American Idol 9 Top 11 – Who is Going Home?

Can we send them all home? Ok, that’s an exaggeration. We can keep a few of them. Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, Casey James, Mike Lynch and Didi Benami can stay. Siobhan Magnus too, if she promises to stop screaming at me.

After last night’s epic trainwreck, everyone else can go at anytime.  A multiple elimination tonight would be AWESOME, but only in my dreams.

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Either Paige Miles or Andrew Garcia is going home tonight. And if I were to pick between the two, I’d rather see Andrew go. Paige has had a couple of not bad performances while Andrew has been stinking up the Idol stage since the beginning of the semis.

And at this point, I don’t give a flying crap about Andrew’s overrated performance of “Straight Up”, mmkay? I just want him off my TV.

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But, I think Paige will be the casualty tonight, because not only was that performance one of the worst in Idol history (there have been worse–hello Camile Velasco!) but it’s not her first trainwreck. “Smile” from a couple of weeks ago, was only slightly better.  Unlike Andrew, Paige had virtually no screen time, and probably has been getting by on casual votes.  So she’s out of luck, this week.

I pick Paige Miles to be eliminated this week. How about you?

Tim Urban should be in the bottom 3 with Paige and Andrew this week, but he saved his ass with, what I think, was a very shrewd performance last night.  Just like Kristy Lee Cook did back in Season 7 when she sang “God Bless America”, Tim tailored a performance to hit the sweet spot of his core audience–teen and tween girls.  It’s possible he may not even hit the B3 this week.

In his place may be Didi Benami, whose brave but confusing performance of Linda Rostadt’s “Your No Good” was trashed by the judges.  There’s even a remote chance she could be a surprise boot tonight. I hope not.

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