Allison Iraheta – MTV and EW Video Interviews

Check out recent video interviews with Allison Iraheta.

  • Michael Slezak of Entertainment Weekly has a multi-part interview with Allison HERE.   It includes   an acoustic version of “Don’t Waste the Pretty.”
  • Ten part interview with Allison from Jim Cantiello of MTV news HERE.

After the jump, Allison talks to MTV about her single, “Friday I’ll Be Over U”.   At the end of the vid, Allison’s reaction to “La Princesa del Mariachi” is hilarious.

Both interviews delve into discussions of her album, cut by cut. Interesting stuff, so check it out.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Her interview “skills” have come so far. I look forward to the day when Ms Iraheta can form coherent sentences because I know its coming . The fact that she had a previous album was kept under wraps pretty well during Idol.

  2. she’s soooo cute!!! AHHH I loved her reaction to the childhood album cover!! This girl is so real!!.

  3. She must have been 12 or younger when she recorded that. And, it was known to many, as a simple google search uncovers it.
    Spanish songs from Alli? Yes please …

  4. Ummm…. yeah. Apparently Allison “knows” me, lol. I’m definitely a huge fan, but she’s interacted with other fans of hers a lot more than me, lmao. Wow! That was a bit unexpected, lol. And cool, I guess. I kind of freaked out when I heard that last segment of the interview.

    And also unexpected – Jim picked 2 of my questions to ask (I only submitted two) when he said he had pages of questions. That’s pretty lucky!

    These interviews were hilarious. Jim’s was more fun, and Slezak’s was more informative for me. Great that we were able to get both! And Allison – I love her lack of filter… I don’t want her to filter herself any more. One of her charms (for me, for you) is that she’s real.

  5. The fact that she had a previous album was kept under wraps pretty well during Idol.

    You’re kidding, right? She was a kid singing Mariachi songs. It’s obviously not a professional contract.

    Her interview skills are fine.

  6. Really wanting to like Allison’s latest, but seriously… she is all over the place. I am worried for her. She doesn’t appear to get it. Her audience is not going to interpret her “beat me up” lyrics in anyway, other than a literal way. Sleazeak might think everything is cool-beaners, but I smell discontented buyers.

    Poor Allison. So much talent. Someone at 19 needs a spanking.

  7. Nah, 19 needs a huge high five!
    BMU is one of my top 5 songs in this album.

  8. Really wanting to like Allison’s latest, but seriously’ ¦ she is all over the place.

    All over the place? I’m seriously confused here.

  9. As I said before, the “beat me up” lyrics are a misstep. People are comparing it to Britney’s “Hit Me One More Time” to argue that “beat me up” is the same thing, and thus, not about violence. However, I think BMU takes the thing up a couple of notches.
    That said, Bethlyn post does not make a lot of sense otherwise.

  10. Those were good interviews. I like her goofy, I hope she doesn’t get that knocked out of her.

    Beat Me Up is crazy catchy. I likes.

    Go Allie!

  11. I’m not really going to post my thoughts on what I get from Beat me up becaues it might make people even more unhappy with the song, heh. So, I’ll just let it be and just say that I do like the song musically.

  12. Needless to say, when Slezak mentioned Guns ‘n Roses and Alli’s face totally lit up, I had a smile from ear to ear. Such a cool chic who digs GnR – and the fact that she may go harder sometime in the future, gives me a brief sense of swagger, and pumps me for what could be a blitz of a carrer for Alli, in terms of hard rock with gutsy vocals.

    Alli, if you’re reading this, please, you gotta cover Nightrain sometime. This songs, especially after the bridge rox hard.
    You can do it on tour so that you won’t have to get authorization from GnR’s label. And since Slash digs you(because he blushed when you kissed him on rock night) get him to guest for you.

    So excited…

  13. Loved the interview with Slezak, definitely on par with Lyndsey Parker’s last one.

    Jim C’s, not-so-much. It looked like the end of a busy couple of days.

  14. mmk28
    lyndseyparker:Guess what? Yahoo! just put up an @AllisonIraheta acoustic performance and she sounds great! Watch it here ‘“ !!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOLY SHIT! I just watched this… it brought me to tears. We’re watching history here. A star is born!

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