The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 4 Discussion and Recap

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The eight teams wake up in tents before starting the next leg. Misti and Jim won the last leg of the race, so they’re the first to depart. They find out their next destination: Copenhagen, Denmark.  They’re followed by the rest of the teams and no one is booking a flight yet. However, Misti and Jim have already made reservations over the phone.

Kym and Alli, Brooke and Robbie, and Tim and Te Jay bought tickets at the airport while the rest of the teams (except Misti and Jim) go to a travel agency.  Some teams are together, but Tim and Te Jay and Shelley and Nici are behind due to delayed flights.

The teams must drive to Sweden to get their next clue. However, they’re only allowed to use a certain amount of gasoline. Kym and Alli are currently in first place as the plane has landed in Denmark and they learn they must drive to Sweden. Since they were able to drive to their location by using very little gasoline, they get their next clue. They find out they have a Detour to complete: “Parking Space” or “Wedding Cake.” They must drive back to Copenhagen and can either construct a living room parklet in under thirty minutes by a sidewalk or build a wedding cake and deliver it on a bicycle and return to the bakery to get their next clue.

Kym and Alli choose to do the “Parking Space” Detour due to the involvement of bikes (they’re professional cyclists). Meanwhile, Misti and Jim have not driven efficiently to Sweden and must answer a geography question to get their next clue. The other teams are behind them driving to Sweden as well.

Brooke and Robbie used too much gas, but Keith and Whitney drove efficiently and choose the wedding cake task. Adam and Bethany and Amy and Maya used too much gas. However, the teams answer the geography question. Adam and Bethany choose the wedding cake task while Amy and Maya choose the parking space task.

Kym and Alli have delivered their wedding cake, but they forgot their receipt. They must go back for it, which is too bad since they were in the lead. They were the only team working on a Detour at this point. However, they find the receipt just outside the building, so they did not lose a lot of time. They complete the Detour and are currently in first place. They learn that they must drive to Ida Davidsen restuarant to find their next clue.

Meanwhile, Misti and Jim are beginning the “Parking Space” Detour. Adam and Bethany, Keith and Whitney, and Brooke and Robbie are working on the “Wedding Cake” Detour as Amy and Maya join Misti and Jim at the parking spaces.

Tim and Te Jay did not drive efficiently, but answered the geography question without any help. Shelley and Nici did drive efficiently and make their way to the parking spaces.

Kym and Alli are now at the Roadblock. One team member must work as a server in a restaurant and memorize four orders without writing it down. Kym chooses to do the Roadblock and she’s not confident she’ll do well. Meanwhile, Keith and Whitney, Adam and Bethany, and Brooke and Robbie are struggling delivering the cakes due to the cakes collapsing along the way. Bethany wants to switch Detours. Keith and Whitney switch Detours too.

Misti and Jim check their parklet, but they do not pass. They must redo the task. Kym successfully does the waitress task and gets the next clue. Kym and Alli can now make their way to the Pit Stop: VM Houses.

Bethany and Adam and Keith and Whitney arrive at the parking spaces Detour while Brooke and Robbie successfully deliver their wedding cake. Meanwhile, Amy and Maya are successful at their parklet and are now in second place. Bethany and Adam do not pass, but Keith and Whitney do. Keith and Whitney are now in fourth place (Brooke and Robbie are currently in third).

Misti and Jim fail again and they switch to do the other Detour. Meanwhile, Kym and Alli arrive at the Pit Stop and are Team #1! They each win a new car. Back at the Roadblock, Maya, Robbie, and Whitney do the serving task for their respective teams. Tim and Te Jay and Shelley and Nici have finally arrived at the Detour and join Bethany and Adam at the parking spaces Detour.

Maya successfully does the Roadblock and gets the clue to the Pit Stop. They are in second place now. Robbie and Whitney are successful too, making their teams in third and fourth place respectively.

Bethany and Adam finally complete the Detour, but Tim and Te Jay complete it right afterwards. They are now in fifth and sixth place. Meanwhile, Misti and Jim get their cake inspected and they do not pass. The cake is missing something, which is a tiny flag that fell off while they were delivering it.

Brooke and Robbie check-in as Team #2 at the Pit Stop. They are followed by Keith and Whitney, who are Team #3. Te Jay and Adam do the Roadblock as Shelley and Nici pass the Roadblock just as Amy and Maya greets Phil as Team #4.

Shelley and Nici arrive at the Roadblock while Adam and Misti are working on it (Te Jay passed already). But Adam passes it, yet Misti gets it wrong again. Tim and Te Jay greets Phil as Team #5. Nici successfully finishes the Roadblock, meaning Misti and Jim are currently in last place.

Adam and Bethany and Shelley and Nici are driving to the Pit Stop as Misti finally completes the Roadblock.

Shelley and Nici are Team #6, but they have a meltdown. The mother and daughter team were bickering all day long, and Nici got extremely affronted when Shelley did not tell her to turn into the Pit Stop when she saw it, allowing Nici to drive right past it before they greeted Phil.

Adam and Bethany are Team #7. Misti and Jim check-in last, but it’s a non-elimination leg, so they get to hold on to their Save.

Episode Summary

1st place: Kym and Allie (Each won a new car)

2nd place: Brooke and Robbie

3rd place: Keith and Whitney

4th place: Amy and Maya

5th place: Tim and Te Jay

6th place: Shelley and Nici

7th place: Adam and Bethany

8th place: Misti and Jim

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