Amazing Race Season 23 Episode 2 Discussion and Recap *Updated with Polls*

Welcome back for another episode of Amazing Race.

I will be back later tonight form my recap and as always feel free to discussion the episode and show below!

Last Weeks Results:

  1. Tim Sweeney and Marie “Reebs” Mazzocchi (Team Exes)
  2. Nicole and Travis Jasper (Team ER)
  3. Rowan Joseph and Shane Partlow (Team Bingo)
  4.  Chester Pitts II and Ephraim Salaam (The NFLers)
  5. Nicky Getz and Kim DeJesus (Team Baseball Wives)
  6. Ally Mello and Ashley Covert (Team Ice Girls)
  7. Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran (The Cousins)
  8. Jason Case and Amy Diaz (Team Plow)
  9. Tim Wiyninger and Danny Merkey (Team BFF)
  10. Brandon Squyres and Adam Switzer (Team Beard)

Eliminated: Hoskote and Naina Venkatesh


After some internet and lap top issues I am ready to go and recap the Amazing Race. It’s the start of the second leg as Team Exes get started. They start early in the morning which means all teams will pretty much be even.

They have to make their way to the deck of the Museo Corbeta Esmeralda and get their next clue from the Officer of the day. And I am correct since they cannot access the deck onto 7:15am so all teams will be even.

There is an early alliance between Team Ice Girls and The Cousins. At the deck Team Exes are trying to get everyone to get in a line in the order they arrived which Team NFLers and The Cousins think is crazy. When the deck opens everyone just takes off running to the board. They have to find a saying and say it to the officer in Spanish for their next clue.

Team ER tried to play the birthday card to get the second Express Pass but Team Exes didn’t really seem to be jumping on it. It looks like they will use it to gain a favor later in the race.

Everyone spreads out on the ship but Team Ice Girls and Team Beard are smart and ask a local for the saying which is “Charge The Ship, Men.” Team Beard find the officer first and say it correctly for their next clue which will send them to the Irlanda Salt Mines. The next clue will be by a sign for Irlanda 3,

The Ice Girls are right behind them followed by everyone else. At the Salt Mine it is the Detour. The team will ride into the salt mines on bikes where they will choose one task:

Brining: They have to add enough salt to a bath so they can comfortable float and ride the local paper.

Mining: Requires teams to break open boulders of salt until they find a clue.

Personally I think the baths sould easier but that probably means it is way harder.

Both Team Beard and The Ice Girls head off to do mining. They are joined by the Cousins and The NFLers, while Team ER go to take a bath. Team Bingo gets the bad taxi driver this episode as they fall behind everyone else.

Team Beard gets starting smashing as The Ice Girls and their husbands arrive to get started.

While biking Nicole from Team ER is having trouble pedaling as Team NFLers pass them and she seems to wipe out as we head to commercial. While smashing the Ice Girls switch challenges as Team Plow gets started getting salt. Team ER and Ice Girls are also getting started while Team Bingo is still in taxis as the other teams are finally arriving to get their clues.

The NFLers take the approach of picking up and smashing pieces to the ground hoping to go faster. Team Beard’s hard work pays off as they get their clue first and a heading back to the city to catch a bus ride to Santiago, Chile where they will they must then get their next clue at the Plaza De Armas.

Hard work continues to pay off as The Cousins finish second and are off.

Over at brining Team Exes arrive and Marie thinks they will catch up here since she can carry more than one bag unlike the other ladies. They get starts as The NFLers finish mining and Team Bingo are starting there bike ride down. Team BFF and The Baseball Wivies are just starting the challenges.

Team Beard and Team Cousins get tickets for the bus. Apparently it is a 24 hour bus drive and there is two buses. One leaving at 1:30 and one for 2. Team Cousins try to get their wives an earlier bus but it is no go. Team Exes continue to question teams as they try to play the game and are definitely getting the edit that they are disliked by the other teams. We all know that every season needs it’s villians and it looks like this season will have Team Exes.

We have Team Beards, Cousins, NFLers, Team ER, and Team Plow on the first bus.

The second bus is the Ice Girls, The Exes, The Baseball Wives, and The BFFs.

Team Bingo try to find a bus that gets in earlier and they mishear the ticket agent thinking that they will be arriving at 4 instead of 6 like the second bus. When they go to get their tickets they realize that the next bus actually leaves at 4 so they will only arrive in Santiago at 10. Talk about a major blunder. I would have just gotten on the damn bus instead of trying to overthink it this early in the race.

Team Bingo try to hassle an earlier bus and they appear to get a bus at arrives between 7 and 8. We are then switched to the first bus arriving in Santiago and the front five are off.

It’s time for a Roadblock. One member will need to shine a paying customer’s shoes and then pack up the stand and carry to a storage container for their next clue.

On the second bus Team Exes and The Baseball Wives apparently know the same people since Tim played minor ball with one of the wives husbands so they decide to give the second Express Pass to the Baseball Wives and cement an alliance. Plus Maris thinks she can beat them because she can’t just be a nice person and have a nice moment.

Team Cousins arrive first but the stand is not packed right so he is sent out. This allows the NFLers to finish first for the next clue. They are first off for the Pit Stop at Cascada De Las Animas. The last team to check in may be eliminated.

Team Cousins are right behind them but Cousins get a taxi fast.

Back on the third bus Team Bingo are on the road driving and they say they are survivors and that the Race is about taking chances. I kind of agree with the theory but I also think it needs to be a calculated risk and trying to pull a fast one when all the other teams are ahead of you is not a smart choice.

Back at the Roadblock Team Beard, Team ER, and Team Plow all finish the task and are off to the Pit Stop. Team Cousins arrive first but they did not settle their taxi bill so they cannot check in. That allows Team NFLers to finish the leg first. They have won a trip for two to Turks and Cacaos. Team Cousins are arguing about how the mistake happened as they finish in second. Team Beard as 3rd followed by Team ER in 4th and Team Plow in 5th.

Back in Santiago the second bus arrives and the four teams get started. Team Bingo also arrives in the city and get started. They didn’t lose too much time so it may not be a race ender for them.

Marie is freaking out on her customer as he keeps telling her it is not good enough. She needs to stop rushing it and just get it finished. All the teams are packing and running. It appears that the Baseball wives forgot their rug and I think Team Bingo took some random guys stand rather than using the ones set up the race.

Team Ice Girls finish first out of this group as Marie gets mad at Danny for Team BFF for telling her where the entrance was. As they take off for the Pit Stop Marie finishes but Baseball Wives realize she forgot her rug. She tries to get the Express Pass off Marie but is shut down since Marie feels that the Baseball Wives have nothing to offer them.

Marie also had a moment when Team Bingo was begging the poor guy he dragged to the storage to stay with him and she was telling the man to leave. She was even called the devil. Of course the begging was all for nothing since it was not the race sanctioned stand so he has to run back and actually do the challenge.

Marie tells Tim that Bingo was calling her the Devil and Tim says he kind of agrees. I like Tim. I do not like Marie. It kind sucks I picked her as one of the winners.

At the Pit Stop Team BFF finish in 6th followed by the Ice Girls in 7th.

Team Bingo starts shining shows as the Baseball Wife finally finds her rug and gets her pit stop clue. They are off and are followed by Team Bingo.

Team Exes finish in Team 8th. In the taxi the Baseball Wives talk about how Marie wouldn’t share the Express Pass so that alliance may be done already.

Editing makes it seem like the teams are right behind each other but this is misleading as The Baseball Wives are in 9th. Team Bingo arrives last and they are eliminated from the race.

I think Marie made a mistake not sharing the Express Pass. I think I would have let Baseball Wives use it to guarantee that the pass will not affect you in the future of the race and you could gain some favor if needed by having a team that actually likes you. It is apparent that most teams are not fans of Marie so they will not help them along the race. That could mean bad news later when it can pay off to have team who like you.

It’s really too bad about Team Bingo. They seemed like nice guys. They took a risk when they really didn’t need to and I think they would still be racing if they played it safer and just got on the bus with the other four teams. I don’t think he would have messed up which stand he used if they were with the same teams and I think the Baseball Wives got lucky with that mistake.

Next Week teams get medieval for a challenge and it looks like The Baseball Wives get on Marie’s bad side by bumping Team Exes on a flight since they were on a Standby list. I guess Marie underestimated the Wives.