Allison Iraheta – No One Else – Q92 Radio – VIDEO

Allison Iraheta performs an acoustic version of “No One Else” from her album Just Like You at Panini’s in Canton, OH for Q92 radio. Amazing!

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More Videos: “Friday I’ll Be Over U” from Canton and an interview and performances from a visit to KIIS Cleveland–also today.

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Q92 Canton – “No One Else”

Q92 Canton – Don’t Waste the Pretty

Interview: KIIS Cleveland:

KIIS Cleveland – Friday I’ll Be Over U/Just Like You

KIIS Cleveland – Don’t Waste the Pretty

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  1. As a die-hard fan of the album, I noticed some lyric re-arrangement on her part but nothing that changed the meaning behind the song, it actually kind of added a little spice to it. Damn, what a voice on that girl and I just love how she throws herself 100% into every performance. It’s such a joy to watch her sing live, just great.

  2. This girl is so fabulous – I wish more people were buying her album. It really is one of my all-time favorite Idol albums.

  3. Fantastic. This is my gurrrrrl. She needs more TV time to get her out there.

  4. I love her. She was throughout her season, and remains today, my pick to win AI. (I do love Kris and his album though – he represents quite well).

    How Allison manages to sound 10 years older is confounding. Not just in the quality of her deep, timbre-rich voice, but also her phrasing and just about every sophisticated choice she makes vocally.

  5. Allison just keeps getting better and better.

    Just Like You is so much better than her first acoustic version (which was pretty damn good, BTW). I’ve noticed the subtle improvements in the vocals – and she has experimented with a high bridge, low bridge, and now back to the high bridge – both are awesome. Too bad though that the last 2 words got cut off this recording.

    DWTP was excellent, as always – and I have to admit that FIBOU has even grown on me quite a bit. I think I prefer the acoustic version.

    It was great to hear No One Else live for the first time. However, I think the vocals are just too powerful for the acoustic accompaniment. I can hardly wait to hear the live band version of this song (someday, somewhere). Should blow everybody away! I would expect this acoustic version was included as vocal practice for the weekend, as the band has hinted that some additional material (from the album, I presume) was being worked out for the trip East.

    Somebody, please record this weekend’s performances!

    It’s time for the world to discover Allison Iraheta!

    (That’s eye-ra not ear-ra) :)

  6. OMG !!

    Her voice is incredible. She is realy so special.

    There is No One Else Like you Allison !! Time will tell.

    Keep it Up !!

  7. Wonderful. I love the acoustic better than electro pop. She might consider sticking with R&R- we are desparate for a great new R& R singer. This time it will be a girl.

  8. Jordison, I agree. She experiments with her vocals like the greats – even before turning 18.
    The thing about her voice, is that unlike a musical instrument(except the electric guitar), she has the capability to produce different sounds using resonance and what not. Its easy to see the difference between No One Else and DWTP, in terms of vocal approach. For instance, during her idol run, there were moments that I thought she sounded like the magnificent Lauryn Hill and Mariah Carey in SOTWOM with a bit of falsetto on the latter. In “I Can’t Make You Love me, Bonnie Raitt sings it straight out soft, like a piano(nice in its own way), whereas Allison enriches it with flourishes, prolongations and controlling dynamics using her own effects for a captivating finish.

    One time I got a lot of flak because I thought Allison mopped the floor with Christina Aguilera. And in my view/ears Allison bags her. The vocal qualities Allison possess you cant put it on a chart for comparison – like someone once posted for me an Aguilera range-chart, against all other vocalist to try to convince me how untouchable she was – because you can’t put the intangibles on a chart or a score card. Numbers arent fun, abstract qualities precious. Besides, Allison is more powerful that Im willing to bet if we were to measure their SPLs, Allison would more than double her numbers.

  9. Rub:

    The thing about her voice, is that unlike a musical instrument(except the electric guitar), she has the capability to produce different sounds using resonance and what not.

    Rub, and I agree. The amazing thing about Allison is that she can give you 3 different sounds on the same note. There is such rich texture to her voice.

  10. Very nice.
    Agree with Jordison that NOE is a bit too powerful for the setting. I am sure they’ll tweak it as the go along. Adding some latin percussion might help to bring it down a notch. Like a soft bongo in the background. Anything to get VFF on these trips would work :-).

  11. Allison is amazing, as always. I do wish David Immerman either had a stronger voice, or that his mic would get turned up; you can barely hear him when he does the counter vocals on DWTP. Of course, Allison has such a strong voice, most other singers are going to sound weak in comparison, but there must be something they can do to minimize the disparity.

    Overall, I’m just glad to see her out there doing the radio rounds. It’s a sign to me that Jive hasn’t given up on her yet!

  12. Allison’s voice is so incredible. With my favorite singers, I never get used to their voices–each time I hear them it’s like, “Wow, a human can make those sounds?” And I love her phrasing and her vocal choices and everything else. :)

    And while I said that her album doesn’t show off her voice as much as I would like (although, JohnM, you’re totally right about Trouble Is), it is a very, very good album and it would show anyone who wasn’t familiar with her that she was an interesting, extremely talented, mature singer (to say the least), which is the point of an album–to reel in new fans.

    I can’t wait to see her whenever she tours. :)

    One time I got a lot of flak because I thought Allison mopped the floor with Christina Aguilera.

    I like Christina Aguilera’s voice a lot, but yes, I prefer Allison’s. Technical ability is just one part of what makes an excellent singer.

  13. Today I was playing Allison’s album while some of my students were preparing some solutions in the lab. After about three songs, two of them just looked at me and said “who is that? I love her!” I got the usual “she sounds like Pink” comment and when coincidentally No one else was playing, one of them just said “wow, what a voice on that girl”. I think she made some new fans today. These are college students in their early 20s, I think that’s her most natural market.

  14. That was so good. I think Alison sounds great and she has a ton of personality. I wonder if part of the problem (with cd sales) is that she is kind of like an old soul and sooooo mature. So she is kind of in a no man’s land. Not a teeny bopper idol, but not grown up. I think she will totally find her way. She has such a gift and she will find her audience! She is so sweet and talented.

  15. This girl is simple amazing. Its a shame and incredible that not enough people are buying her album.

  16. Allison, she is just awesome and i agree with others,
    she does sound so much older and experienced
    than what the teeny boppers seem to like.
    She is another one, like with Kris and Adam,
    I prefer the live stuff over the studio versions.
    Such a rare thing these days, but these kids can sing.
    They give so much character to what they are singing.

    Sometime in the future, Kris, Adam, Allison should
    collaborate and create a super group for an album.
    You know like: Damn Yankees, Genesis, Velvet Revolver
    With their aesthetics, i am curious what
    Kradison would come up with.

  17. hmm, maybe she should start “dating” somebody famous to build buzz for her album LOL i find it sad that i would actually welcome a PR stunt but im tired of her music not catching the eye of the general public. that voice, that spunk….cant understand why she isnt a star yet :(

  18. She is so amazing. Does anyone know how many copies her album has sold in total, both digital and physical?

    It is hard to understand how someone so amazing isn’t getting the buzz we expected. I figured she’d be like the female Daughtry! I just don’t get it. Coming off such a HUGE show like Idol with that kind of talent, why don’t more people know who she is? Why aren’t radio station playing her stuff?!

  19. Bearcatgrad9912
    02/09/2010 at 1:27 am

    She is so amazing. Does anyone know how many copies her album has sold in total, both digital and physical

    Calling JohnM! (Alliologist and statistician).
    Before JohnM comes in with more accurate and updated figures, the number we got last week was, I believe, around 80,000 albums.

  20. the number we got last week was, I believe, around 80,000 albums.

    Oh man! What must be done to get her more visible? It seems that Jive is really promoting her. I just don’t get why people aren’t responding.

  21. I wonder if part of the problem (with cd sales) is that she is kind of like an old soul and sooooo mature. So she is kind of in a no man’s land.

    I know next to nothing whatsoever about how the music industry works, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Allison works below the radar for a few years and then achieves a lot of success when she’s in her twenties and her age matches her voice more. I don’t know why that’s necessary (the matching), since an amazing voice is an amazing voice whatever the age of the singer, but I imagine it could matter for some people.

    Or maybe it’s all just the luck of the draw and the voice/age thing doesn’t matter at all and her next single will be a giant hit.

  22. Christina versus Allison…..Moot point…..apples and oranges. One might prefer either one or one could love them both!!!!!

    Why she hasn’t really happened yet. IMO wrong 1st single! I like it ok
    acoustically, but not so much on the album!
    I really believe she needs a new single JLY or DWTP would be good

  23. It’s only been two months after her album was released, I don’t expect new artists to become huge in such a short period of time. Yes, she is coming off of Idol but she didn’t win, isn’t the runner up and never got as much attention or promotion as the other guys. She has always been the underdog and still remains the underdog. She has to work harder to get recognition and when she becomes successful (according to other’s definition, I think she already considers herself successul simply by being signed), it’ll be that much sweeter. I’d hate to play the discrimination card but sometimes I wonder if the situation would be the same if she looked like Megan Joy. For the moment, I just enjoy her great album, all these acoustic performances and take comfort in knowing that someone as talented as her can’t go unnoticed forever.

  24. I think the problem with cd sales is that the label put out FIBOU as the first single, and bypassed the more incredible songs on the cd. I thought they would put out a new single by now, not sure what they are waiting for.

  25. I really think that Allison, of any past idol, is being rolled out within a whole new set of rules. Sure, Jive, as they have done in the past just “thought” that the country would embrace a poppy teeny Allison and so they recorded and released a song that would have done any Disney Princess Proud. But, I truly think it backfired on TPTB….when the voice is “too good” for the trivial music it is singing it just enhances the triteness.

    Alli will be 18 very quickly and then I think that the market shift will begin for her….that is is someone can sit her down and explain that you don’t need to act like a silly “valley girl” whenever she gets in front of a still camera. It took Pink a long time to get where she is…this isn’t a sprint for Alli, its a major long distance marathon.

    Besides, Alli is coming on the scene when the teen princesses are all bubblegum, white knights, and castles. IMHO they need to redress Alli and take her out of the “prom clothes” and into more cutting edge attire, they need to have her play in more edgy clubs, and they need to make sure she opens for someone with a fanbase that is as far removed from the teen/tween set as you can get.

  26. I live in New England, which is traditionally where theylove everything Idol, and I just heard FIBOU for the first time 2 days ago. Point is, I agree that it is a slow burn for Alison and she will get more airtime.

    I agree re the single sounding like a Disney song. When it first started I thought it was a Selena Gomez song. That being said, it is catchy and hopefully will catch on…

  27. I also think she’s a side project. Barry loves her, heck even Howard Stern voted for her, and Barry is taking it light – a plug and see approach – no rush, cost effective. I also think her rep isn’t as strong as Orianthi’s. I remember Cantiello being persued by her rep for an interview and publicity time. That’s what Alli needs, a go-getter to push for her. Gina has to think about Kris first.

  28. The only consolation I can find about Allison’s not attracting a wider audience so far is that I can’t believe that the major record labels would actually let drop such a *young* person with this amount of talent (plus *edge,* which seems to be an all-important quality to some). We already know that they are perfectly happy to pass and pass again on 20-somethings with huge talents, but since Allison has so many years still ahead of her in which she might have appeal not only to young adults but teens — the only audience the labels seem to really care about, for the most part — I keep thinking that they will hold onto her and let her career build instead of giving up. Sure hope that’s not just wishful thinking. She blows me away again and again with her performances. … and I love her funny, quirky teenage personality, too….

    Go, Allison, go!

  29. That’s what Alli needs, a go-getter to push for her. Gina has to think about Kris first.

    Gina Orr isn’t he rep, is she? Her manager is that same lady that manages Carrie Underwood, me thinks the lady is just too preocupied with Ms. Underwood to give Allison the time of day. In any case, I think what makes Allison’s case different from other previous Idols is that Jive wanted to sign her regardless of her finishing position on the show, which to me implies they just wanted her as a new artist and hopefully for the long run, not to make a quick buck out of her

  30. Alli just needs to continue being Alli. She is an amazing girl and an amazing talent. Her album is really good, particularly for a new artist.
    Also, this album, as good as it is, was produced under less-than ideal circumstances: she was on tour, sometimes with her voice less than 100%, sometimes sick, sleep deprived (she could not sleep on the bus), under a very tight schedule, and, although I don’t like to play the age card, she was still 17 years old (and is still in High School).
    For me (for you) the best is yet to come.

  31. Just bought her album, it’s really really good! She can really sing.

    Go buy it folks, you won’t be dissappointed. :)

    I would argue that the inclusion of FIBOU makes much more sense when you listen to the entire album. :)

  32. Someone should photoshop that black & white picture to take out half of her index finger and send it to Simon :-).

  33. OK, so now Danny Gokey is going on tour with Sugarland.

    Note to Allison’s management – let’s make something happen here!

  34. jordison
    OK, so now Danny Gokey is going on tour with Sugarland.

    I feel your pain.
    It’s weird because I actually feel happy for Danny. I have made my peace with the Rock Week’s fiasco and I really wish him the best.
    I see this as a positive development. Sugarland is a fairly big country act and it may make a similar deal for Allison more likely.
    Who is comparable to Sugarland in Allison’s genre?

  35. Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry…BTW, Danny and Allison don’t share the same management.

    Alliholics: AUDIO: @AllisonIraheta talks farmville,Telemundo, does some Pants on the Ground, more! Part 1 of 2:

    Alliholics: AUDIO: @AllisonIraheta talks Idol,does some Pants on the Ground, more! (“Alliholics – that’s a dope one”) Part 2 of 2:

  36. Who is comparable to Sugarland in Allison’s genre?

    Well, it would be with an up-and-comer, not an established award winner like Sugarland, but my dream concert would be:

    Orianthi and Allison Iraheta.

    IMO, Orianthi’s single, According to You, is to her album like FIBOU is to Allison’s.

  37. She is hilarious in that interview too!
    She spilled in that interview that she’ll be on Idol this season!

    ETA: jordison: can you imagine: Orianthi + Allison performing Alone? Heart 2.0

  38. Allison is, in a way, a real trailblazer, because of her youth, her style, her voice. Everyone here is right, they don’t know what to do with her. And yes, PRMari, you bring up a great point–I also believe that because she is from Latina extraction it affects how the industry perceives her. I’m not saying it’s on purpose, it’s that no one like her has come along before. I can’t think of anyone who is American-Latina who is a rock singer. I don’t count J.Lo because…well, J. Lo can’t sing, can she? ;) (Or Shakira, who is also part of that autotuned nightmare pop scenario. No thanks). And Allison is clearly a rock vocalist, despite the “pop” leanings on her album. She’s gotta stay the course and we fans gotta make sure we support and say we got your back, Alli.

  39. I don’t know if the Latina issue is as relevant as the fact that she is a 17 year-old girl singing rock music. Christina Aguilera has a very latin name, has latin roots, and did look as latina as Allison does. It didn’t affect her in the pop-world.

  40. LDR:
    jordison: can you imagine: Orianthi + Allison performing Alone? Heart 2.0

    It would be amazing.

  41. Christina Aguilera has a very latin name, has latin roots, and did look as latina as Allison does.

    No freaking way, Christina is a tiny blonde with blue eyes. She does not look latina at all, possibly because her mom isn’t latina, heck, she barely even speaks the language, if at all.

  42. Been sick the last few days, so I’m way behind…

    She certainly had an “interesting reinterpretation” of the lyrics on No One Else :-), but hey, those surprises are part of the fun of her live performances. And as always, The Voice had that wonderful live quality.

    FIBOU got 3 new adds today — which, for that song, is on the high side. Its audience impressions have been rising significantly as well. It just refuses to give up! Of particular note is the add in Canton, OH — this is the first time that one of the stations she has visited has then added her song. The other two adds this week were auto-adds, in Buffalo and Wichita.

    And did you guys see this? Not only was I rolling my eyes at the interviewer, but this makes Seacrest look like even more of an idiot/jerk/something — her name was spelled phonetically on the teleprompter, and he still pronounced it wrong!

  43. JohnM
    02/09/2010 at 7:32 pm

    Been sick the last few days, so I’m way behind…

    Hope you’re feeling better now, JohnM.

    Have you seen this request from Bearcatgrad9912?

    02/09/2010 at 1:27 am

    She is so amazing. Does anyone know how many copies her album has sold in total, both digital and physical?

    And, BTW, on the subject of missing people: alli lurker, where are you?

  44. I was a big fan of Allison’s all during season 9, and afterwards, and I love her cd. But I was really turned off by her tweets, to the point where I quit following her and have turned off to her personality. When she tweeted something about “I have my sister’s butt cheeks in my face” I was so turned off by her crassness, it disgusted me. How do her other fans feel about that?

    I know she’s a teen but she needs to show some decency, and some awareness that people are reading her tweets. If she is a very crass and vulgar person in the way she speaks to people in her daily life, she could at least not show it to the world. Isn’t that bad business for her to be so totally uncaring about what she tweets? She seems to think her tweets are private between her and her friends, or just doesn’t care. I’m surprised her management doesn’t ask her to show more class and dignity with her tweets, to at least tone it down a bit. Twitter is a marketing tool and for a celebrity you can’t just say anything you want to say. It really has made me like her less to see this side of her. And I’m sorry to feel that way as I was one of her strongest supporters.

  45. I personally don’t mind but I can get your point. As long as she’s not hurting anyone or herself, I don’t really care if she wants to tweet about her sister’s butt cheeks ending up on her face while they were playing around in their jumper. I mean, she seems to be otherwise pretty clean so whatever. You don’t see/hear of her smoking, doing drugs, drinking, partying and/or making out with random people everywhere, etc, so I can live with her having a bit of a dirty mouth and a juvenile sense of humor on twitter, specially given that she is after all a teenage girl. That is not how she carries herself in interviews and after all, it’s her personal twitter account. We follow because we want to.

    Anyway, speaking of interviews, I don’t remember if I posted this one:

    and this one:

  46. You have some good thoughts there, prmari, but it’s not really a personal twitter account, it’s very public. You don’t even have to follow her to go read it. Anyone can look up her name on twitter and read it, without following her. I think maybe she should keep some things more private and remember that she’s a celebrity and a public figure now, but it’s up to her (and her management).

    PR, you said her and her sister were playing around in their jumper? What’s a jumper? I really didn’t understand in what context she was making that comment. Thanks.

  47. Oh, it’s like an inflated toy house where kids go jump up and down, she tweeted some pictures to go along with those tweets. She was playing around with her sister and her nephew, it was actually rather sweet.

  48. I hate twitter.

    In order to really know a person, I think you need to have some type of sustained personal contact with that person – good times, bad times, times of stress, etc. Since most of us have not had that opportunity, “We Don’t Know Her.”

    Still, if I think about everything I have learned about Allison, it comes out pretty positive. She’s honest, sincere, caring, has strong family values, loves little kids. She sings (IMO) with honest emotion.

    Months ago someone wrote about an incident on Idol, an act of kindness, which occurred during a break from a Results show. Allison had a seat in the bottom 3 and a little girl in the audience (I presume a stranger) called out to her. Allison brought her up to the stage and had a nice talk with her, all while knowing that she could be eliminated in a few more minutes.

    Reports from the Idol tour were almost all positive about Allison’s interaction with the fans – at the buses, meet and greets, etc. There were a few exceptions, when she was sick, had a schedule commitment, etc., or when for the 1000th time someone would ask her to go “fetch” Adam for them.

    Her interviews with Slezak and comments from Ricky Minor and her fellow Season 8 cast members have been nothing but positive.

    So, in the grand scheme of things, I choose to overlook some of the “potty mouth” tweets. BTW – I don’t tweet and I don’t “follow” anyone. I just google people and their tweets show up.

    What I hate about Twitter is that it’s so difficult to put any statement in any kind of intelligent context. Communication is already hard enough, without this new wonder tool. Sure, used properly (i.e., for marketing, promotion, etc.) it’s OK, but for me, that’s about it. I think it does more harm than good.

    I wonder if our impression of Janis Joplin would have been altered if we had followed her on Twitter. Thank God we didn’t have it back in those days.

  49. jordison: there was also the time when a small kid hurt his hand and was brought to the infirmary backstage – and Allison passing through the corridor saw the kid and stopped to say hi – and the kid was in 7th heaven. This report was by the kid’s mom.

  50. Thanks PR for explaining, it helps put things in perspective. I didn’t read it carefully. It’s still crass talk, but it doesn’t seem so bad in context.

    Janis Joplin, twitter, now that would have been interesting. Hey though, I wouldn’t mind so much if Allison talked about partying, being wild, etc., it’s vulgar language that bugs me, a personal thing maybe.

  51. I have chosen not to inform my opinion of Allison based on her tweets. Do they say something about her? Sure. But I have seen nothing in her tweets that would negatively impact my fanboyism.
    And, I don’t think her twetting is all that bad anyway. She obviously doesn’t take it seriously. She does like bathroom/bodily functions humor. A lot.

    ETA: jordison: here is the article you referred to

  52. ETA: jordison: here is the article you referred to

    Thank you LDR! That is the one.

    And, you are now the Official Allison Historian!

    Although I really don’t care for the potty mouth tweets, I think that behavior trumps language. Still, I agree that Allison would be better off to cool it with some of those tweets – or else find a way to make them private.

  53. Even though Allison has a potty-tweet-mouth (and dances somewhat dirtily with the MFB band), she is light years apart from other young girls like Ke$ha, Lilo, Britney, Paris, Cyrus – who may tweet in proper sentences and prim and proper, but whose behaviour is anything but.

  54. What is wrong with having a potty mouth? Really? Words can hurt or they can be used in fun. If you use a word to hurt someone, that is bad. Doesn’t have to be a “bad” word. If you use it in fun, that’s different. What happened to perspective? A word is just letters bunched together. Intent is what’s important. I just don’t get why it’s a problem.

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