AGT: The Champions 2020 Recap – Semifinals Live Blog (VIDEO)

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: THE CHAMPIONS -- "The Champions Semi Finals" Episode 205 -- Pictured: (l-r) Marcelito Pomoy, Hans, Duo Transcend, Terry Crews, Sandou Trio Russian Bar -- (Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC)

Forty memorable and fan-favorite acts from AGT and Got Talent competitions around the globe are competing on season 2 of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

After four weeks of auditions, 4 acts advanced straight to the finals via Golden Buzzer, while 12 acts will compete tonight for 6 spots in the finale. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, returning judge Heidi Klum, and new judge, Britain’s Got Talent panelist and former Mystique member, Alesha Dixon will preside over it all. Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews hosts. 

WE HAVE SPOILERS! If you want to know who wins? Click this link. BUT DO NOT SPOIL THE RESULTS HERE! Keep chatter in the spoiler comments.


JJ Pantano – Comedian – “Australia’s Got Talent 2019” – Semi-finalist – In his audition, seven year old JJ roasted the judges and host. The act is actually kind of obnoxious. Not a fan of precocious kids. This time, it’s lather rinse repeat. JJ mock’s Heidi’s taste for young men, and then wonders if he has a chance.  “Maybe in another 10 years? But no promises,  you might be too old for me then.” Erm. JJ mocks Simon wanting to be Cryogenically frozen after he dies:”Looking at your face now, I think you’ve started the process already.”  That joke was actually kind of funny. Howie calls him “adorably mean.” Simon calls JJ “absolutely hilarious.” He adds “Why do I like you insulting me?” Simon thinks he belongs in the final. 

Tyler Butler-Figueroa – Violinist – “America’s Got Talent” 2019 – Finalist – Tyler is a 12 year old cancer survivor who plays the violin. He performs a rendition of “It’s a Wonderful World.” He’s a sweet kid, but not an exceptional violin player. He’s joined by a young vocalist, who sings on the chorus. Tyler does have a worthy message to pass: Work through challenges, never give up. He receives a standing ovation from the entire room. Alesha enjoyed seeing another side of his talent. Howie calls it beautiful, emotional, captivating. He wishes him good luck. Simon compliments his playing. Simon doesn’t think he needs singers. “Just you on the stage. You can win the show.”

Mark Spellman/X – Magician – “Britain’s Got Talent” 2019 – Runner-up – His audition, which involved a surprise reveal of AGT winner Shin Lim was pretty great. Tonight, he’s back as his alter-ego X. He invites Terry Crews to help out. X touches his shoulder, and a blindfolded Terry indicating that HE felt it, although X is halfway across the room. That bit magic is followed by X asking Terry where he’d like to be other than on the AGT stage. At home, he says. Terry turns and there’s X with his wife on the video screen. Heidi missed the big payoff. “It wasn’t as special,” she says. I think the appearance of Terry’s wife was supposed to pay off? Not as cool as Shin Lim, but still pretty clever! Alesha calls him “consistently brilliant.” Simon says the rendition was not a progression. Howie is also disappointed. Welp!

Duo Destiny – Hand to Hand Duo – “Poland’s Got Talent” 2018 – Winner – These hand balancers were entertaining last time. Their big competition is Duo Transcend. Let’s see if Simon buses them. Dang. The strength it must take to do this hand balancing stuff. He swings his partner so close to the ground. Dangerous! The audience are on their feet. Heidi insists they MUST advance to the finals. Howie, is busing them. Someone was gonna do it. Alesha agrees with Heidi. She calls the act risky and sexy. Simon feels it was a step up, calling it brilliant. I’m surprised, but Simon seems to be on board.

Hans – Singer/Dancer/Musician – “America’s Got Talent” 2018 – Quarter-finalist –  HA HA HA. I LOVE Hans. But I can’t believe he’s made it this far. The reason he’s still around, I think, is to act as a comic foil for Simon. Poor Hans. He looked at the internet after his last performance, and it was full of hate. WAIT. The entire series was taped in October so how…LOL. Anticipating negative internet reaction months ahead illustrates exactly why Hans advanced. Tonight, he’s doing a political bit, announcing his “campaign” to win AGT. He launches into a rendition of Danke Shein for Heidi. But changes his mind. The dancers join him for an enthusiastic version of “Bang Bang.” I miss the accordion, but this is still pretty entertaining. The bit ends with pink confetti. “This is so much bigger than this show,” says Howie. “IT’S TIME TO MAKE AMERICA GLITTER AGAIN!” Ok Hans wins. Heidi is so excited, she hits her buzzer by mistake. She speaks German to her fellow German, who isn’t really German, so he has no idea what she said. Alesha calls his presentation the best by far. “I shouldn’t have loved that…but I did love that,” admits Simon. “Welcome back into my bosom, Simon,” says Hans. Heidi wishes Hans would run for president. HANS 2020!

Dania Díaz – Magician – “Spain’s Got Talent” 2018 – Finalist – There wasn’t much magic in her story driven audition last time. She needs to bring more than backstory into her act. She takes a selfie with the judges on Howie’s phone, before launching into more “storytelling” magic. I guess this is her thing.  Eh. She describes her life, while performing perfunctory card tricks. Strip away the narrative, and what’s left are some unimpressive card tricks. Simon calls it “magic.” Alesha calls it poetic and beautifully understated. “That was ace.” Howie shares that his mom lost some of her memory. “I hope the superfans feel what I feel in my heart.” He admits to almost crying watching her. 

Duo Transcend – Trapeze/Rollerskating Duo – “America’s Got Talent” 2018 – Finalist – These two are incredible. NBC released a preview, and it’s definitely a step up from last time. Why did they leave in Simon coughing as the act was about to begin? We didn’t need to see that. Once the routine gets going, it’s circus themed set to the backdrop of “The Greatest Showman.” This time, the two work in roller skates. One false move, and heads could crack open. It all ends with a blindfold and a harness. THRILLING. They easily top Duo Destiny. “That duo definitely transcended,” says Howie. “I didn’t want it to end,” says Alesha. Heidi loved the roller skate/ariel combo. Simon LOVED the theme. “It’s everything,” he gushes. 

Strauss Serpent – Contortionist – “Africa’s Got Talent” 2018 – Winner – He seems like a super nice, earnest and hardworking guy, but I cannot watch contortion acts. GROSSSSS. Icky, Icky, Icky.  Alesha calls it “brilliant…funny and painful to watch.” Heidi calls them one of her favorite acts. “What you do, not a lot of people can do.” She hopes they advance. Simon thinks this time lacked the “wow” factor. But, “you deserve another shot in the finals.”

Ryan Niemiller – Comedian – “America’s Got Talent” 2019 – Finalist – AGT has totally changed Ryan’s life. His tour is booked well into 2020. He loves staying in hotels rather than his car. Ryan’s secret sauce is that he’s not only funny, but also extremely likable. He’s so confident and upbeat. And he works his disability into his comedy in a positive and clever way. He calls his hands “little nubbins.” OMG. Heidi thought he was funnier last time. But still funny. Simon is with Heidi. “It didn’t feel as fresh. I love you to death. I hope you make it through.” Howie thought tonight’s material was great. “You are a star.” Alesha agrees with Howie. Aw. I was hoping Ryan would make it to the final. He obviously really wants it. 

Alexa Lauenburger – Dog Act – “Das Supertalent” 2017 – Winner/ “Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions” 2019 – Finalist – Back with the exact same stage set, Alexa’s act is as adorable as ever. One of the dogs literally jumps over hurdles. That’s pretty cool. Two doggos form an arch while puppers jump over their paws. The routine ends with another dog presenting a “The End” sign. I wonder if she trains the dogs without any adult supervision. “I will never get bored of this act,” says Alesha. “Put a big smile on  my face,” says Heidi. Simon calls it Golden Buzzer worthy. Howie calls it “Pure joy.” 

Sandou Trio Russian Bar – Russian Bar – “America’s Got Talent” 2011 – Semi-finalist – I LOVE the Russian Bar. It’s so thrilling. Will the trio step it up this week? This time, she jumps with a mat of fire underneath. One wrong move and things could get TOASTY! She lights sticks to jump with, further upping the thrills. Oh geez. The bar is lit, but she’s not. She’s obviously covered in fire resistant stuff, which makes the act seem less dangerous? Last time was better, I think. Alesha calls her a “true champion…a spectacle.” Heidi says, “You are incredible…you HAVE to be one of the six.” Simon compliments her “cool” attitude. “I think that’s going to get you into the finals.” Howie calls them a great example of what the semifinals needs to be. He also thinks they need to advance. 

Marcelito Pomoy – Singer – “Pilipinas Got Talent” 2011 – Winner – Marcelito does the male/female duo voice thing. It’s like a party trick. It’s hard to take seriously. So gimmicky. He sings Nessun Dorma this time. The female voice sings in Italian, the male voice sings some English. Who could listen to an entire concert of him duetting with himself? Howie thinks he can win. I don’t get it. “You raised your game.” He’s just an OK singer. It’s just a trick. Alesha calls the song choice brilliant. Gah. It’s THE MILLIONTH TIME Nessun Dorma has been sung on AGT. Heidi has been waiting for him all day.  Simon is the one with some sense:  “The surprise is now over,” adding that Marcelito needs to step it up. Simon delivers some SANITY. 

RESULTS: Hans and Stauss Serpent step forward. The first act going into the finals is…HANS!!! JJ Pantano and Tyler Butler Figueroa step forward. The next act going into the finals is Tyler Butler Figueroa. Daya Diaz and Marcelito Pomoy step forward. The next act taking a spot in the finals is…Marcelito Pomoy! Alexa Leuenberger and Mark Spellman/X step forward. The fourth act going into the finals is Alexa Leuenberger. Sandou Trio Russian Bar and Ryan Niemiller step forward. The act taking the next spot in the finals is Sandou Trio Russian Bar.

Duo Transcend and Duo Destiny step forward. They came in 6th and 7th in the Super Fans vote. Hm. Really?  What a coincidence. The two most similar acts competing tonight are up against each other for judges choice. What a coincidence! The judges choose Duo Transcend. That’s the correct decision. 

Simon – Duo Transcend
Heidi – Duo Transcend
Alesha – Duo Transcend. 

Next week…the finals! 

Advancing into the Final

Tyler Butler Figueroa
Marcelito Pomoy
Alexa Leuenberger
Sandou Trio Russian Bar
Duo Transcend 


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