Alex Lambert – FOX 4 Dallas – VIDEO

American Idol 9 semi-finalist, Alex Lambert, visited FOX 4 in Dallas today for a chat and a performance.

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He tells FOX 4, his favorite Idol performers right now are Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox. And when asked about fellow north Texan, Tim Urban, well…Alex tried to be diplomatic.

After, Alex performed an original song he’d written just a couple of days before. Check it out after the jump…

Alex Lambert Interview

Alex Lambert performs

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  1. I still haven’t forgiven America yet. Imagine what more we could be seeing from this kid. He still needs to work on not throwing away the end of his phrases, but his tone is fantastic.

  2. I am missing Alex in the competition still. Enjoyed the interview and hearing one of his orginal songs.

  3. I haven’t forgiven America yet either, but maybe he’s better off being away from this trainwreck of a season. LOL. The tone of his voice is amazing.

    I love him trying to skirt around the critique of Tim. Ha ha ha.

  4. Darn I’m at work and can’t play these…. youtubes anyone? otherwise I have to wait until 7pm PT :(

  5. Probably the most unique voice ever to come out of idol. Paolo Nuttini+ Mike Posner.. The song needs some work but this just makes me more depressed about this season.

  6. I think Alex has put his finger on what’s wrong with this season. Each and every one of them just stands there singing. Yes, Alex, it gets dull and America might forget to vote for you if you do that.

    Alex is hands down a more interesting vocalist than Tim Urban, but I applaud Tim for moving around the stage and encourage the rest of the contestants to try it. Otherwise, Zzzzzz….

  7. I just had to log on to say this – THAT BOY IS MAD TALENT!!! He actually WROTE that song by himself….Awww…sniffles. Makes me hate myself for not voting more for him! I could so hear that song on the radio and would buy his album if all of his songs sounded like that and just relax to them…..Sigh.

  8. Seems to me, AI got rid of the only contestant who really wanted to be there. So far, none this season (except for Alex here) have appeared at all upset at being eliminated. He and Didi are the only ones with unique voices. Casey is a dead ringer for Bob Seger, Aaron is rascal flatts, Lee is like Nickelback, the rest are a dime a dozen.

  9. I disagree that the contestants need to move around the stage to make it more interesting. Some of the best performances from last year were ones where they didn’t move much at all, but the vocals and connection to the song and audience were outstanding.

    One of the best concerts I have attended recently was Ray LaMontage, and he doesn’t move AT ALL. He stood to the side of the stage and let his band be center, but his songs are soooo good, and his voice is so captivating that you can’t help but be moved.

    As you can see from this video, his voice is incredible, he just needs to learn how to use it. Moving around would just distract from his voice, ala Turban 2010. He also needs to get more comfortable with eye contact. The times he looked directly into the camera were mesmerizing, but he’s clearly uncomfortable with that.

  10. I’m glad Alex is doing these smaller type appearances because any performance experience, especially around the tv cameras, is good experience for him. I agree he’s not completely comfortable with the eye contact yet, but I think that will come.

    I also disagree with the notion that artists move around. I understand the argument in the sense that the majority of the S9 Idols don’t move around and hence it gets boring, but since instruments made their debut on Idol we’ve seen several contestants make it far without running around the stage. Look at Brooke and Jason in S7. Heck, Kris Allen. Last season’s winner. I agree with Junior that it’s far more about connecting to the song than anything else.

  11. thats actually a good song! i still cant believe we are stuck with paige, tim, andrew, lynch, etc. and this guy is singing for a local news channel. (still hoping simon arranges for him to appear on x factor)

  12. I love that he’s wearing a Margaret Cho shirt! I knew I should have voted like crazy for him…

  13. He was the cool kid in the group. He cares about music. When he said of his first performance on Idol “I didn’t want to ruin the song” I knew we had the real deal. Good Luck Alex. I will be following your journey with anticipation.

  14. Alex has an interesting and soulful voice – I like it. Hope he can get something going – either indie or a label at some point.

  15. yay! thanks to mj, we can keep track of the almost-idol contestants who didnt make top 10, and this one i love. i so missed alex this week. distinct voice but he should have waited few more years till he tried out.

  16. Wow, that was a wonderful song…oh, how I miss Alex’s soulful voice. I still think he had the most interesting and intriguing voice of all the male singers. It makes me even more depressed about last night’s subpar performances from most of the contestants. Gah.

  17. I really do miss having him on the show! His voice is so much better than almost all the guys left, I really do hope he ends up with a deal somewhere down the road.

  18. I love this kid (and his lil mullet). Reminds me of Justin Nozuka on this song. Maybe Justin’s label (in Canada) will check Alex out.

  19. I can’t watch the video here. What did he say about Tim (dare I ask)? lol

  20. That is really good, the song is a little pedestrian but I love his soulful vibe which contributes color to the song. For me dawg, he sounds like John Legend and that’s a good thing. Maybe he will get lucky and somebody out there will pick up his song and he can get started by collaborating which is how John Legend started out so not too shabby.

    Anybody else catch a Legend vibe?

  21. Oh, man, I love this kid. I am still sad that he’s not on Idol :(

  22. I can’t watch the video here. What did he say about Tim (dare I ask)? lol

    He didn’t say anything bad really. They were talking about last night’s show and the interviewers specifically brought up Tim’s performance since he’s also from North Texas. Alex’s first response was something along the lines of Tim’s a great guy and he didn’t say anything about his performance, LOL, but of course the interviewers kept talking about it. He finally said something like “Tim’s better than that” in terms of what he did last night. He was trying to be dimplomatic, if not exactly successful in execution.

  23. Casey is a dead ringer for Bob Seger, Aaron is rascal flatts, Lee is like Nickelback, the rest are a dime a dozen.

    I really like Alex’s voice and he really was robbed, but to me his version of Trouble was nearly a note for-note-copy and his voice sounds incredibly similar to Ray Lamontagne’s… or Paolo Nutini’s maybe. Didi sounds like Ingrid Michaelson. Mike sounds like Michael Bolton/Rubin Studdard. Katie sounds like a mini-McPhee (did you know Katie’s dream mentor is David Foster? Whodathunk :eyeroll)

    I will agree that Alex has a very current sounding voice and moreso even than Lee or Didi.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that if Simon gets his way, we’ll be seeing Alex Lambert again on X-Factor where Simon can take him under wing.

  24. Mary S- I gotta disagree on “Trouble”. I think Taylor Hick’s version was very similar to LaMontagne’s with the phrasing but Alex’s was so different it took me by suprise the way he would pronounce the words ‘worry” and “woman”- it made me pay attention more and now I actually prefer his ( too short) version to RL’s.

  25. I like Alex a lot too and hope that ai gave him the exposure he needs to get more experience. I just am bored out of my mind this year by having every single one of these contestants stand in the same spot the entire song. Even Crystal, who IMO has the best voice of the bunch, is becoming boring with the same schtick every week. And Casey, who’s my favorite better get moving around the stage or I’m gonna start sleeping again.

    I agree that there have been some spectacular performances where the contestant stood in one spot. Much of the time the “standing in one spot” was the exception for the contestant. This year EVERYONE stands in one spot singing — that’s when they all blur into the same mediocre performance.

  26. Sigh. Can his local news have him on every day at least? I liked that better than 10 of last night’s performances, honestly.

  27. Whata set of pipes… oh, what a SWEET taste of what should have been!! ….God I LOVE this kids voice!!! :( !! It sucks we have to listen to Tim, Aaron, and Andrew, over the next, what possibly 4 weeks? Instead of listening to this kids voice!! arrrr!!! Especially after that snooze fest last night! I got 20 secs into every performance, before hitting the FFwd button, (except Crystal and Siobhan) Man it would’ve been much more interesting to continue seeing him come up from the rear, to go head-on with the front runners, than half those clowns! AND LILY!! oh Lily! More I think about it the more cheated I feel. WHYYYYY OH WHYYYYYYYYY!!!

    I’d like to tie that producer, that swayed him out of performing that Mario song, and ruined my FAV show, to the back of my Jag, and take him for a scrape! Why the hell would he tell that kid “if you this one(Trouble), you’ll get more votes”?? Knowing full well, his Legends cover was very popular, and Mario was more along those lines. His only issue was relaxing, and he wasn’t as comfortable with “Trouble”, (And wouldn’t ya know it, the judges criticize him for not doing enough with the song, & being uncomfortable, in fact Kara describes the performance she wanted to see, and it’s almost exactly what he wanted to do!) AND Mario’s “Let Me Love You” would have told the voting demographic that he shared with his competitors, where his voice fit in their lives.. There’s just no way he/she had this kids best interest in mind when they told him that.. It had to be financial.. Really he didn’t know what his competitors were performing? And he really, really thought a cutie with an artful mullet, singing a much more relevant song, with those lyrics, to Tim, Arron, and Casey’s voters, wouldn’t have received a large share of their voters??? That kid was so wronged, with a capital W. I recall Kara saying “the only person standing in the way of you winning is you right now” I wish someone would call Kara and ask her, now that we know the impact this producer had on Alex’s performance decision, Who was really standing in the way of Alex Lambert winning? Alex or an AI Producer? messed-up

    I think I’m pissed… I want someone to pay for my suffering, and missing out on hearing his voice week after week..

  28. I am still disappointed over his elimination and think he would have done better with singing the Mario song too. I am hopeful that even though his American Idol experience was way too short that it helped him a bit with his stage fright and gave him more confidence.

  29. Whee! Thanks for the Alex update mj! I really, really love his voice — he sounds grrreat here. It’s also about as relaxed and expressive as we’ve seen him while performing on TV.

    (did everyone see the snippet of him singing “Use Somebody” for his family? )

    He’s got all the tools (well, save for speaking/interviewing). I’m glad he seems passionate about pursuing music. Here’s hoping he’ll find a mentor, or that they’ll find him. Someone send him off to the UK to work with Eg White!

  30. That’s a very pretty song and he did a lovely job on it. Now I’m missing him all over again.

  31. I’m still upset about Alex not being there especially when you see the utter boringness of the current season. Yawn!! Look how cheerful and charming Angela Martin was and a very good singer. She was easily better than 10 of those final 12 women. Unreal. And she was let go by the producers no less. Can’t even blame the voting public for that. Well, I hope to see both her and Alex next year on XFactor.

  32. Alex was the most talented male vocalist in the Top 24, so it is painful that he’s not still in it. He should have a very nice career for himself just the same.

  33. I hate sounding like bittercakes, because after all it’s just a tv show and nobody got killed or anything…but that boy was robbed! The song he does here sounds so very, very sweet and totally current. I love the tone of his voice and that sort of sugary growl he does. His leaving just sucked the soul out of this season of AI for me.

  34. I have a sneaking suspicion that if Simon gets his way, we’ll be seeing Alex Lambert again on X-Factor where Simon can take him under wing.

    I’m with you MaryS-NJ! I still can’t overcome the fact that he’s not in the final. Simon bring on Alex Lambert, but no Paula please…
    Thanks for the update on everything lambert MJ :)

  35. To NJ- Mary — I am hoping for and Alex Lambert/Simon match up on X-Factor – that would be awesome! In the interview he says that he is going to L.A. almost right away. Hmmmmmm – maybe something in the works already?? I’d buy his music right now.

    Loved his little bit of falsetto at 1:01 and loved the smokey growl at 1:19. It is so sweet when he gives a little smile part way through the song. I agree with whoever said that he should keep doing these small gigs to gain his confidence. He sounded great!

    Best of luck to Alex! (Send 5 or 6 home tonight and bring Alex back!!)

  36. I love the little exhale he does at the very end when they’re signing off. It’s like he’s so glad it’s over. ;)

  37. That youtube link above to Alex singing “Use Somebody” is not helping me to move on, any more than last night’s performances did.

  38. That youtube link above to Alex singing “Use Somebody” is not helping me to move on, any more than last night’s performances did.

    I hear ya.


  39. ‘Tis lovely to see others that (still!) feel frustrated about Alex’s abbreviated run on Idol & see his excellent potential.

    I have to admit there’s still a tiny fanciful piece of my brain that whispers ‘maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance he could come back on the show…‘ when I see reviews of the season, shamelessly read into his comparative itunes ratings and see that delightfully spammed poll on where “90%” think Alex left too soon. Did they put it there just to play with my mind? Bah!

  40. I wish the judges could use “the save” to save him. He should have been around until the final four, at the very least. And I love how he just wrote that song a couple of nights ago.

  41. I hate sounding like bittercakes, because after all it’s just a tv show and nobody got killed or anything…

    Well I guess thats one way to look at it. Then there how a Label might look at it. If your Suit and you pay any attention to the news about the Idol contestants pre-top 12. All you’d know is that X contestant was booted before the Top 12. Think about what that means to “a suit” in an industry where image out weights Talent… Your likely thinking “Talented kid, but Pre top 12 ousting = no public interest.” And seeing as everyone in the media is scared of Fox, no-ones asking Idol about this “do this one and you’ll get more votes” policy, to sway these kids decisions, and cheat them. So what the odds Mr label is going to know that’s the reason he was cheated??

    So for Alex it likely wasn’t just a TV show, its reality, and that’s the real travesty.. But GOD I HOPE IM WRONG!!!

    Did you hear how many times these guys were criticized for their song choice last night? KNOWING these producers are telling these kids this? Anyone think they were really odd choices? These were old songs done on the show a million times. It’s a well oiled machine, that’s all about the money, and little is about the performer…

  42. Yeah, this experience was tremendous for Alex. I think the guy is mad talented. He still needs some work to be comfortable on stage, but he looked much more at ease here. And he just wrote that song a couple of days ago? Me thinks the guy is destined for great things. I sure hope so.

  43. Wow, what a sweet soulful performance. Plus that youtube of Use Somebody is lovely. I’m going to keep track of him in case he has the opportunity to make some recorded music. I think he is really unique and current. His twitter if anyone wants it is: @TrueAlexLambert

  44. Holy guacamole! That’s a great little song.

    I’m shaking a little right now… still so mad and disappointed… thinking about Alex Lambert not being on the tour this year.

  45. He was very diplomatic, no sarcastic emphasis needed. What he said made a lot of sense following his thoughts on the contestants mentioned previously. He wasn’t required to say nice things, but did say he liked Tim and that Tim was better than what he’s been doing.

  46. @TrueAlexLambert

    thanks finn for the twitter link, but i dont know if its a real account or not. but anyway, i’m gonna follow him just in case

  47. thanks finn for the twitter link, but i dont know if its a real account or not. but anyway, i’m gonna follow him just in case

    That is the account name, he gave on His Facebook page yesterday! Follow him there too!

  48. The times he looked directly into the camera were mesmerizing, but he’s clearly uncomfortable with that.

    Oh I pray he doesn’t become one of those people and starts looking directly at the camera. It looks weird.. He can’t see me, and it kinda gives me the creeps, when they act as though they can. The Legends cover he did, is probably my favorite Idol performance from him. Liked Trouble vocally allot too. But Everybody Knows, he looks much more comfortable with the music. So watching him smile looking out into the audience, and enjoying it, was more than enough for me.. Had he started looking at me through the camera, I’d been totally turned off. My niece is so funny, she watches it over and over, just to watch him smile and bite his bottom lip! HAHA

  49. Thank you mj for the Alex Lambert interview and song! He was one of the few bright spots in this season and I was so sad to see him go. My only consolation was that I voted for him the full 2 hours each week, so I did all I could do. It makes me sad to see posters here saying they wished they had voted more… what a loss. Especially after Tuesday night’s train wreck.

    I really liked his song. It could use some polishing, but considering he just wrote it the other day, it was brave of him to showcase it so soon. I’m proud of him, and hope he is able to gain enough success to make a living at music, because his voice is just divine! I will certainly buy whatever he’s selling when the time comes, if that is an example of the direction he wants to go. It’s tough out there, so I’m not holding my breathe, but I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  50. Alex was my favorite this season (along with Lilly) and I really miss him on the show. But it’s my opinion that maybe he’s better off, for now. The way he burst into tears when he was eliminated seemed very young, to me, and got me thinking. Not sure he’s as ready to handle the disappointments of the business as some of the others, even some who are younger. (Aaron, for ex.)

    For selfish reasons I wish he would have made the tour. But he’d have to try to begin a real career in the music business right after that. I’m not sure he’s ready for the whole career thing. I think it would be nice if he gets to have, say, five more years of making music in less of a pressure cooker environment, and gets to grow as a performer and musician at a normal rate of speed. Seems like it would be a better thing for him both as a person and a musician.

  51. That voice, is so amazing, and so recognisable. It makes me sick that he’s not in the top 10.

  52. I don’t think crying is the worst way to handle disappointment, sometimes it is better to let it out and cry and get it over with. I can think of alot of worst things that people do far older than Alex to cope with disappointment.

  53. wow… such potential and not enough people voted for him. good thing he’s getting the exposure he deserves though. i hope they get someone to train him when it comes to performances and interview. i dunno how many ‘like’s he said in that interview. i stopped halfway through it and jumped to his performance video

  54. I don’t think crying is the worst way to handle disappointment, sometimes it is better to let it out and cry and get it over with. I can think of alot of worst things that people do far older than Alex to cope with disappointment.

    Sorry, but in my opinion you misunderstood my post. I was trying to say he seems kind of young, and maybe he isn’t ready for the pressures of the music business. Maybe he is. He just doesn’t seem to have developed much of a shell yet. I just used the crying as an example of how he seemed vulnerable. I didn’t mean there was anything wrong with it.

    I was also saying maybe it would be better for his career if he didn’t put out an album or start touring right away, which is what would happen if he was in the Top 10, probably. Not everyone is ready to be a professional musician while they’re a teenager in high school.

  55. Hey Kris Allen — please take Alex under your adorable wing and help him loosen it up and move (not move around) his bod a little with the music. Anyone can tell that Alex feels what he’s singing, but if he could un-stiffen his body a little bit – just a little. I’m picturing how Kris shows his feelings in his shoulders, his legs, even his feet. Kris may be too busy right now to be following Idol at all, but I think he would have liked this young guy a lot!

  56. Here’s a tweet I just got:

    ShannonAlbert Just met Alex Lambert from American Idol 5 minutes ago. Going back to hear him play w/his band now. Pic:

    I don’t know who she is but good to hear he’s out and about.

  57. I’m happy so many people seem to like Alex. He was one of my favorites too. Which is one of the reasons I didn’t vote like crazy for him. I thought he would sail through. I also agree with Ross. Maybe a little bit of time will be helpful for his confidence and career. I really hope someone signs him. I would totally buy his cd.

  58. This kid is such a diamond in the rough. I’m so glad to hear that he’s pushing forward with his music. I really hope someone signs him to a record deal in the future. Still sad that he won’t be a part of the tour. :(

  59. ShannonAlbert Just met Alex Lambert from American Idol 5 minutes ago. Going back to hear him play w/his band now. Pic:

    has alex cut his mullet? or shortened i think :)

    and yay! god bless the twitter creators cos now i can follow his career closely and here’s hoping he is one of the better tweeters out there!

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