetic King spent 36 hours setting up an elaborate labyrinth of cards, designed to fall like dominoes when a trigger is set off.  Not only did the act fail, but it failed spectacularly. I’m surprised the dude didn’t flip out when all went wrong. Instead, he looked completely perplexed as he tried frantically to get the trick  to work. After it became clear his act was a failure, he went nuclear on his set up (with the help of Nick Cannon). Sadz.

Zuma Zuma

After these painted, manly warriors did their pole dance, Piers said “This is the way men SHOULD pole dance, “–an obvious diss of the beautiful, but  “feminine” stylings of Steven Retchless. Piers is clinging to an old-fashioned notion of what it means to be a man. After all, America voted Steven through to the semi-finals. Zuma Zuma will probably bite the dust.  It’s 2011 Piers, and time to get with it.

Avery and the Calico Hearts

Ugh. These over-rehearsed little munchkins made my teeth hurt. I couldn’t help but get an image of Joe Jackson-like parents lording over these little girls until they got it right. Toddlers and Tiaras indeed. Sadly, this over-polished act will probably make it through to the semis.

Charles Peachock

Charles is like the Stefano Langone of America’s Got Talent. A juggler who plays the piano with tennis balls, things didn’t  get interesting until he striped down to his chiseled abs to perform “Jailhouse Rock”.

Sam B

I think the idea of Sam B’s “dance” act,   is that it’s so bad it’s good. I just thought it was bad. Really bad.

Taylor Davis

There were a slew of white guy singers the judges could have put through to the quarter finals, but the best ones were left on the chopping block in Vegas. My theory is that the producers DON’T want another singing white guy to win. Sharon felt Taylor should have picked a song that the audience was familiar with.  Taylor’s song, “Falling Slowly” has been sung twice on American Idol, first by Season 8 winner, Kris Allen, and again by Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze and runner-up Crystal Bowersox.  I think, at this point, America is familiar with “Falling Slowly”.   Taylor was no Kris Allen, but the judges’ criticisms were harsher than he deserved.  They were downplaying his performance.  AGT is clearly done with strummy white guys for now.

Melissa Villasenor

This female comedian has a great ear–her impressions were pretty canny. Unfortunately, the routine she devised to showcase them was lamer than lame.

Scott Alexander

Scott makes a gospel choir disappear. Yawn. Next.

Fatally Unique

This dance troupe has solid skills. But what will probably advance them to the next round is how they come across as triers with heart. I think America will respond to that and put them through to the semi-finals.

Yellow Designs Stunt Team

These guys, who do stunts on BMX bikes are pros, but the act was way too busy–all the stuff going on around them distracted from the tricks, which should have been showcased to speak for themselves.

Frank Miles

This dude’s knife act was clever.  Too bad it didn’t work.  His attempt to plow on as if the act worked perfectly was a little pathetic, because that dart completely missed that jelly donut. Fail.

Team iLuminate

This act features dancers who light up and appear to fly in the air–kind of like last year’s Fighting Gravity, only with lights instead of black light.  The act was pretty to look at, but nothing spectacular. The team leader’s cancer survivor backstory will likely guarantee them a place in the semis.

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