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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS -- "The Champions Finals" Episode 106 -- Pictured: (l-r) Deadly Games, Terry Crews, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

America’s Got Talent: The Champions continues tonight with the Top 12 FINAL performances before the winner is REVEALED next Monday. 

America’s Got Talent: Champions Ranking the 12 Finalists
AGT: Champions Spoilers – Find Out Acts Performing in the Finale

The NBC series features the judges panel from America’s Got Talent— executive producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel – as well as new host Terry Crews, star of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  Enjoy watching Mel and Heidi as they comment on AGT contestants ONE LAST TIME. Both judges have been replaced for Season 14!

The WINNER of America’s Got Talent: Champions will be revealed on next Monday’s (Feb 18) Grand Finale. 

There are no live shows or live votes. Therefore the Results are IN. BUT DO NOT SPOIL THEM IN COMMENTS. Or you WILL BE BANNED. Thank you.

Carrie Underwood’s “The Champions” plays during the intro as Terry announces all of the contenders. AND SUPERFAN FAVORITES wildcards Jon Dorenbos and Darci Lynne.

Cristina Ramos – Singer – She’s Spain’s Got Talent 2016 winner. AND the Superfans voted her through over favs Darci Lynne and Courtney Hadwin. She will be “trying something special” for the final. She sings Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” first in an operatic style. UGH. No likey this at all. Then she throws off her cape and breaks out the rock. Zzzz. At this point, she’s predictable, pulling off what seems like a party trick. She’s actually a good singer. I would take her more seriously if she didn’t hide behind gimmicks. Plz make the screeching stop plz. Mel thinks her wild side is brilliant. Heidi says there are notes in there she’s never heard before. She compares her to a “wild animal.” Howie calls her a superstar. Simon calls the vocal “insanely good.” and “You may have thrown the whole show up in the air.”

Preacher Lawson – Comedian – Preacher says he isn’t the funniest comedian, but he works hard. He just kept pushing for 8 years before AGT elevated his career. Ha ha. Preacher gets a long face when he finds out his nemesis Darci Lynne  was added as a wildcard. He came in second to a 12 year old ventriloquist, which makes the bit even funnier. Preacher goes on a while about not liking alcohol. Joke. Joke Joke. I dunno, he’s losing me here. The bit about Darci Lynne was the funniest part! One thing I’ll say–he’s in unbelievably good shape. He rips off his t-shirt and DANG HE IS EASY ON THE EYES. Mel says “You are just funny, no matter what you say! Go to the next person!” Ha. She doesn’t want to comment on his body. Simon says, “Tonight I felt I was watching a star. Everything about you has gotten better.” Howie says, “You give us everything. We love you. I am so proud a comedian has made it this far.” He thinks the 50 state peeps are talking about him right now. 

Darci Lynne – Singing Ventriloquist – She was disappointed to lose her chance to be the world champion. But then she got the Wildcard! She’s happy, but nervous. She’s bringing her puppet Petunia as her “lucky charm.” This time Petunia sings Italian Opera. And Darci shows off another facet of her singing ability. Darci saved the big gun for a moment like this. Too bad she’s performing third. Death spot! Simon says, “Wow. Wow. Wow! This is your best ever performance. I think you may win tonight.” Mel says, “Your delivery and your confidence…you deserve everything.” Howie calls it “Truly amazing. You still surprise. You’ve got a shot at this.”

Deadly Games – Knife Act – The duo were Heidi’s Golden Buzzer. “We are going to shock the judges even more for the finale.” Their answer to everything is MAKE IT MORE DANGEROUS! Flashes across the screen “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” People are basically dumb. OOPS. He missed a balloon with his knife. NOT GOOD. Oh dang. Another mistake. A knife bounces off the target.  One bit involves the ole apple on top of the head. Good thing he does not miss this time. Now, there’s the spinning target. He manages not to kill her as he puts out a balloon. He asks the judges to join him on stage with balloons. And NOW for a commercial break. After, he lines the judges up with their balloons…and just as he is about to shoot, he adds Terry. They all wear protective eyewear, which is good? It’s a perfect shot. Deadly Games redeem themselves from a very weak start. Heidi says, “That was so scary….I kind of loved it.” Mel was worried because they made mistakes. “But I actually think that worked in your favor. The stakes were higher.” Howie is glad to be alive. Simon says, “In the danger act category, I think this is the best in the world.”

Kechi Okwuchi – Singer – She is Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer. It gave her confidence. She has come to believe that she DOES have a good voice. She’s the singer who nearly died in a plane crash and was left with serious burns over much of her body. She sings Sia’s “Opportunity” in a strong clear voice. Her range is good and her intonation is beautiful. The judges give her an ovation. Simon says there is one word  to describe her,”inspiration.” She is one of his favorite contestants. Howie thinks she makes America’s heart burst. He calls her a champion. Mel thinks she has become one of America’s favorite acts. However, she didn’t like the song choice. The crowd begins booing. Kechi says she appreciates honest feedback.

Brian Justin Crum – Singer – Brian talks about being picked on in school–a theme that dominated his initial AGT run. He talks about how music was his escape. He’s singing a theatrical song tonight–back to his roots. He sings “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. I SAY ENOUGH SONGS FROM THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. Bleh. He’s playing it safe tonight. When I saw the Wicked sign, thought he’d be singing something from THAT show. “Defying Gravity” would have fit his backstory. Oh well!  The panel gives him a standing ovation. Mel says, “That was massive! You take us somewhere.” She calls it a “slam dunk.” Simon says “You are a champion. This performance may change your life.” Brian thanks the judges for the opportunity. “My heart is very full right now.”

Jon Dorenbos – Magician – Jon says he’s been a wildcard his whole life! He’s here to “win it.” He involves the judges in his bit, doing sort of a “greatest hits” of his tricks. Whoa. He ties the tricks back to stuff that happened in the past and it matches up! Interesting bit. “I’m ending the same way I started,” Jon declares. And again, the judges are on their feet. Heidi says, “You are multi-talented. You boost our spirit.” Simon says, “You just came back and blew the roof off. You have a shot.” Howie says, “I’m stunned. Only two words to describe what you did–wildcard.” Jon announces that his wife is pregnant. How nice! 

Angelica Hale – Singer – Eleven year old Angelica is Howie’s Golden Buzzer. She’s a little more nervous than before. She realizes the competition is fierce, but she believes in herself. She sings “Impossible” by Shontelle.  She’s trying too hard–oversinging some big notes. She’s young and has yet to develop her own style. Howie says “I don’t know how the 50 states can choose a winner.” Mel felt it was an obvious improvement over her last performance. Simon says she “deserves so much respect for coming back.” That was kind of a kiss off…

Kseniya Simonova – Sand Artist – She’s Terry Crews Golden Buzzer. She was very nervous last time. She never expected to receive the Golden Buzzer. I never expected her to get it either! Tonight, she’s telling a story about war and a family. So this is a WWII story. She destroys a photo of a couple sitting on a bench. Then she draws some sort of memorial? And the woman is alone. Her art is so depressing. She has a baby and her partner is watching? And the caption says “Love always wins.” Mel says, “You left everything right on the sand.” Heidi calls her a “true artist.” Simon says, “This was one of the most beautiful creative things I have seen on the show.”

Paul Potts – Singer – His wife has been with him through thick and thin. Things were tough before he won Britain’s Got Talent. An opera singer, Paul performs the old stand by “Nessun Dorma.” He’s a solid pop opera singer. The audience are on their feet. Aw. His wife is watching from the audience. And then Simon is on his feet. Howie says, “I loved it. I’m not an opera fan. I’m a Paul Potts fan.” Mel calls it a stellar killer performance and “effortless.” She says “You’re amazing.” Simon calls him a champion. “You have a really good chance of winning after that.” Paul dedicates his performance to the late Neal E. Boyd, the winner of America’s Got Talent season 3. FINALLY SOMEBODY SAYS IT. I was wondering when Simon would finally acknowledge Neal’s death, which occurred only last year. Like Paul, Neal sang pop opera.

Shin Lim – Magician – Aw. His significant other pushed him to believe in himself. He wouldn’t be here without her. He’s got Howie and Terry helping him this time. More closeup card goodness tonight. A card goes empty and turns into a tattoo on his chest…and turns back again! WOW. The sleight of hand is incredible. Another mesmerizing performance from this talented magician. SHIN LIM FOR THE WIN! Heidi says, “Another jaw dropping performance.” Simon mentions that as the reigning winner, it took guts to come back. Wait that’s it? He calls it the best of the best and “Amazing.” But there is no, “You could win the show tonight.” BOO SIMON.

Susan Boyle – Singer – Susan is Mel B’s Golden Buzzer. Susan auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent after her mother died. She urged her daughter to chase her dream. She sings her BGT audition song “I Dreamed a Dream” from Lés Miserables. Back in 2009, that performance went viral all over the world. But I hate to say it–Susan is 80% percent backstory–which revolves around an ordinary looking middle-aged woman being handed the chance to stardom. She has a pretty tone, but overall, she’s an ordinary singer. She doesn’t really FEEL the music she’s singing. Don’t hate me please. On cue, the audience stands and claps. And then the judges are on their feet. Mel calls her classy, elegant and effortless. She’d push the Golden Buzzer for her over and over again. Howie says, “The word champion isn’t enough to describe who and how you perform.” He says the super fans have a tough decision. Heidi says she gives her “goose pimples.” Simon corrects her. Goosebumps! “That really really took me back all those years. How disgusting I was on the day before you sang!” Simon calls it an amazing night. “You’re a champion,” he says.

The “superfans” from “all 50 states” will vote for the winner. But we won’t find out who the champion is until next week’s finale. See you then!


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