AGT 2023: Three G Sweet Redemption After Flawed Audition

America's Got Talent 2023 - Three G
Pictured: Three G — (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2023 Qualifiers: Three G redeems themselves after flawed audition

The America’s Got Talent Qualifiers (also known as Semifinals) kicked off its 2nd week with a few standouts. However, initially, it seemed that female acrobatic trio Three G didn’t deserve to advance to the lives. But their comeback this week turned out to be a big surprise. (Read our Recap)

Three G may be one of the most controversial acts to advance to the Semifinals in the show’s history and that’s not really a subjective opinion. The trio’s audition featured a crazy balancing trick which they didn’t properly execute. It resulted in one of the girls falling multiple times, and they didn’t even finish the act. Also, AGT sent most of the acrobatic acts home after auditions, yet they kept Three G around. Even in the deliberation clip episode, the show focused on the girl’s fall, highlighting a “mess” as the judges labeled it after their performance this week.

In their pre-show package, the trio confessed to feeling “embarrassed.” The girl who fell broke her elbow and is still recovering from the injury. They note how nervous they are as they will be ending this week’s performance with the same trick that resulted in the fall.

The trio perform with great showmanship to start and seem very confident, executing tricks that display their hand balancing and strength talents. They also throw in a few tosses. As the act progressed, the ladies start to shake a bit while balancing. It all built up to the big trick where two of the girls entangle themselves and stand on the third girl. They execute it this time in a thrilling manner. Even if the act wasn’t always the smoothest, the tricks built into it were challenging, and ultimately the group successfully executed them.

America's Got Talent 2023 - Three G
Pictured: Three G — (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)

The judges applauded Three G’s redemption

The crowd and judges were relieved to see the act succeed. It’s a great redemption arc for them. Even I was rooting for the act even if I didn’t initially believe they would or should advance based on their audition.

Sofia Vergara said, “I was rooting for the whole time for you.” Simon Cowell described their audition as a “disaster” but calls this performance “incredible.” He goes on to call the act a “10.” Howie Mandel complimented Ukrainians saying that they show us “strength, talent, and beauty.” Heidi Klum said, “when you are good, you are good.”

When asked how they redeemed themselves, the Three G member with fractures said “even though it’s fractured, we’ve been practicing every single day for hours.”

This was one of the best acts of the night. Standouts included geometrically synchronized dance crew Murmuration, and nonverbal siri-like comedian Ahren Belisle. Atlanta Drumming Academy also remains a fan-favorite act. If I had to guess, America will push Murmuration and Ahren through, but Three G’s redemption arc should at least push them inside the top 5. These cuts are brutal when so few acts go through.

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